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Did you see any good cars today ?

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18 hours ago, TheBoyBry said:

I should have taken more pics, but I never feel comfortable taking pics of cars in public car parks. Especially when the owner isn’t around

I used to feel the same way, kinda still do slightly, but after getting my 03 Mach1,  I thought it was cool when people stopped and took pictures of the car.

When I finish the engine and trans swap in the Mach1, I hope people stop and take pictures.

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Quite a few beauties this weekend : 

Ford Focus RSHonda Civic (9th-gen) Type R 02Ferrari F430 (148136)Porsche 911 (991) GT3 02Nissan 370Z (Z34) Nismo 02McLaren MP4-12C 02Maserati 3200 GTVolswagen Combi (T1a)Porsche 911 (993) Carrera 4 CabrioletJaguar E-Type (Series 1)AC Greyhound


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One bad Mustang!

This is my friend Dean 's 2014 GT Mustang.He's consulted me about this car from the very beginning. When he was looking for a new car, he knew he wanted a new Mustang after his totaling of his 04 Cobra and owning a Vette and new Challenger. He thought he wanted a manual, until we drove one with the 6R80 auto.




It's had several mods, with only one not performing as expected....a plate nitrous system  that he chose over my recommendation of a direct port system. I think he learned his lesson. :wink:

Current Mod list:

Steeda cold air intake

Ford Boss intake with NX direct port nitrous system with NX nitrous controller................currently a 150 shot

3800 stall converter with lock up.

Last two weeks Suspension mods

BMR K member

BMR radiator mount

BMR front control arms

BMR front and rear drag springs

BMR non adjustable lower control arms and relocation brackets

BMR adjustable upper arm and mount

One piece drive shaft

BMR anti-roll bar.

QA1 single adjustable front shocks

Viking double adjustable rear shocks


Went out last night and hit the bottle from a dig. The car hooked on the concrete. Tuner didn't adjust the tranny shifts as requested, so I tweaked them so the nitrous didn't cut off between shifts.

He already had an offroad x-pipe with some GT500 mufflers before the last rounds of mods. I told him that the exhaust was holding back the Boss intake and that he should install Kooks long tube headers with over the axle pipes and MagnaFlow mufflers. We put the car on the dyno yesterday and it showed how bad the exhaust was holding back the engine. The car had a 41 rear wheel HP peak increase from the above mods. More showing was that the HP did not drop before the rpm limit as it did before. It carried an increase from 4200 all the way to 7500. I knew the would be a nice increase, but I didn't expect that damn much!

It made 427RWHP/376RWTQ NA and 582RWHP/580RWTQ. It now weighs 3457lbs and should go down to around 3400 when the new rear tires and lithium battery goes in.

At his track with the crappy air, he should be able to bump just into the 10s at around 124-125 mph. At one of the many track around me, I'm pretty sure it would be an easy 10.50 car! Hopefully it will pull at least a 1.55 or better 60ft time. It just depends on how quickly he can bring in the nitrous on the launch. The returnless fuel system is a bit limiting with nitrous and overall tuning. When and if he replaces this engine in around two years with a fully built and upgraded engine, we'll install a return style system like I built for my Mach1.

I hope you gearheads enjoyed a bit of what I love to do. As soon as I find a good donor engine and tranny, I think I'll start a thread on transplanting a 2015 up Coyote 5.0 engine and auto into my 03 Mach1 that I want to bring back to the streets.

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Sorry for the crappy picture, but this guy was NOT putt-putting around!

Porsche GT3............not a common sight in small town East Texas!



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Saw this Ferrari done up in LA Lakers colors parked at the local supermarket this morning.  Yes I am a Lakers fan. :)



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If you like project cars then check this out. It's my dad's '29 Ford Model A that he is turning into a hot rod. He bought the body 4 or so months ago. He made the frame for it out of 2x4 square tubing. It has a 500 horse 350 cubic inch Chevy V8 and a Muncie 4 speed trans (it's rare to see a stick shift modded into these style of hotrods due to the amount of space to work in and the fact the clutch, brake and accel pedals all have to be custom made). Read end is out of an S10 (he won't race it so it's plenty of rear for the car), the vinyl top was removed and the roof from and S10 Blazer welded in. He still has plenty of work to do but plans to have it done by spring.









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Not car, but it is an absolute work of art. It was built by motorcycle "creator" Arlen Ness.

I saw it this morning on the show "Chasing Classic Cars" With Wayne Carini .....lucky bastard! LOL!

It's Arlen's "Smoothness". I saw this bike several years ago and it blew me away.




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An Itali GTB



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Some from a meet a few weeks agoDm1aSovW0AAozcF?format=jpg





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And a couple from a mustang meet the week before....Dm3m53PX4AAZZnQ?format=jpg


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My dad saw this one.....thought I’d like the plate Dm37-BfXcAEywRm?format=jpg

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Went to a show yesterday, won top 25 out of 147 with my S10



And a few of the cars























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