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XDBX Chronicle #76 (Mini Version)

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Due to @Pb76 and myself being somewhat busy this newsletter is late and short


spacer.pngAway from the crazy glitz and glamour of the newly opened casino, @Beez has been exploring the depths of the waters around Los Santos to bring us a brilliant location guide to the wrecks that litter the ocean floor. Not included in the guide are the numerous aircraft which were destroyed attempting......


........Crew challenge 190 - Under the bridge, where the aim was to fly under as many bridges around Los Santos as possible in three minutes. @JustHatched aka “Maverick” was our top gun, managing 26 bridges, 2nd was @Lann aka “Iceman”, who got under 24, @djw180 aka “Goose” was 3rd after negotiating 19 bridges. @Con, @The_Lady_A, @RammsteinDUDE, @pete2581, @Crawford1872 and @SINISTER120 also took part.



Crew challenge 191 - Thank you Rockstar was a two player time trial in sports classics which took place around ‘Grapeseed circuit’, one of Rockstar’s new (and thankfully normal) tracks. @The_Lady_A and The Man @DavidCore89 won it, @Crawford1872 and @Protocawl were 2nd, @djw180 and @Lann 3rd, @omarcomin71 and @RammsteinDUDE 4th, @SINISTER120 and @Spinnaker1981 5th.


The latest OMG Podcast saw the guys, along with returning guest @pete2581, discussing how hard it is bringing up an alien species AKA kids, gaming as a ‘sport’, whoopin’ animal’s asses and eating dicks.spacer.png


The XDBX Film club chose fantasy films as the genre for August and the wheel of fortune fell on The Neverending Story. A classic tale of a giant flying dog who gets dragged on some annoying kid’s pointless quest. spacer.png


Sunday Racing League is back! Season 3 brings new cars, new tracks and new rivalries along with existing cars, existing tracks and existing rivalries. (Also featuring @Dodge‘s ongoing search for the podium)spacer.png


@Con teased a potential new series of documentaries after he decided to follow one of the LSPD’s finest as he went about his duties.....


@Con also gave us this clip of @JustHatched in full god mode, flaunting his crew leader privileges.....


@Con, again, shared this hilarious clip of some major rage, featuring the classic line...“That’s not Racing, that’s asssssshooooole!!”.....


And finally......Project Dakota is progressing nicely, thanks to some help from @WasHatched‘s sistersspacer.png

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The funniest thing about this particular signature is that by the time you realize it doesn't say anything it's to late to stop reading it!!


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