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XDBX Chronicle #75

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This is several days late so I didnt dress it up as usual to get it out - Hatch


The Woman’s World Cup reached the quarter final stage which meant round 5 for our XDBXWWCF2019FL managers. @LimeGreenLegend remained at the top after the quarters, a slender 8 points ahead of @Pb76. No other movement in the top 5 as @DavidCore89, @Fido_le_muet and @Con held on to their places.spacer.pngspacer.pngWith only 4 games left to play and a handful of transfers allowed, would @LimeGreenLegend take the title?......spacer.png


.......nope. @Pb76 hauled back @LimeGreenLegend who had to settle for 2nd place.spacer.png @Lann‘s faith in the Swedish ladies paid off as he stormed to 3rd place, @Con ended up 4th, @Fido_le_muet was 5th. @JustHatched was bottom of the league, he may know everything about Lady Gaga, but he knows nothing about ladies football. Full table below....


spacer.pngThanks to all who took part and special thanks to @Lann for setting it up.


Crew challenge 188 - Dropping in the plunge was won by @RammsteinDUDE who is just as fast falling out of the sky as he is around a track, @pete2581 took silver, @Protocawl bronze, @djw180 was 4th.spacer.png


Crew challenge 189 - Moto Carlo, the tricky two-wheel time trial for teams of two, ten tried, two triumphed........@djw180&@SINISTER120 topped the tree, @Protocawl&@Con took 2nd, @RammsteinDUDE&@Schumi6581 3rd, @pete2581&@Lann 4th, @punkbish85&@The_Lady_A 5th.spacer.png


Crew challenge 190 - Under the bridge is a simple one*.....fly under as many of the bridges in Los Santos as you can in 3 minutes. spacer.png*simple for a skilled, slightly mad pilot with enormous gonads


The XDBX film club selected They Live as their B-movie for July. This classic John Carpenter film stars Rowdy Roddy Piper as a construction worker who discovers that aliens are covertly controlling all aspects of human life.spacer.png


With @punkbish85‘s hiatus and real life getting in the way for @JustHatched and @Dodge, It’s been quiet on the podcast front. But worry not.....Still in the pipeline is OMG live! as well as the regular episodes. Meanwhile, why not check out @Cutty‘s ‘Convos with Cuttyspacer.png


While @punkbish85 may not be creating podcasts, she is still creating mayhem and compiling it into videos like this one....


He may only still be 15, but @WasHatchedhas embarked on Project Dakota, a full restoration of the ‘91 Dodge Dakota he has bought as his first car. You’d think one Dodge in your life would be enough, but this one doesn’t smell of city.spacer.png


And finally......Banketelli is recovering from a second thumb replacement after wearing out his previous one, it is unknown what new features thumb_3.0 brings, but it’s sure to be thumbthing awethumb.spacer.png

Have you met Schumi?

(Our segment where we get to know more about our fellow crew members)

Today's guest is the first half of our Dutch duo! Today's guest is THE Schumi ! 

Hi! What's your first name and where are you from ?

My first name is Ronald. I’m from the city of Enschede in The Netherlands. It’s a pretty big city for Dutch standards, situated at the German border. We are often refered to as “Germans” by the western part of the country. We also have a regional dialect that sounds a bit like German.

Answer quickly : First IRL job ? First IRL car ? Favorite meal? Married ? Kids ? Quick! QUICK!

First job: Working at a local supermarket doing all sorts of stuff.

First car: a white Renault Clio 1.9 litre Diesel (no turbo!). That thing sounded like a truck. But it always worked.

Married: Yes

Kids: two lovely daughters aged 10 and 8. Three women at home is a handful but it's great to be a father of daughters.

When are you most likely to be found in GTAO and/or RDRO ?

GTAO is still a lot of fun. I try to attend Monday night M5 and Saturday night 2Bros every week. So you’ll probably find me there. I really like to be part of both the European and the North American playlists. And if my schedule lets me I like attending some of the other playlists as well.

