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XDBX Chronicle #74

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n125-1.png-The XDBX Chronicle #74-n125-1.png

Your source for all things Domestic Battery written by PB76, Fido_le_muet and JustHatched

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"The News In Ten" - (by PB76)


Two brilliant new instalments of the OMG podcast have been released since the last chronicle, if you haven’t yet listened to them, what the hell is wrong with you? get straight to it. If you have already listened to them, listen again goddammit! Episode 7 features @LimeGreenLegend as a guest and topics discussed include fannies and VR. Episode 8 sees @punkbish85 chat about female gamers and Asian stereotypes as well as the regular segments we know and love.



Crew Challenge 187 - I Like Propane was a ‘gas’ for the five teams that took part, the winning pair was @Protocawl and @RammsteinDUDE, 2nd were @djw180 and @Schumi6581, 3rd @SINISTER120 and @Lann, 4th @Spinnaker1981 and @Dodge, 5th @The_Lady_A and @Pb76.


It’s time to take advantage of triple payouts in Crew Challenge 188 - Dropping in the plunge is a parachuting solo challenge, but get straight to it, it lasts only until July 2nd. spacer.png


The XDBX Film club choice for June was Mad Max Fury Road and it really polarised opinions. Some loved it for it’s non stop action, others hated it for it’s non stop action. Nominations for July’s category were as varied as ever, but it was ‘modern B movies’ that was selected.spacer.png



At the end of the group stages in the  XDBXWWCF2019FL,  @DavidCore89 topped the table, @Pb76 sat second after amassing the most points in rounds two and three, @Fido_le_muet lay third, early front runner @LimeGreenLegend occupied fourth spot and @Con completed the top 5.spacer.png


At the end of round 4 of XDBXWWCF2019FL, @LimeGreenLegend returned to the top, @DavidCore89 dropped to 2nd, level on points with @Pb76, @Fido_le_muet 4th, @Con remains 5th. Now, every round sees our managers making team adjustments based on who they think will win each individual match, who will be the top tinkerer?spacer.pngspacer.png


Meanwhile, in 1911.....The Xdbx Poker Tournament was won by @Protocawl who saw off @omarcomin71@punkbish85,  @LimeGreenLegend(resplendent in his fancy pink hat), @pete2581 and @Con in the final.spacer.png



While setting up for a pre-tournament group photo, the poker posse witnessed the invention of photobombing when some random decided to be an arsehole.



Also in 1911......@Con, @LimeGreenLegend and @RammsteinDUDE discovered the origin of the phrase “the show must go on” when they bumped into (and ignited) this consummate professional.....



And finally......one of XDBX’s fastest members and a former ‘King Of The Projects’ @Banketelli earned his driving licence IRL. If you ever see him on the streets of Los Santos, he’ll still be as quick as ever, but you’ll notice he indicates (uses turn signals) for every corner.


"XDBX Member Report"

- Unvetted Members looking to join Domestic Battery - (Be Sure to Note them is you game with them)

None at this time

- Congratulations to the following members on becoming Vetted Members of the crew.

None at this time


"XDBX Events Schedule"

Monday Motor Mayhem, Mischief, and Merriment (M5)  hosted by Crawford and The Lady A on Mondays at 9:00PM UTC for GTAO.

Whacked Out Wednesdays hosted by DJW180 on Wednesdays at 9:00PM UTC for GTAO and RDRO.

Thursday Night Thunder hosted by Dodge on Fridays at 3:30AM UTC for GTAO.

Brokeback Fridays hosted by LimeGreenLegend on Fridays at 9:00PM UTC for RDRO.

Gfred hosted by Potato on every 2nd Friday at 9:00PM UTC for GTAO.

2Bros hosted by Omar and Pete on Saturdays at 9:00PM UTC for GTAO and RDRO. 

Gunslinger Saturdays hosted by JustHatched on Sundays at 3:30AM UTC for RDRO.

**RSVP Reminder:

** RSVP'ing for an event is very important so that the event host is aware of how many people plan to attend so that they can make the event tailored to the projected lobby size. So if you plan to attend and event please RSVP. Likewise, if you have done so and something comes up and you can not attend please un-RSVP so the host is not expecting you to be there.

**To RSVP simply check the calendar for any event that you would like to attend, click on the event and there will be an 'Going' button on the right hand side. To visit the discussion thread for the event you clicked on, scroll down and click "View Discussion Topic"

If you have any queries regarding this feel free to ask any Staff Member.


