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Attending Events - Important! Please Read

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With playlist attendance constantly changing, we sometimes see a lot of people join and other times see very few. It's important to RSVP if you're going to join an event so the host knows what jobs to select. Some jobs play out differently depending on the lobby size, and others simply have lower limits. A simple click of the button can make a difference to how the playlist is put together, and could even mean you don't miss out because the player limit's too low.

Don't miss out because you didn't click a button!

On the same note, hosts usually wait for late arrivals so try to let them know if you're running late, and un-RSVP if you find you're unable to attend.


How to RSVP for Events

Each event can be found on the calendar and has an RSVP tab on the left side of the event page.

If you're RSVPing at last minute, let the host know directly because they may not see it before starting.


Playlist Rules
Most playlists have standard rules set by the host, and usually follow with XDBX way for gaming to be both fair and fun for everyone. Some playlists also have different requirements each week, such as racing in certain vehicles, or dress codes. These rules are always listed in the first post of the event's thread, which can be found in the Crew Scheduled Events and Public Scheduled Events forums, and should be followed. Hosts may ask you to leave or kick you if you don't follow reasonable event rules.

UsualGTA XDBX Playlist Rules (RDR rules TBA)
These are the usual rules we use for events, unless stated otherwise by the host.

  • Clean racing etiquette (eg: no ramming, and pull to the side if you take someone out.)
  • No helmets of any type.
  • No phone services (eg: Lester & Merryweather)
  • No proximity mines or sticky bombs in GTA races.
  • No getting out of vehicle during GTA races.


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