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FIFA 16 League (sign up open)

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FIFA 16 League


This will be a league consisting of upto 20 teams.

Schedule and amount of matches against each opponent may vary depending on the number of teams entered, these details will be announced here once entries close on April 30th.



The home team will host each match in Online Friendlies mode using the latest squads. Home and away kits should be used where possible.

The host and their opponent will have 1 week to complete their match at a time agreed by both players.

The host must screenshot the final result, please include a screenshot of the full match facts screen to enable the league to feature team and player stats, send these to myself.

Results are void if there are no screenshots.

If the scores are level after 90 minutes, please do not proceed to extra-time or penalties, the game must end as a draw.

You may only agree to restart a match if both players are experiencing lag, otherwise there are no restarts.

Disconnection counts as an automatic 3-0 defeat.

Finally, no disrespect towards your opponent regardless of their style of football. For example: If your opponent enjoys putting lots of 'long balls' in for his powerful strikers, that is your problem to deal with :P.



To be posted here in due course.



Swansea City - DavidCore89.

Real Madrid - SanAndreasRealOG.

Arsenal - vishesh_91.

Paris Saint-Germain - Ninja-070.

Sporting Lisbon - PapOiteE.



Simply post here with your chosen club team from any top division within any country.

No team can be chosen twice.

Ideally you should select the team that you support :).

This league will feature players from outside of Domestic Battery Gaming.


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Owner of a 25-metre swimming badge.

"Finishing second means you are the first person to lose"  - Gilles Villeneuve.

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PSG here :)

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Awesome DC, really like this idea! 

My team will be Sporting Clube de Portugal (Sporting Lisbon) 

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