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GTA online (V, VI)

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First, I know we dont know and that speculations wont change reality, but I like to think about how I would like to see it set up.

So how about GTA online once (if) GTA VI is relesed.

Do we even get a GTA VI or do we get a map expansion to online with the option to play the story with or without others?

Are they really not going to at least allow some sort of transfer of our current character?

Its called GTA Online, not GTAV Online.

Will we have multiple geographic ”worlds” to travel between in online in 10 years?

Is it not a great opportunity to get all current online players to come along to a future online, sell the tickets to the airplane that takes you between Los Santos and The next online world?

I would really like to hear what kind of thoughts and wishes you all have!?

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Speaking of 6. I have seen multiple people state that the game will not happen until Trump is no longer president.

WTF stupid shit is that based upon? Are people just being their typical stupid selves?

As for the next online. It will be brand new and you will be starting with a new character. They won't care how anyone feels about it. Hell they do it to story modes so why stop there?

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The next game is Bully2. Rockstar haven’t officially announced it yet but there’s enough evidence around to show that it’s in production. I still don’t see that arriving in the next two years though based on the time it takes to produce a quality game.

PS5 is rumoured to be dropping in 2020. GTAVI will probably be at least a year after that at the very earliest. RDR had a years delay to get right and we’ve had nothing officially announced on GTA VI yet but we know they will be working on it. They were probably working on the next GTA as soon as GTA V released. 

As for @SINISTER120 politics angle. Rockstar have never strayed away from controversy so whoever is president won’t have any sway over the production of the game.

Further more GTA has always been a parody of American culture, having an orange idiot in the white house won’t change anything. I don’t think they’ll directly reference him but I hope they do. Remember Rockstar was originally a British based developer. Our political humour usually cuts a little deep. 😁

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They won't mention his name. Not even the kings of parody and offensiveness, South Park, use it. His non existent skin couldn't handle it and his insane followers would drown in tears. 

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