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  • Our picks

    • DiRT Rally (& the XDBX League)
      XDBX League Season 5
      Vehicle Class: R4
      Events: 4 (Monte Carlo, Sweden, Germany, Wales)

      Event 1 - Rally Monte Carlo (6 stages): 19:00 UTC Sep 8th - 03:00 UTC Sep 17thEvent 2 - Rally Sweden (6 stages): 03:00 UTC Sep 18th - 03:00 UTC Sep 24th
      Event 3 - Rally Germany (6 stages): 03:00 UTC Sep 25th - 03:00 UTC Oct 1st
      Event 4 - Rally Wales (6 stages): 03:00 UTC Oct 2nd - 03:00 UTC Oct 8th

      Season 5 has begun! It's time for the R4 class: Subaru Impreza WRX STI 2011 & Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X are the cars to choose from.

      As previous seasons, every event/round lasts for precisely 6 days (except the 1st event), this time from 3am UTC every Tuesday to 3am UTC every Monday, over the course of about 4 weeks, with there being a 24hr cool-down period between events. You can save your progress after each stage in every event, so you could do 1 stage per day or divide them differently over the 6 days or do them all at once if you want, etc, etc.

      Like last season, I will share my tested and refined car setups for every event, however it might be for only one of the cars in the class, depending on which I'll be using for any specific event.

      New members can join the league at the link below the title of this post, but make sure you log in using your PSN Account or RaceNet account first and set your platform at the top right of the page to PlayStation 4 (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT) before going to the "Leagues" page! You can also search for "XDBX Casual" league and then join that way.

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    • Two Brothers Playlist (GTA)
      Two Brothers Playlist (GTA)
      A mix of every type of job out there, Both R* & Crew created along with random jobs from RSC.
      Special Rules for Event/s: No BPH, No Lester, Have Fun

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      • 331 replies
    • Crew Challenge 168 Cleaning The Cat House
      Crew Challenge 168 – Cleaning the Cat House
      A solo challenge to complete the contact mission Cleaning the Cat House in the fastest time.
      Hard level
      Save a video your time starts when the message “MISSION Cleaning the Cat House” appears your time stops when the message “MISSION PASSED” appears
      please post videos starting a second or two before the first message and ending just after the second; just so we can be sure everyone's are timed from the exact same points in the event of a close result
      start the mission anywhere you like you can use any vehicle you like (owned, CEO, stolen of NPCs etc) except
      no flying, gliding or hovering vehicles of any kind
      no Pegassus
      no rocket powered vehicles
      basically stick to standard cars, trucks or bikes
      no explosive weapons just use guns with normal bullets or mele if you want
      and just in case it's still possible to quickly rescue Anna this way; you may not get your vehicle on top of the motel roof. Anna must get in/on your car/bike at ground level
      Any other rules people can think of, things to clarify?
      Starts now.
      Ends 19:00 BST (18:00 GMT) 22nd October
      Please post videos by 19:00 BST 24th October 

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    • Thursday Night Thunder (GTA)
      Event Title: TNT (Dodge)
      Event Author: omarcomin71
      Calendar: Crew Events Calender


      Event Host: DodgeService
      Game: GTA Online
      Event Start Date: July 9th 2015
      Event Start Time: Friday, 2:30am GMT/UTC
      (Thursday, 10:30pm EDT / Friday, 3:30am BDT / Friday, 12:30pm AEST)
      Reoccurring: Weekly


      Thursday Night Thunder

      Thursday Night Thunder (TNT) is a NA time zoned PL on Thursday Nights. Join your host DodgeService every Thursday at 10:30 PM EST / 2:30 AM GMT on Friday. The theme for this PL will change weekly. Visit this forum every week to see what's in store for you. It will always be a Racing PL using a specific class, or car, or style of track, or something to keep it fresh.

      Check this forum often for details and updates for upcoming Events and special requirements involved. 



      Please RSVP for this PL. Also there will be an announcement made in the Shout box, and on RSC's in game message system when the Crew Lobby opens.

      Rules of TNT:


      FUN MUST BE HAD, for Fuck's sake.



      Click Here To RSVP For Thursday Night Thunder


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    • Whacked Out Wednesdays (GTA)
      Whacked Out Wednesdays (Multi-Host)

      This playlist is open for any crew member to host a one off playlist or GTA event at the scheduled time. So if you would like to try hosting or have done it before but can't commit to a regular playlist, simply let DJ, Hogan or Lime know what your would like to do and which date and we can slot you into the upcoming schedule


      Click Here To RSVP For Whacked Out Wednesdays


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    • It's happening...
      Red Dead Redemption 2 ... Post your thoughts, wishes, impressions, what ya gonna name your horse...Everything and Anything RDR2!!

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    • Crew Challenge 167 - Dirty Old Timers
      Crew Challenge 167 – Dirty Old Timers 
      This is a 2 player team time trial on a mainly dirt road track in stock vehicles.  One teammate uses a Compact, the other a SUV. Customs are off and this is a PS3 track so you just get to choose from some of the older vehicles in the game. There’s no Brioso nor Contender for this one. Add up your fastest lap times for the team time.

      As usual, sign up now and teams will be randomly drawn later excluding recent winning pairs (Snacks & XuTek CC 165, Snacks & Lann CC 163, Sinister & Lann CC 160). 

      It’s a short track, laps should be under a minute 

      PS3 RX – White Church

      make as many attempts and do as many laps as you like  

      any weather, any time of day  

      no run ups 

      non-contact if racing with other people  



      Starts now 

      Ends 19:00 BST (18:00 UTC) 11th October 

      Please post times by 19:00 BST 13th October 


      Spreadsheet - later 


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