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How do I fit into XDBX??

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Are you new to the crew or thinking about joining and wondering how to fit in with us? In our newsletters we have a section in them called "Have You Met??" where we ask a crew member some questions and one of those questions is "Any advise for new members looking to fit in?" and here is a few of the replies. If you were to read all the previous newsletters you will find most answers similar to those posted here.


You will notice a lot of colorful and powerful personalities here and we come from all over the globe, the one thing you won't find are people with inflated egos or "I'm special" mentalities. One thing that struck me immediately about XDBX is how humble the elite members were...they can kick your ass in every dimension but never brag or boast or belittle you. So my advice is... be cool, contribute, and don't try being liked... if you passed the vetting, we already think you fit in. - ConGamePro


 Just relax, be active and open-minded and have fun above all else, that's what we're here for! There's also no point in pretending to be someone you're not. If you're a mature and friendly person then you'll fit right in! - Protocawl


Try to get to playlists, even if you can't be there for the whole thing, try to join when you can. And get a headset, it does make a difference when you can talk to people. - DJW180


Just keep attending crew events. If, like me, you're not confident on the mic then participate in discussions on the website instead of talking in game. You'll be amazed at how nice all of these virtual criminals are! - SilentTiger


Just be your crazy self and don't be shy. Everyone is really easy going and most are crazy too! Need help/info/advice? You can ask everyone and we'll love to help you out! - Ninja


Be yourself. Easy to be you vs keeping up with someone else. There's room for everyone. - GeraldPhoenix


Best advice is to join in as many playlists as possible. I think I played every EU session in my vetting period. Everyone became familiar with who I was and soon learned that I was an easy target in deathmatches. - Squirrel_Army


Just have fun. There is a good family atmosphere and everyone is super helpful, plus there is always someone interested in whatever aspect of the game you want to do. You'll find all types of personalities in the crew and it's easy to fit in. - Alchmiest3321


Don't try too hard to 'fit in'. We're a pretty diverse bunch so you'll have a better time just being genuine and true to yourself. Unless you're a dick, in which case how did you get past vetting? Go and do some soul searching or something. - The_Lady_A


Just join in and have fun. It can be a bit daunting at first, especially as there are some very good high level players but there's nothing to worry about. Oh and don't shoot me. - Skip_rat



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