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XDBX Weekend Wrapup

Events Calendar

This event repeats every week on Sunday forever

Event details

Date of Event: Sundays

Time of Event in UTC: 9pm

Does Event Repeat: Yes

 If Event Repeats/How Often: Weekly

Event Host: @Dodge

Amount of Players Allowed: Up to 30, RSVP required. 

Special Rules for Event: Fun must be had FOR FUCKS SAKE!


 Tomorrow is Monday. The beginning of the end. But that's tomorrow! Today... WE PARTY LIKE IT'S 1999! What better way to wrapup your weekend than lapping @Dodge in a race, and shootin him in the face?


Description of Event: A mix PL to wrapup the weekend. Maybe some free roam events as well. Definitely will be exploiting the 2x and 3x payout stuff.

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