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By now you've probably seen the movie and music threadstarter icons in the Art and Entertainment forum. If not, when you start a new thread either click the movie or the music icon and type the name of the movie, tv show, actor, musician, band, album, etc and fill out the post as you normally would. The site will automatically add content to the site like release dates, a brief overview and official trailers, etc..


Now in the Other Games forums you can click the game icon and fill in the game name and it will auto add release info and trailers about the game. Works with PS, Xbox and Steam games. Example can be seen here https://www.domesticbatterygaming.com/forums/topic/18223-ace-combat-7/


Also, if you have an existing thread you want to add this to, just click edit on the OP and you can add the threadstarter info.


I will add a Books version for you book readers soon


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