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free aim seems better now

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In case anyone is interested in free aim, there were a few changes that makes it feasible (and even worth doing):

- defensive mode; with that enabled you don't have to worry about lock-on griefters out-aiming you since you don't have to fight if you don't feel like it

- combat mechanics changed a bit after latest patch; not sure what changed exactly but the game feels less clunky, animations are quicker, etc., one of the changes included quicker accuracy spread reduction while in free aim mode, it's not game changing but every little helps

- free aim XP; you get additional 20 exp for each kill (excluding animals), that stacks up quite nicely

- addition of free aim only PvP matches; haven't played one myself yet since the card balance is out of whack and it's better to stay away from it for the time being, but it's good to hear that free aiming is not being forgotten, 

Lock-on gameplay (and overall PvE balance) was always the biggest gripe for me with R* games but I like how it's handled now, it feels better to free aim now and there are no separate lobbies so you no longer have to choose between having fun your way alone or with the crew. 

There are some issues however:

- paint it black got a nerf and it's a useful ability to have for those oh-shit moments, horse-mounted combat etc.

- can't really do free roam PvP events without being at a major disadvantage (or you could just change to lock on for that event)

- hunting birds and fast small animals is a bit of a pain, even dropping a few medium-seized animals in a quick succession is much more difficult (for me at least)

One could argue that hunting is more fun as it's actually challenging in free aim. I find myself get off my horse and stalk my pray to get a clean shot, or line up several paint it black shots... but it definitely slows down the grind. 

Anyway, it seems like a good time to do try free aim in online if that's your thing, for me it was a breath of fresh air for the PvE side of the game.

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Take a look at my last post in the Summer Update thread. PvP events and to a degree Free Roam can be quite lopsided.

Welcome to the nuthouse or the slaughter house................it.just depends!

You never know what's going to happen, but rest assured, it's gonna be fun!

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