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Domestic Battery is a world wide crew that games and socializes in a fun and adult manner. We pride ourselves on our activity and diversity
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At Domestic Battery we don't just claim to be active gamers. We host multiple events per week across various timezones to ensure everyone can attend something if they choose to.
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XDBX is an Equal Opportunity Crew. We have no requirements for skills!! We believe through our events your skill level will increase, and if they don't we don't care. As long as you have a postitive attitude we want you with us.

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While we do not seek the most skilled players, what we do work on is team work. Our efforts toward planning specific strategies before battling others crews has lead us to over 100+ victories in Head to Head battles.

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Here at Domestic Battery everyone is treated equally regardless of your sex, country, religion, etc... We believe our "assortment" of members brings out some of our finest and most comical moments.
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    Effects of Eating (Overweight vs Underweight) and proper clothing (Stats)

    • JustHatched
    • By JustHatched

    Note that the  rates were got with using the correct clothing for the temperature. 

    I started as underweight and ate 1 Prime Beef waited 5 minutes and switched lobby and repeat to gain weight. Weight is gained and lost in .75% increments.

    Underweight gives you from -7.5% to -5.25% Stamina Drain Rate and +7.5% to +5.25% Damage Absorption depending on how underweight you are (7.5% being a the lowest weight). Also gives you a 125% Core Drain Rate.

    Average (leaning to underweight side)  gives you -4.5% to  -.75% Stamina Drain Rate and +4.5% to +.75% Damage Absorption depending on how close to underweight you are. Also gives you a 100% Core Drain Rate.

    Perfect gives you a 0% Stamina Drain Rate and 0% Damage Absorption. Also gives you an 85% Core Drain Rate.

    Average (leaning to the overweight side) gives you a +.75%  to +4.5% Stamina Drain Rate and -.75% to  -4.5% Damage Absorption depending on how close to overweight you are. Also give you a 100% Core Drain Rate.

    Overweight gives you a +5.25% to +7.5% Stamina Drain Rate and -5.25% to -7.5% Damage Absorption depending on how overweight you are (7.5% being at maximum weight). Also gives you a 125% Core Drain Rate.



    If you are wearing the correct clothing (Fair temperature for your toon) you get a All Cores Drain Rate of 0%. If your toon is Hot or Cold you will get a All Cores Drain Rate of +900%

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