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A Crew That Plays Together Stays Together

Domestic Battery is a world wide crew that games and socializes in a fun and adult manner. We feature daily events in Red Dead Online and Grand Theft Auto Online.
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Bursting With Activity

At Domestic Battery we pride ourselves in being active gamers. We host multiple events per week across various timezones to ensure everyone can attend something if they choose to.
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No Skill Required

XDBX is an Equal Opportunity Crew. We have no requirements for skills!! We believe through our events your skill level will increase, and if they don't we don't care. As long as you have a postitive attitude we want you with us.

Let The Bodies Hit The Floor

While we do not seek the most skilled players, what we do work on is team work. Our efforts toward planning specific strategies before battling others crews has lead us to over 100+ victories in Head to Head battles.
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Amazing Diversity

Here at Domestic Battery everyone is treated equally regardless of your sex, country, religion, etc... We believe our "assortment" of members brings out some of our finest and most comical moments.
Crew Policy and Guidelines
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  • XDBX vs STNC Dirty Hotring Racing Head to Head is Sunday January 27th. 15 spots available. CLICK HERE to see the details and sign up information
  • XDBX vs 187X 3 TDM 1 Race Head to Head Anniversary Event Click Here to join in glorious combat for the crew!!
  • January 13th to January 19th RDRO Fishing Tourney spot is O'Creagh's Run
  • Thank you Lann for setting up many great anniversary events!!
  • Check you emails on January 15th for the offiial Grand Return of the XDBX Newsletter

Welcome to Domestic Battery Gaming (XDBX)

Formed in 2014 for Grand Theft Auto Online, XDBX quickly grew to be one of the dominant crews of GTAO winning 110 battles against other crews and is in the top 50 in racing and deathmatches among thousands of crews . Now with the release of Red Dead Online we are shifting focus to that game as Rockstar Games releases new content for it and maintaining our GTAO presence.

Our proven vetting process ensures we get the best player attitudes in our crew, perhaps some are not the best players but are always fun to play with. Skill level in our crew is superficial, regardless of skill we are looking to have fun.

Our Events Team and our members work to host multiple events per week in GTAO and RDRO so that there is always something for everyone to do in multiple timezones.

If you wish to check out our discussion forum to see what we are all about you are welcome to do so by clicking HERE.

  • Upcoming Events

    • 16 January 2019 09:00 PM Until 11:00 PM
      Event Title: Whacked Out Wednesdays (GTA & RDR)
      Calendar: Public Events Calendar
      Event Host: @djw180
      Game: GTA & RDR2 
      Event Start Time: Wednesday, 9:00pm GMT/UTC
      (Wednesday, 4:00pm EDT / Wednesday, 9:00pm BDT / Thursday, 6:00am AEST)
      Reoccurring: Weekly - The 2nd post will be kept updated with the schedule for the next few weeks.
      This playlist is open for any crew member to host a one off playlist or event in GTA, RDR2 or any other game enough crew members may be playing, at the scheduled time. If you would like to try hosting or have done it before but can't commit to a regular playlist, simply let DJ know what your would like to do and which date and we can slot you into the upcoming schedule
    • 18 January 2019 03:30 AM Until 05:00 AM
      Event Host: DodgeService
      Game: GTA Online
      Event Start Date: July 9th 2015
      Event Start Time: Friday, 2:30am GMT/UTC
      (Thursday, 10:30pm EDT / Friday, 3:30am BDT / Friday, 12:30pm AEST)
      Reoccurring: Weekly
      Thursday Night Thunder
      Thursday Night Thunder (TNT) is a NA time zoned PL on Thursday Nights. Join your host DodgeService every Thursday at 10:30 PM EST / 2:30 AM GMT on Friday. The theme for this PL will change weekly. Visit this forum every week to see what's in store for you. It will always be a Racing PL using a specific class, or car, or style of track, or something to keep it fresh.

      Check this forum often for details and updates for upcoming Events and special requirements involved. 

      Please RSVP for this PL. Also there will be an announcement made in the Shout box, and on RSC's in game message system when the Crew Lobby opens.
      Rules of TNT:
      FUN MUST BE HAD, for Fuck's sake.
    • 18 January 2019 08:00 PM Until 10:00 PM
      Every second Friday at 20:00 UTC @Potato hosts Gfred Friday!

      A mixed playlist consisting of races, LTSs, adversary modes and the odd deathmatch, finished off with a gfred. This will alternate with TTF, and should last approx. 1.5 - 2 hours.
      Special Rules for Event: Staggered starts for the Gfred. (Winner of playlist starts 5s ahead of 2nd. 2nd starts 5s ahead of 3rd. etc.)
      Any questions feel free to ask.
    • 18 January 2019 09:00 PM Until 10:59 PM
      Host: LimeGrenLegend
      Fridays at 21:00 UTC starting november 30th.



