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IC Graphite Thermal Pad

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Warning: IC Graphite is electrically conductive! Any contact with electrical components

 while the device is turn on might result in permanent damage.


Right out the gate let me say this, the brand Thermal Grizzly Karbonaut is superior pushing

62.5 watts per Kelvin vs IC Graphite's 35 W/m K thermal conductivity.


Before placing the 30mmx30mm in the PS4 Slim, I folded the thermal pad horizontally &

then vertically to form a perfect square in thickness, held it over the PS4 Slim's APU & cut

off the excess, (in other words it's having 4 layers for greater compression which transfer

The heat to the heat sink efficiently.


I had to keep the surface of the heat sink level to make sure it lined up as perfect as I could

, seeing that the thermal pad was not flat because of the way I folded it & it easily slid around 

in there, that's the main reason I didn't individually cut 4 separate pieces. The processor is in

a upside down position adding to the difficulty.


Like a formula 1 pit crew that can discern when a tire is about to wear out and pop, I discerned

that the thermal paste was about to wear out. I was right. Two days prior of receiving the thermal

pad , my final race in GT Sport campaign that was going bbn perfectly with top notch pacing was

ruined. The PS4 suddenly shuts off. I immediately knew, though I turned it back on it was evident

That I could not play graphic intensive games so played sparingly. 


After putting in the Thermal Pad in, my PS4 Slim sounded like a jet engine for the very 1st time, 

now I know what people are talking about lol damn! But on the flip side when I opened the console

Which I normally kept the inside dust free, it was the 1st time separating the processor from heat sink

It came off way too easily & was obliviously dried out but the fan was not doing it any justice as now

With the race car fan speeds I'm getting now. I 1st thought it was overheating but 8t was cooler to the

Touch than before, considerably cooler to be upfront under heavy loads. From games like GT Sport &

Battlefield 1.



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