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XDBX Chronicle #72

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n125-1.png-The XDBX Chronicle #72-n125-1.png

Your source for all things Domestic Battery written by PB76, Fido_le_muet and JustHatched

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"The News In Ten" - (by PB76)

1. Sunday Racing League returned and it was all about the Soviet Shitbrick aka the Rune Cheburek, @Lann stormed to a well deserved victory in race 1 in his cardboard body-kitted Chebby...🇷🇺🏁🇸🇪spacer.pngLast season’s runner up @Potato took 1st in race 2 in his Cheburek, reigning champion @acdc_sw won race 3 & 4 in something that wasn’t a Cheburek and ended round one a single point ahead of @Potato (@Fido_le_muet sits in 3rd place on his return to competitive racing)spacer.png

2. It was compacts in Week 2 of Sunday Racing League and it was wide open with wins for @DavidCore89, @acdc_sw and a couple for @RammsteinDUDE. Fastest laps were achieved by @acdc_sw, waxman_007, @Dead-Demon and @ssracingn2. At the end of round 2, @Fido_le_muet has amassed 220 points, @Lann has 201 and @Dodge 199. However, removing the 5 worst results (which will be the case at the end of the season) gives the championship a familiar look, with @acdc_sw and @Potato first and second. Still all to play for though and muscle cars this weekend.

3. @II-Manny-Il won Crew Challenge 183 - Domestic Decathlon with a time of 9 minutes and 33 seconds. @djw180 was only 4 seconds behind him in 2nd place, @punkbish85 was third, taking 10 minutes and 31 seconds. @The_Lady_A  and @Con were 4th and 5th respectively.

4. Crew Challenge 184 was a team time trial around PostOP Raceway, a tight and narrow street circuit around the PostOP depot. Four pairings choose to squeeze their muscle cars around the track, with a combined time of 1:42.500 @II-Manny-Il & @SINISTER120 just pipped @Schumi6581 & @DavidCore89 (1:42.602) to first. @djw180 & @Spinnaker1981 (1:43.928) took 3rd, @Lann & @Pb76 (1:44.706) were 4th.

5. IT’S HERE!! Crew Challenge 185 - Scouring Your Hotring is now live, who will be the new king (or queen) of the projects? Everyone has a rightful claim to the throne, but only the one who can master the Hotring Sabre on this iconic track will take the crown. 

6. The XDBX Film club selected French films for May and the movie chosen to watch and review is The Crimson Rivers (LesRivieres Pourpres), a psychological thriller starring Jean Reno and Vincent Cassel, directed by Mathieu Kassovitz. I expect all reviews will be written in French.

7. The recent H2H against The Van Society (VANS) ended in another win For XDBX, it was an 8v8 full contact racing playlist consisting of 6 land/stunt races and 2 air races. It was fairly even, apart from the fact that VANS don’t have a @II-Manny-Il.

8. There’s another Summer Triathlon on it’s way, organised and hosted by @LimeGreenLegend. This time there should be a full lobby as it will be open to multiple crews. Last time was a blast...

9. OMG!!!! Old married gamers is a brilliant new podcast from @JustHatched and @Dodge in which they discuss crew life, married life and real life. (Despite the name of the podcast and the fact they sound like it, they aren’t actually married to each other)


10. And finally.......@Lann shared this pic of his lovely doggo, gazing wistfully into the distance.spacer.png


(Featured Snapmatic by Beez)



"XDBX Member Report"

- Unvetted Members looking to join Domestic Battery - (Be Sure to Note them is you game with them)

None at this time,

- Congratulations to the following members on becoming Vetted Members of the crew.

None at this time


"XDBX Events Schedule"

Monday Motor Mayhem, Mischief, and Merriment (M5)  hosted by Crawford and The Lady A on Mondays at 9:00PM UTC for GTAO.

Whacked Out Wednesdays hosted by DJW180 on Wednesdays at 9:00PM UTC for GTAO and RDRO.