  • Our picks

    • Newsletter Issue #65 (1/15/19)
      XDBX News!!! Your source for all things Domestic Battery
      Issue 65 - January 15 2019
      (Written by PB76, Fido_le_muet and JustHatched)
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    • Rdro fishing tournament
      XDBX RDRO Fishing Tournament
      We'll do this for 5 weeks, a different fishing location for each week.

      Dec 16 thru the 23rd we are fishing anywhere in the Dakota River. Cutoff time to post your results is 1100 PM UTC on the 23rd.


      Post screenshots of your 3 biggest fish, total combined weight wins. Biggest fish is tie breaker. 


      Worm, cheese or bread bait only due to some not having other lures unlocked yet.


      Website awards given for each weeks winner and for the overall top 3 winners (all weeks combined)

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    • Whacked out Wednesdays
      This will be both a GTA and RDR2 event / playlist (I have just bought RDR2). My plan is to see how doing GTA and RDR on alternate weeks goes. As Spud is hosting GFred Fridays (GTA) every other week I think I will do this so that WoW is RDR the same week GFredF is on. That means GTA next week (12th), RDR the week after (19th), etc for the time being. Hopefully by the 19th I'll have figured out something to do in RDR.

      Event host is just me, but happy to take on co-hosts if others want to help out. I can't always guarantee being able to start things at 21:00.

      Also, same as it is now, the WoW timeslot should be available for anyone who wants to host a one-off playlist / event (can be any game the crew plays as far as I'm concerned). Just let me know a couple of weeks in advance in case there is something specific planned already.
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    • Dirty Hotring vs STNC - Anniversary
      Dirty Hotring vs STNC - Anniversary
      Sunday 27th 21:00 UTC, 15 spots available

      No custom car needed. 7 jobs, 7 laps. 
      Only things not allowed is going wrong way or setting roadblocks.
      Get in!!
      Previous event, we are using crew color (blue) and Ragga rum livery.
      Dirty Hotring vs STNC - Anniversary
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    • Crew Challenge 176 - Chaparal SUVs
      Crew Challenge 176 - Chaparal SUVs
      A time trial in SUVs. If we have enough this will be a team event (4 teams at least), each teammate using a different model of car. If not then solo and you can use whatever custom SUV you like.
      The track is Chapar Rally
      fastest lap
      any time of day
      any weather
      no run ups
      non-contact if racing with others
      Make as many attempts as you like  

      If this is a team event then we'll do the usual semi-random drawer, recent winning pairs excluded (Omar & Lann CC169, Schumi & Lann CC167, Snacks & XuTek CC165).


      Starts now

      ends 19:00 GMT 18th Jan
      • 22 replies
    • Moster Truck & Air Show - Anniversary
      Monster Truck & Air Show - 5th Anniversary Spectacle!!!!!
      Join @JustHatched in a Monster Truck & Air Show!
      Sunday 27th 18:00 UTC. 
      Further details will be added, likely a crew lobby allowing 30 players to join!



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    • XDBX vs 187X - Anniversary
      XDBX 5th Birthday H2H Battle!!!
      As part of our anniversary we have accepted a invitation to a head to head crew battle against 187X.
      When: UTC midnight between saturday 26th  and sunday 27th.
      10 vs 10
      There will be 3 TDM, 10 min each, forced and pickups. Regular rules: No helmets, no calling Lester for Off radar perk.
      There will also be a 4th job, a non contact race to finish it off with.
      The TDM maps are: (link)
      The race is TBA, but expect a good quality race in a commonly used class.
      Get in! (187X has grown alot and this will not be a easy win!)

    • M5 - Anniversary
      M5 - Anniversary Playlist!!!! Happy 5th Birthday XDBX!!!!!
      Join @The_Lady_A and @Crawford1872 on a special anniversary edition of M5!
      Bring your favourite car with an outfit that compliments it well.
      Pre-lobby meet up location and RSVP limit: TBA
      Sign up!

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  • I had to go medieval on their a$$
    Ambush FTW!
    Was sure the guy that ran back and fourth had seen me. It's really cool that blind people can enjoy RDR as well.
    3rd Anniversary - Lime's First-Person Playlist
    My first-person playlist from the 3rd anniversary event.
    3rd Anniversary - Squirrel's Screballin' Playlist
    @Squirrel's Screwball Playlist from the 3rd anniversary event.
    XDBX vs 187x H2H
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