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Animated Shorts

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Since @JustHatched has been kind enough to give this game it's own subforum I figure I might as well use it to try and convince more of y'all to get this game.  To that end, I think these short films will be the perfect starting point.  They introduce the characters, the world and the lore while at the same time being beautiful and awesome short films in their own right.

RECALL: Winston reactivates the Overwatch initiative, because the world needs heroes.


ALIVE: Talon assassin Widowmaker has been sent to kill an Omnic religious leader.  Can Overwatch agent Tracer stop her?!


DRAGONS: Two rival ninjas, Hanzo and Genji, battle in the ancient Shimada family shrine in Hanamura.


HERO: Former Overwatch commander, Jack Morrison, now works as a vigilante, fighting crime all over the world.


There are more, but I'll post them in a separate thread so this doesn't become video spam that takes ten minutes to load.


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