Thursday Night Thunder hosted by Dodge on Fridays at 3:30AM UTC for GTAO.

Brokeback Fridays hosted by LimeGreenLegend on Fridays at 9:00PM UTC for RDRO.

Gfred hosted by Potato on every 2nd Friday at 9:00PM UTC for GTAO.

2Bros hosted by Omar and Pete on Saturdays at 9:00PM UTC for GTAO and RDRO. 

Gunslinger Saturdays hosted by JustHatched on Sundays at 3:30AM UTC for RDRO.

- CC 185 - Scouring Your Hotring presented by DJW180 ends on May 28th for GTAO.

**RSVP Reminder:

** RSVP'ing for an event is very important so that the event host is aware of how many people plan to attend so that they can make the event tailored to the projected lobby size. So if you plan to attend and event please RSVP. Likewise, if you have done so and something comes up and you can not attend please un-RSVP so the host is not expecting you to be there.

**To RSVP simply check the calendar for any event that you would like to attend, click on the event and there will be an 'Going' button on the right hand side. To visit the discussion thread for the event you clicked on, scroll down and click "View Discussion Topic"

If you have any queries regarding this feel free to ask any Staff Member.


"Have you met Pete?" - by Fido_Le_Muet

(Our segment where we get to know more about our fellow crew members)

Today's guest is our newlywed friend, Pete. He's back from his honeymoon and ready to terrorize randoms again. But who is hiding behind this killing machine ? A mystery revealed ! 

Hi! What's your first name and where are you from ?

My name is Pete and I was born and raised in a town called Chico in northern California, just north of Sacramento.  I currently live in a small town of a few thousand people just a few miles outside of Chico called Durham.

Answer quickly : First IRL job ? First IRL car ? Favorite meal? Married ? (you can skip that one :D ) Kids ? Quick! QUICK!

Ice cream server at Thrifty Drugs. Tan Chevy Sprint, a christmas gift from my dad one month after my 16th birthday. Any kind of pasta, Fettucine Alfredo if I had to choose. Married for about 5 weeks now! Kids hopefully soon. We are trying.

I know you're online often and take part in many crew events but when am I certain to find you in GTAO and/or RDRO ?

Usually betwen 5 and 7 pm pacific time during the week and anytime possibly on the weekends.  If not in an organized crew activity then likely playing a deathmatch or hunting down randoms in GTAO.  I am pretty brutal to randoms in GTAO, shooting first and asking questions never.  But in RDRO I am much more peaceful (most of the time) and can usually be found hunting, fishing and exploring and playing the occasional showdown series or mission.

What are your hobbies outside of gaming ?

I am a pretty big poker player.  I have had tremendous success at it as a part time hobby.  In the past there has been months I made more money playing poker in my leisure time than I did at my full time job.  It even became my full time job for about a year once when I was in between careers after the company I worked for closed.  Other than poker I love to play golf, watch movies and binge watch TV shows and of course spend time with my new wife, our dogs and cat.

Favorite video game as a kid ?

On console it was Super Tecmo Bowl.  In high school me and my friends were obsessed with it and super competitive.  In the Arcade it was always NBA Jam.  My same buddies and I played it religiously and even wagered money on it.  We took it pretty serious.  People outside our group could not compete.  We got seriously good at it.  It was always a dream of mine to own it.  And about four years ago that dream came true.


That is my machine.  I own it and the owner of the local card room I play at lets me keep it in his bar/restaurant and we split the quarters.  It has paid for itself and I can play for free whenever I want!

You're pretty lethal online. Why so much violence towards randoms ? 

It did not start that way.  I remember one of my first experiences with randoms in GTA when I was low level.  A guy picked me up and said we should rob liquor stores together.  We did and after we robbed one he shot me in the face and took off.  That has never happened again because if you get close enough you are dead if I can help it.  So I guess the game kind of made me that way.  But also (and this my sound bad) I kind of hate the GTA community.  It is either loudmouth racist douchebags, or whiny little squeakers and anyone I come across I will most likely despise anyway if I interacted with them.  So I just play the role of the Whitewalker and kill without hesitation or mercy lol.  XDBX has proven me wrong that all GTA gamers are horrible, but we are definitely a minority of the type of people out there.