"PB's DB OG's" - (by PB76)

Welcome to PB’s DB OGs.....where we probe some of the crew’s earliest members.......This time we welcome the cool, calm and creative...............






Ok, let’s start at the start.......who the hell are you and where on earth are you from?

A rather blue personality from what has been known as a neutral socialist kingdom.

World leaders in stylish and quirky furniture too. What about the PSN name, what is the origin of that?

Very simple and boring, It’s my last name in disguise.

Any plans to change it?

I have not thought of anything better, more clever or less immature, so no.

At what age did you became a gamer?

At the time of Zelda, Double Dribble and Metroid on NES, around 1986. But then I took a break up until september 2013.

That’s a hell of a break! What were you up to?

Other things seemed more interesting going into the teens. Now after going all in on that, settled with a wife, five kids, two cats and a dog it feelt good to return to gaming for cheap thrills. Finding you guys made it easy.

How do you find time to game with so many other things needing feeding/cleaning?

Its a priority and balance that I would likely struggle with if I was on my own. But I would like to think that its mostly sleep that is being neglected. The gaming is a escape that I need and I do think it has been positive in keeping things good in our marriage. I can think of alot of things that would be both more expensive and risky to serve the same purpose. So basically an awesome wife.

How much sleep do you manage?

When up gaming, about 5h workdays and 6-7h on weekends. Probably not enough, my mind gets a bit blurry if those hours get too low. 

Have you even fallen asleep at work?

After university I worked night at a warehouse and day at a track club, fell asleep on the highjump mattress. 

Have you never seen the importance of sleep?

I had this written on my bathroom mirror during my university years.

”Get up.

Drink water.

Go to bed.”

But in swedish so i would not come across as a weirdo.

What did you study at university?

A major in psychology and a minor in business at Texas A&M. Gig em!spacer.png

How long were you in Texas? What are those Americans like in real life?

I was there at school for five years, running track for four years and up to no good for the fifth. 

How about them Aggies, or Texans, I'm fixin’ to let y’all know. They are awesome. I’ve been hunting snakes with a .22, a 9mm and a sawed-off. I have been to a exorcism, a snakefarm and dined next to Bush and Gorbachev. I had my car crushed by hail, been tailgating, and smuggled back from Mexico. I have travelled endless miles back in the truck bed and had some great burritos, steaks and sangria. I have meet some extreme personalities, but most of all some of the most friendly, polite and confident people. As a youngster the environment was simply great. 

Sounds awesome! How does a young Swede end up at school in Texas?

The weather is a lot warmer than Sweden, their athletics program is great, and they offered to pay for it. :)

In Sweden Universities dont cost money, you just got to have grades good enough for whatever you want to study. But in the states it cost a lot and that was nothing I could have had afford on my own.

So you were a runner? What distance was your speciality?


Personal best for 400m?

:) 46.04 (no run-ups, curb boosting or hotlapping)

Impressive, faster than the current women’s world record! How fast could you do it today?

On foot I wouldnt make it. But I do see a future crew challenge here, a lap on the track at ULSA in any vehicle. I will visit the creator!

Great idea. You’re a prolific GTA creator, is there a particular creation that you’re most proud of?

Not really, all my ideas seem outstanding at first. But its really a hit or miss kind of deal, mostly misses tbh. But to be fair I must say I love the creator and I think its a big reason the game lives on.

How did you find XDBX in the first place?

I cant remember the details after five years, either it was a simple search or maybe even gtaforums.

What’s kept you here 5 years?

The employee benefits and the retirement plan is what kept me around.

They must be really good if they outweigh the misery of working with @Dodge. Have you played anything else but GTA while with the crew?

I have played some RDR2 with the crew, but like most I still hope for better functions to use as a crew. And there are no cars, that does limit it for me, I really like my cars in GTA. The variety and possibilites still in GTA will likely keep me interested until the next GTA drops, as long as I can play with you all that is. 

Are you a petrol-head in real life?

Not at all, I barely know how to open the hood of my Toyota Proace Verso. But I like to drive in real life as well. Are you a mime in real life pb?

I’d like to be. Wait.....who’s interviewing who here? Or are you analysing me?

No of course not, how would that make you feel.

Scared! What is your current job?

