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RDR2 crew challenges

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I'm making this as a place for anyone who wants to discuss possible crew challenges in RDR2.

The online is only in its beta stage at the moment so I expect there will be a lot more we can do later on. For now it is quite limited, but there are certainly things we can think up to do in free roam, as Lann has done for the current challenge and from story mode as Hatch did for the previous one.

Here's a few ideas, all with one or two things need sorting out first

  • free roam point to point horse time trial
    • specify a start and finish point with something to clearly time those by on a saved video, fastest time wins
      • could be something like start and finish in a saloon, buy and drink a beer, timer starts / finishes when the beer is drunk
      • actually I like the idea of a saloon crawl, fastest time to drink a beer in every saloon or some specified group of saloons?
    • possible issue is what horses to allow, we're all at different stages, some of us don't have anything apart from the standard horse you get for free
      • if most people at higher levels have kept that horse then we can say you have to use that one or one of the same type
  • enter a racing or showdown series, but score this on best performance relative to the other players
    • as far as I can see we can not choose to do a specific race or showdown
    • maybe too random, too dependant on specific job types and opponents?
  • do a specific stranger mission, fastest time wins
    • not sure how replay able these are, do some have level requirements etc 


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Anyone got any thoughts on the free-roam point to point horse time trial? I am thinking of doing this for an RDR challenge over the holidays. 

To tie in with Christmas I am looking for somewhere to do this in the snow, but that might not be possible. Maybe could start and finish at a post office closest to the mountains, and you have to reach a specific, easily identifiable place and then come back.

Restricted to the Arabian horse we got for free, I think everyone should have that.

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HR Dept.
14 minutes ago, SINISTER120 said:

I got a free Thoroughbred with better stats than the free Arabian.

I used one of those in a mission yesterday, not mine, but that thing was fast!

Much better than the Chestnut Arabian.

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I wish i would have picked the thoroughbred instead of the Arabian...both were free for me so I went with the arabian cause story mode. I dont feel like paying for a 2nd stable spot at the moment but at some point will have to start building up the thoroughbred stats.

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Biggest ($) single sale at the butcher, use whatever tactic you can.

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Posted (edited)

An idea for a team challenge. Maybe for 3 players, could be more.

Form a posse and make as much money as you can by doing stranger missions or stealing other posse's carts, mail bags etc.

2 options

  • money earned within a specific time limit
    • might need to be quite long, some of them can take 15 minutes or more, need a video of whole thing
  • money earned from your best few attempts done at any time
    • just need video clips, maybe just a screenshot, showing the end of the mission with the payout


  • I don't have much idea about how the payouts work
    • I know you get less money if you start one too soon after completing the previous one, there's a cooldown period, but I don't know exactly how that works
    • Is the cooldown just based on who is leading the posse or if a group do it and keep changing who's posse it is does that negate the cooldown period?
      • doesn't really matter which way it is, just would be useful to know first
    • the payout seems to be linked to how long the mission should take and / or how difficult they are, but does not seem that straightforward
      • I guess not that important, it would be for each team to find he best paying missions to do
    • But the one thing that does concern me is what if the maximum payout possible is always the same and we get a number of teams that find the best missions to do, and therefore get exactly the same score
      • fastest time as tie breaker?
      • all missions show a timer don't they? 
    • is there an effect from who else is in the session? I seem to remember getting a very high payout once delivering mail when 2 other players tried to steal the bags.
  • does everyone get paid the same or does posse leader get more / less than the others?
  • does your level effect the payout?
  • could be done on XP rather than money, maybe makes no difference, I assume they are related
  • what exactly do we count as the payout?
    • some mission give you a partial payout as you complete on bit (e.g. each mail delivery) and then the main payout at the end
    • so do we just count the main one at the end or add up all the others (if there are any)
    • if we add up all the others we could also include looting any NPCs that attack you
      • getting more complicated this way though


I'll have a look around for more info but posting this now in case someone already knows.

Also I will try to keep track of what I get doing these over the next few days, see if I can answer any of the above. If anyone else can do this or has already, do please let me know what you find / found.


We usually do some form of team crew challenge around the crew anniversary, this might be something to do for that this year.


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The only other information for online stranger missions I can find is wrong / out of date / not for PS4.


It refers to you getting different types of mission depending on what your honour is. Says if you're in the red you only get missions that decrease honour, if you're in the white you only get mission that increase honour. That is not correct. For me at least the effect on your honour for each mission depends on which stranger gives it. There's no details of payouts, XP rates there anyway.

Everything else I find when searching for stranger missions is just about how you used to be able to get solo sessions from them or refers to the story mode missions.

Maybe it's worth us putting together something on this. I'll post in the RDR2 online section.

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