Omar told us a bit about you. Now what can you tell us about him ?

Omar has been a great brother and is one of my very best friends.  We lived together for over a decade beginning in the late 90s.  We got along great as kids and as adults living together.  I honestly cannot remember any major fights we had when living together.  For Two Bros (pun intended) to get along that well in that close of quarters says something about the relationship.  One thing I will say about him too (and I am sure XDBX'ers agree) is that he is just a very nice person.  He may say he is not or say he hates people, but he is genuinely nice to just about everyone he meets.

How was your honeymoon and more importantly, why did you chose Italy over France ? 😡

Italy was amazing.  I posted some pics on the website in the Crew Matters section if anyone wants to see.    Neither one of us had ever left North America.  I had only been to Mexico and she had never been outside the US.  Italy was #1 on both our  list of places we wanted to visit.  And without visiting France yet I can tell you there is no way I would like the food better than I did in Italy. Italian food is my absolute favorite.  So I will say the food.  But maybe France for an anniversary some day :)

Everybody knows you like golf. How would you rank yourself from 0 to Tiger Woods ?

Zero!  I am not good.  My best round ever is 87 and I average around 100.  I don't play enough to get good, but I do enjoy it a lot.

What food would be the best to make a house out of ? 

Maybe Jolly Ranchers?  They are hard and your house would smell amazing.

Aliens. What do you think ? 

I am almost certain they exist, and I am almost certain they have not visited us.

You just got a superpower! What is it and why ?

I have always liked the idea of invisibility.

If the crew were to visit you, where would you take them ?

Bidwell park in my hometown of Chico.  It is one of the largest municipal parks in the US and it is really gorgeous.  I have had several friends who left Chico say what they miss most is Bidwell Park 

Any advice for new crew members looking to fit in ? 

Be yourself and don't be shy.  I have been with the crew 4 years exactly today, as of May 14th.  But the first year I was pretty inactive in playlists and organized activities and I wish I could go back because there was a lot going on there that I missed.  When you first join it is a bit intimidating because you see how close everyone is and talks to each other like they are best friends or family, but the sooner you open up and engage the sooner you will become a part of this awesome family.  And if you DNF your races or get killed a lot who cares?  It really doesn't matter! Just have fun and remember that this crew is not about the gaming. Not to me anyway.  Maybe it started out that way but it is about the people and relationships and the fun "hanging out."  Gaming is just the way we get together.


(Featured Snapmatic by Lann)



"Closing Contemplation's" -  (by JustHatched)

RDRO just got a "major" update and while I have not played it yet it seems like it is a good one from what I have read. To bad no crew functions are in the game yet (if they ever will be). I am excited to the possibility though cuz I want to do crew stuff that isn't GTA. I want to retire GTA cuz I am past it but have to kick it on to play crew events. I know others feel the same way, only playing it to hang with crew members. I filled with hope for RDR as I always have been but won't be surprised if crew activities never become possible with RDR.


(Featured Video by Con)



Our crew website domesticbatterygaming.com is quite active and is a great resource for GTAV and RDR2 gamers new and experienced, sign in and join the fun.

Cheers and good gaming.


 For Questions or Comments about the XDBX Newsletter please contact: JustHatched, PB76 or Fido_le_muet.

For Inquiries regarding any aspect of the crew please contact the appropriate Staff Member.


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The funniest thing about this particular signature is that by the time you realize it doesn't say anything it's to late to stop reading it!!


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Cheers to  @Pb76 and @Fido_le_muet for making the newletter revival possible. 

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If anyone has anything they want to contribute to the newsletter let us know

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The funniest thing about this particular signature is that by the time you realize it doesn't say anything it's to late to stop reading it!!


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