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  • RDRO PLAYERS - be sure to invite the unvetted members to whatever you are doing so they can get notes!!! This is crucial for their vetting and lack of game content/crew events makes it more difficult at this time!!!
  • Be sure to RSVP for Anniversary Events, don't miss out cuz you didn't click a button...

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  1. Announcements & News

    Any public announcements or news pertaining to the Domestic Battery website or crew are contained in this forum. Private announcements and news are contained the the Crew Matters forum.

  2. Introductions

    Whether you are here to join/re-join the crew or to just talk gaming, let us know who you are. Note that in order to become a crew member an Introduction is required per the Crew Policy.

  3. Suggestion Box and Support

    Got a suggestion for the website or need help with it? Please post it! Please post crew suggestions in the Crew Matters forum.

  4. Game Reviews and Playstation News

    Topics here are auto posted on our site and provided for your convenience while visiting Domestic Battery Gaming.