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Knowing which version to purchase from the images provided.

The item to fix your controller issue is called Conductive Silicone Rubber Pad. Make sure the black circles on them are shiny as its the conductive graphite that gives good response when pressed .  It solves your R2/L2 problem not giving 100% button press when racing for a few $. 


The 1st image below is for the original launch PS4, the compatibility types is JDS 001/ JDS 011. notice the rubber pads I circled in red & compare them to yours. 



The image below is for the controller that came out when the slim PS4 & PS4 Pro was launched, notice the blue light bar in the touch pad section. 

Controller compatibility JDS 030/ JDS 040




Here are some reference vids below.

PS4 Original Controller Disassembly vid

PS4 Pro Controller Disassembly Vid


paul rudd good job GIF by Saturday Night Live 

Hope you sort it out but here is my disclaimer, I am not responsible for any damages done to your controller, home appliance, your neighbors dog...ect

as a matter of fact anything you decide to toss it at, be careful & replace what needs replacing and close the controller at your own risk. Be extra careful

with the touch pad cable especially, make sure it goes back through the hole. 



@pete2581 @Protocawl @Skorpion @Dodge @omarcomin71 Tag whom so ever needs this fix.

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