Red Dead story mode was fantastic but I got bored of RDRO relatively quickly. Doing stupid things together with crew members was fun but I just missed entertaining game modes.

What are your hobbies outside of gaming ?

I don’t work close to home so that takes up enough time during the week. When I’m home I try to spend time with my family. For example, my youngest daughter plays football. So part of the Saturday is spent at the football pitch. I also play squash when @Pretendweredead and I are motivated enough🤔. Plus @Pretendweredead and I like to travel to nice, autosport related, places.

Favorite video game as a kid ?

We had our first personal computer when I was about 9 years old. It was a SIREX Intel 8087 computer with 64Kb of RAM, a 20Mb hard drive and a monochrome amber coloured 14 inch screen....
14 inch monochrome screen! in your face suck it GIF by Heute-Show You impressed?

After that things got better pretty fast. The early 90’s games I liked a lot were:

-          The original Grand Prix game by Geoff Crammond (driving with the AZ<> keys)

-          Wolfenstein 3D (“Mein Leben!”)

-          Doom (So scary)

-          Sim City (hours of fun)

-          and many more….

So you're a car enthusiast. What can you tell us about that ? 

As a kid I was a big Ferrari fan. I collected books, caps and a lot of car models. I still have a big box of stuff in the attic. I also started watching Formula 1 with my dad in 1991/1992. Senna was at his peak and Schumi (wait whut?) was up and coming. From then on I just wanted to know everything about (race) cars. How they worked, how they were made, who was driving them, old tracks, new developments, you name it.
That has stayed the same since then. My dad also took me to Zandvoort a few times and as an adult I visited things like MotoGP, DTM, Formula 3, A1GP. Nowadays I still watch a lot of motorsport. Especially when a Dutch driver is involved. And, as mentioned above, I have also started to try and visit some big car events with Pretendweredead. And I hope we can keep on doing that.

I want to go to the Goodwood Festival of Speed but I'm broke. Can you help a brother out ? 

I am sure we can work something out. I have a garden were about 20 conifer trees need to be removed to put up a fence. You know how to use a shovel?

Not really but I'll do anything for Goodwood! What was the strangest gift you've ever received ?

I don't know. Nowadays I say to people that they do not need to bring gifts for my birthdays and things like that.
I just like to throw the party and have fun together. A lot of gifts you get are crap anyway and giving/receiving money as a birthday gift is so boring.

Aliens. What do you think ? 

Dodge has shown that they adapt to the human life pretty quickly. So I think they are ok…

You just got a superpower! What is it and why ?

I think I would like to be able to fly by myself. Through Netflix I have been watching some documentaries and a lot recent ones use beautiful drone shots of nature, cities, etc.
I want to do that too! The overview, the freedom and the ability to see the beautiful patterns and structures.

If the crew were to visit you, where would you take them ?

First I would take them to the city centre to have a beer in one of the nice pubs/bars we have. This is one of the advantages of having a large university in the city. Then we would go to a football match (sorry Dodge, I mean “yard fairies event”) of my favourite club FC Twente. We are back in the premier league again so we get to play teams like Ajax, PSV and Feyenoord. The stadiums seats 30.000 people and its sold out almost every match. The atmosphere is very good and you can drink a beer in the stadium without getting kicked out (LimegreenLegend!).


If the hangover isn’t too bad the next morning we can take a tour around the nice countryside we have here….

Any advice for new crew members looking to fit in ? 

I think people have said this before, but just be yourself and try to find out whether you fit in.
This crew consists of a very diverse group of people (and an alien) that share at least one common interest. Next to that everybody likes to win, but not so much when it spoils the fun. So make sure you like the fun part. I must say I have had some great laughs over the past year and a half.

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The funniest thing about this particular signature is that by the time you realize it doesn't say anything it's to late to stop reading it!!


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