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Stories from the Wild, Wild West

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I had quite a weird, bit funny but also exhausting encounter today. A level 300 something try-hard followed me out of a Public Enemy match and shot me dead while I was minding my own business. We exchanged kills for a while before I got him 3 times in a row and saw the opportunity of leaving him pissed off. I went to my nearby camp and sure enough this guy was PISSED. Roaming around my camp, one minute trying to lure me out the other trying to shoot me. Just not letting it go.

After a while I finally broke and went out for round 2. Same thing as before. Got the upper hand and went back to the camp. Done. Went AFK to get some food and from the kitchen I could hear constant shooting. Must have been going on for 10 minutes. Then suddenly I hear my character getting hit and finally killed. How the fuck is that possibly? Was sitting in a chair so he couldn't have pushed my character out of the camp. Unfortunately managed to screw up the save but my theory is that he might have went so far away that it messed with the camp protecting. 

I hurry in and pick up the controller but too late and he kills me again. Okay, we're doing this. Funnily enough 3rd round doesn't go any better for him and this time he's the one that ends up leaving. Shortly after I get a friend request and a pm from him. Thinking it's probably just so he can get a rematch and that he wants to say a few words about my mother. But no, he wants to recruit me to his posse. Apparently, he just went after me because he thought I was a good shooter and wanted to see my play style in a 1v1. Direct quote, "U shoot good son". Fucking hell... the fucker could just have asked me for a 1v1 instead of shooting me in the back and stalking me. I feel bad for the girls he's gonna try and pick up once he gets old enough. I'm gonna play along for a bit, though, because I really want to know how he manged to kill me in my camp while the white flag was up.

So, do you have any stories for the camp fire?

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