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Gold Rush Trophy

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For anyone struggling to get this trophy here is a list of the mission in which I DID NOT get gold. Meaning I got gold for all missions not on this list.


Chapter 1:

Old friends;

Who the hell is leviticus cornwall?


Chapter 2:

Paying a social call;

Blessed are the meek?;

The first shall be last;

An american pastoral scene;

The sheep and the goats.


Chapter 3:

An honest mistake;

American distillation;

A short walk in a pretty town;

Blood feuds, ancient and modern.


Chapter 4:

Angelo Bronte, a man of honour;

Horsemen, apocalypses;

Urban pleasures;

Revenge is a dish best eaten;

Banking, the old american art.


Chapter 5:

Savagery unleashed;

Hell hath no fury;

Paradise mercifully departed:

That's murfree country.


Chapter 6:

Visiting hours;

Just a social call;

The delights of van horn;

The fine art of conversation;

Goodbye, dear friend;

Favoured sons;

The king's son;

My last boy;

Red dead redemption.


I got gold on all epilogue part 1 missions.


Epilogue part 2:

An honest day's labour;

The tool box;

A quick favour for an old friend;

Uncle's bad day;

American venom.


My advice for this would be to start with the epilogue, you can get all of part 1 gold within an hour. Some easy golds in part 2 of the epilogue also.

Then go through chapters 1 - 4 in order. Some are impossible on replay due to not having enough dead eye.

After this I just cherry picked chapters 5 and 6 until I reached 70.

If you're on a timed mission and you cant do it quick enough, try watching the cutscenes, because they dont count towards the mission time, and it seems like you can get an extra few seconds from it.

If you're on a mission which requires head shots / dead eye kills / accuracy, just go round headshotting any civilians that walk past. These count.

If you're on a mission which doesn't require accuracy, time or no health items, then you can die and still get gold. (The mission where you destroy the bridge in chapter 6 is much easier if you get killed by the train, because you will respawn on the trolley).

I also used this spreadsheet and a separate guide (which I can no longer find) which had YouTube videos embedded into for every mission, to figure out which missions were best to go for.


The spreadsheet isn't entirely accurate imo, some red missions were quite easy and some green were hard.

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Cheers for posting this.

Wanted to get the trophy, but was putting it off until I knew of someone who had already done it.

Hopefully I'll get it in the next few days.

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