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Anniversary Whacky Races (DJ)

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Event Title: Anniversary Whacky Races (DJ)
Event Author: omarcomin71
Calendar: Crew Events Calender


Date of Event: 28th Jan

Time of Event in UTC: 15:00

Does Event Repeat: no

 If Event Repeats/How Often: 

Event Host: djw180

Amount of Players Allowed: 16 

Special Rules for Event:


Description of Event: 4th anniversary version of my monthly Whacky Races playlist.

Racing playlist aiming to include all classes of vehicle at some point.

A mixture of different races types, street circuits, stunt tracks, boats, aircraft, GTAs, ovals etc.

All XDBX creations, some for customs some locked to specific vehicles.

Usual XDBX racing etiquette applies.

In GTAs please do not use owned weapons.


16 player limited at the moment, can be increased if that is necessary.

The playlist should take about 2 hours


Anniversary Whacky Races (DJ)




Edited by omarcomin71

"The Game is out there. And it's either play or get played"



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This is the playlist, not sorted the order out yet and R* will just change it anyway.

  • Grapeseed Crusader - SUVs - Customs off, crusader only, 2 laps, non -contact
  • That Dam Aqua - Stunt - Blazer Aqua - Customs off, 2 laps, non-contact
  • King of the Road - Motorbikes - customs on, 3 laps
  • Farmers Down the Drain - Utility - GTA, 2 laps
  • Bike Me - Cycles - BMX- 2 laps, contact up to you
  • Vespucci Street Circuit - Sports Classics - customs on, 3 laps, non-contact
  • Scouring the Projects - Coupes - customs on, 2 laps, non-contact
  • Super Mario Bros 1-1 - Stunt - Compacts - Panto only, customs off, non-contact
  • Alamo Sea Water GP - Boats - 3 laps , contact up to you
  • Guardian of the Galaxy - Off Road, customs off, Guardian only, 1st person, rain, traffic, 2 laps
  • Bad Boys - Sports - Comet Retro - GTA - 2 laps
  • Le Rafelle - Air - Jets - customs off, 2 laps, non-contact
  • Mountainside - Stunt - Supers - customs on, 3 laps non-contact
  • Purple Hayes - Muscle - customs on, 5 laps, contact
  • Tri Tri Again - oval - Sedans - customs on, 15 laps, catchup, no sliptstream
  • Taco Run - Vans - Taco Truck, customs off


Add / remove laps for the last few races depending on time.

Edited by djw180
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