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Overwatch - Best Workshop Modes

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The recent workshop update for Overwatch is actually amazing and totally changes the game.  It allows players to use a very extensive modding tool to create their own weird and wonderful game modes.  The workshop looks way too complicated for me to make anything myself, but the good news is that you can play modes other people have made by entering a 5 digit code in the workshop.  

I'll post videos and the codes for the best modes that I've found.

First up is Hero Gauntlet.  It's Overwatch's version of gun game.  When you get a kill with a hero you move on to the next one.  The first person to make it through the list of 22, or gets the furthest, wins.  This is a preset mode in the workshop, so no code is needed.


Next is Zombies.  One player is a zombie (Reaper) and the survivors (Soldier: 76) have no option but to run and hide.  If the zombie kills a survivor they become a zombie themselves, helping with the hunt.  This is another preset mode in the workshop, so again, no code needed.


Next is Hot Potato.  One person starts the round on fire, and they have to shoot someone to pass it on before they burn to death.  Frantic fun.  The code is 9J4NE


Teabag Deathmatch sees you playing as Ana, only able to fire sleep darts.  To get a kill you need to put someone to sleep and teabag their body three times.  For some reason I really like this one ;) the code is SSDTE


Weeping Angels pits a team of six angels (Mercy) against a single Mei.  Like the Doctor Who villain, the angels will freeze when Mei is looking at them, but can she keep them all at bay for the time limit?  It only takes one melee attack from the angels to kill her, so she better keep her back to the wall.  This one is terrifying when you're playing as the Mei.  The code is R3S3D


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