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R* Interview

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Interesting. Looks like zombies might come at some point, maybe next year's Halloween; I wonder where they will take the bounty hunter progression, I wish they did some lawmen/outlaws roles that create dynamic PvP scenarios in free roam/server wide events like bank heists or train takeovers; photography might be the collector 2.0; looks like we'll be abandoning the camp at some point (but much later down the line) for industrial properties in villages and towns.

I have a feeling that the entry fee for next set of roles will be much more expensive... like "tier 2 roles". They want newcomers to have an obvious sense of progression - a natural starting point. So you'd start with stranger missions/hunting/free roam events/pvp so you can access and level up trader/b.hunter/collector "tier 1 roles" to get a discount/save enough money for the next, more expensive roles or pay extra gold to skip the grind and get higher on the 'food chain'.

Anyway, we shall see. I wonder how long it's gonna take before the next set of roles (or the next role). If they continue adding more legendary bounties and more story-telling role missions like that I'd be probably logging in on a weekly basis. 

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