Partner/manager of a service company based largely around accounting.

Is that very different to what you wanted to be growing up?

Yes, simply because I had no idea what I might enjoy or be good at. I think its hard to even pick direction of studies when you never really tried the different professions. 

Very true. Where in the world have you travelled, aside from Texas?

I have not travelled alot. I have never been backpacking, never visited Asia, Australia, Africa or South America. I have seen alot of Europe and a fair part of North America. 

Favourite place you’ve been?

I really liked skiing in Whistler, Canada, such a beautiful place.

Is skiing something you do often?

As a young kid we used to, but not anymore. I may be lazy, but it seems like alot of work with a big family compared to how much actual skiing there will be. 

Family holidays must be like a military operation to organise?

Yea, my kids know the drills and are fairly good with a rather structured mindset. But when the cousins come along Its like Sheldon vs Penny.

Might be worth investing in a good set of earplugs. It could be worse........what is ‘home alone’ in Swedish?

Ensam hemma. :)spacer.png

What’s the most offensive  phrase you can think of, in Swedish?

Nu har du skitit i det blå skåpet.

It’s ok, I googled it.......



Sounds tame, are the Swedes generally relaxed and polite?

“Solitude offers ease and liberation. The satisfaction so many Swedes feel when they walk on their own in the woods…derives partly from an absence of social pressure to talk and adapt to others.”

Professor Åke Daun

I like that! Do you watch sports? Follow any teams?

I have no real interest in sports and dont follow any. I can enjoy things like our fantasy leagues due to the planing, tactics and competitive aspects included, but thats is. I do find it relaxing watching sports, but it could just as well be the discovery channel.

Do you watch much tv?

I do use the tv to fall asleep alot, but its not like I would not fall asleep without it, just a bad habit. Mostly series, just finished GOT and am now watching the last season of Queen of the South. Loved Dexter, Sons of anarchy and Curb your entusiasm.

What’s your favourite smell?

Hackberry or the ocean.


A new feature just added to the site is ‘scratch and sniff’ functionality, rub your screen then smell your fingers.......

spacer.png .......you didn’t, did you?

If you had to fight a 10-year-old child, but could only use a vegetable as a weapon, which vegetable would you choose?

Good question. Broccoli. Kneel or get stuffed!spacer.png

Brutal! How many 10-year-olds do you think you could fight off before you become overwhelmed (without broccoli)?

I would say 3 ten-year-olds, but its a tricky equation. I am sure I could handle more than 6 five-year-olds, but I would struggle with 1.5 fifteen-year-olds. 

I agree, that 0.5 of a fifteen-year-old would be pretty gruesome. Serious question now...how is IKEA pronounced? Here in England, we pronounced it ‘eye-key-a’, until recently when we discovered that it is pronounced ‘icky-a’

Yes, right on! A ”icky-a” but with the ”y” sounding like a short canadian ”eh”.

Do you get to see the northern lights from where you live?

No I do not, even right now when the daylight is the longest it gets dark for a while here. But on the bright side we get some daylight at the darkest period as well.

How long (or short) is the night at this time of year there?

Its dark for about an hour i think. The sun sets about 22:30 leaving it bright for another two hours, then its dark for a while before dawn starts leading up to the sunrise about 03:30.

No wonder you don’t sleep much. Are you the kind of person who presses the snooze button, or do you get up as soon as your alarm goes off?

I usually get up at ”Werent you supposed to get up?” or even at ”You really should get up now”. I rarely set my alarm.

What is the first thing you do when you get up?

Check on my youngest and get a shower, also got a habit of visiting this site amongst the first things. 

There’s always something happening here, can’t miss out. How different would your life be had you not discovered XBDX?

Things like that are so interesting and deep, but also impossible to know. Most things would likely been a bit different, but I dont know to what extent. 

All I know is that in some alternative version of our reality there’s an Xdbx without a Lann, and it’s a worse place for that reason.


I really enjoyed this, keep up the great work!

Thank you Lann!



Our crew website domesticbatterygaming.com is quite active and is a great resource for GTAV and RDR2 gamers new and experienced, sign in and join the fun.

Cheers and good gaming.


 For Questions or Comments about the XDBX Newsletter please contact: JustHatched, PB76 or Fido_le_muet.

For Inquiries regarding any aspect of the crew please contact the appropriate Staff Member.




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