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Need to add, speed up or expand WIFI in your home?

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My wifi in the master bedroom has never been stellar and for the last two weeks it's been "doo doo pee pee caca"! One of the techs made some changes, but evidently they didn't stick.

Tiring of the BS and wanting to expand wifi into my shop, I picked of an Netgear Orbi RBK30 Tri-Band WiFi System.


It's a super easy set up, used the app on my phone, and best of all, it solved my connection problems and I have a very strong signal in my METAL shop. Connection rates in the bedroom are the same as being wired on my laptop, phone and PS4. Connection rate in the shop are only slightly degraded.

I currently still have my living room TV, PS4 and Dish receiver connected to the IP's DSL/ADSL modem's LAN, but the Orbi has 3 ports available for it's own LAN. I don't currently have any reason to be able to "see" those devises on my new wifi network. I may rip a bunch of CDs and put them on a media server to listen to in the shop or movies if I put a smart TV in the shop.

I think this was money very well spent and leaves more opportunities for future expansion.

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I've been looking at something similar.  Google wifi.  Same idea...Mesh wifi system.  Waiting for boxing day sales though...$400+ at regular price is a little hard to swallow

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I caught the two unit model on sale and Best Buy price matched.I also had a $35 Rewards cupon I used. It was very reasonable.


It hasn't missed a beat so far!

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Update:  It's been over one year since I bought this Orbi system and the performance has been absolutely flawless! I haven't had to reboot the system. I have moved either unit a couple of times while rearranging things and they just turn back on and reset themselves with no input from me.

This system has been a great buy!

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