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We Are XDBX - 4th Anniversary Creator Special Event (Protocawl)

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Event Title: We Are XDBX - 4th Anniversary Creator Special Event (Protocawl)
Event Author: omarcomin71
Calendar: Crew Events Calender

Date of Event: Final event/playlist dates: Jan 28th 12:00pm UTC  (07:00am EST)

Time of Event in UTC: Job creation period starts Nov 18th and ends 11:59pm UTC Jan 26th.

Event Organiser: Protocawl

Amount of Players Allowed: Unlimited

Special Rules for Event: All job creations should celebrate current crew members and only 1 job (max 2 if there are very different ideas) per chosen crew member is allowed.

Creators are also allowed to create 2 jobs in total if they wish to do so and have a separate job idea for 2 different yet-to-be-chosen crewmates.


Description of Event: 

Xmas and New Year are on the way and so is our 4th anniversary, so why not make ourselves a nice little gift and celebrate these joyous occasions through celebrating the fine people who make up this brilliant gaming community - family - even, by creating a job in their name!

I'm talking about a creators event, where we'd create jobs that would represent/describe some of our members and/or their GTA characters. For example: Con is best known for his deathmatch prowess, so a characteristic DM in his honour could be made; or a motorcycle-themed job for Banks; or a triathlon type of job for our greatest all-rounder DC; or an off-road/dirt bike job in honour of Beez; an aerial vehicle job in Hatch's name; and so on. You can choose any member you want for your inspiration, either because you have an idea around some hobby/activity/character/vehicle/etc. that goes hand in hand with them or because you just want to celebrate a specific member. There's even plenty of different options per player if you think about it!

Everyone is welcome to sign up, any member can participate in this event, with no previous creator experience necessary! If there's any help you need, any questions about creating a job, there's plenty of seasoned creators in our crew, including myself, to assist you and answer your questions as best as we can; there are also lots of creator threads on the forum that you can find answers from, so don't let inexperience deter your creativity!

If you want to create something, but are struggling to find the right angle, just ask me and I'll pitch out some ideas!

When you sign up, let me know what kind of a job it is and which member you're celebrating.

*The creation period has ended!*

These jobs will be played together during the XDBX 4th Anniversary Weekend at the times mentioned at the top of the OP.



We Are XDBX - 4th Anniversary Creator Special Event (Protocawl)


"The Game is out there. And it's either play or get played"



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