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ps4 (GTA) **2X $$ & RP MOC missions and Deadline adversary mode session**

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Date of Event: August 7-8th

Time of Event: in UTC: Whatever suits most

Host of Event: Protocawl

Amount of Players Allowed: 4 or 8 preferred, but we can make anything inbetween work as well

Special Rules for Event: None

Description of Event: Just wanted to do something different again and figured I might as well earn some extra cash while doing it + they're quite fun. I'll add the top of Maze Bank Sumo mode in there as well as a bonus! If you want to join me, let me know what time you'd prefer, I'm available all night. (NA or AU friendly time kind of preferred a.k.a. very late night/early morning for me)

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If I'm home I'll try and join.  It would have to be late evening NA time. 

Tonight is a little up in the air only because I have a few stops to make after work and I'm never 100% on when I'll get off.

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