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Death At Sea 2

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Max. Players: 2-30
Number of Teams: 2-4
Default Time: 10m:00s
Time of Day: Night
Weather: Clear
Weapons: Forced & Pick-Up
Published: September 2019
Last Update: -


If being stuck at sea sounds like a nightmare, then try being stuck at sea with a bunch of crazy people with nothing better to do than shoot your brains out.


Just like the original Death At Sea, this is a TDM on a structure at sea with lots of cover. The mini-map will almost always have enemies visible, but with nothing but a blue background there's no way to know exactly where they are. This version is larger, with up to 30 players, and 2-4 teams. It also has two versions just like the original.

If somebody falls in the water, there are exits located on all four sides of the structure. These can also be used strategically.


Bookmark Job - Semi-Auto (Pistols & Pump Shotguns)
Bookmark Job - Full-Auto (SMGs & Assault Rifles)



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