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Europe- 16 expert tips for conquering God of War’s brutal ‘Give Me God of War’ difficulty mode

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Heyo! My name is Mihir Sheth and I’m a senior combat tech-designer here at Santa Monica Studio. Now that God of War has been out for some time – and plenty of players have experienced the combat themselves – I wanted to take a moment to talk about “Give Me God of War,” the hardest difficulty mode available.

As many of you have likely noticed, Give Me God of War sets itself up ominously with bold red text stating that the difficulty cannot be changed mid-game. It’s not for the faint of heart!

As you face it for the first time you’ll likely be overwhelmed during the opening hours of the game. Hopefully this post (along with the plethora of great player-made resources already online) can remove some of the mysticism behind the difficulty mode, and offer some advanced combat tips and techniques in the process!

God of War

Recommended notes

  • It is strongly suggested that you play through the main story at least once before on either Give Me a Balanced Experience or Give Me a Challenge to gain familiarity with the combat systems.
  • Control of the player camera is extremely important and is central to the combat experience in Give Me God of War. If you’re having trouble with controlling the camera in large fights, we recommend disabling the “Lock-On Camera” (Gameplay) and “Recenter Camera on Attack” (Camera) options in the Settings menu. They are helpful in situations with a singular or very small group of enemies, but might make fights with a large crowd difficult for some. There’s no correct way to play – feel free to adjust the camera settings until you find something that is appropriate.
  • Give Me God of War is meant to test mastery of all the combat mechanics and tools available to Kratos and Atreus. The more you explore and attempt to master the combat system, the more you will enjoy the difficulty!

God of War

Gameplay and systems changes

There are several changes happening behind the scenes in Give Me God of War, each of which is aimed at rewarding intentional and knowledgeable play. Here are a few of the more notable changes which take effect:

  • Enemies are much stronger and have a slightly higher Power Level. Their damage output, defence (against both damage and stun), and resistance to hit reactions are all significantly increased.
  • Enemies can counter attack quickly after taking hit reactions or blocking an attack.
  • Enemies can turn Elite, greatly increasing their combat prowess. Elite enemies have glowing eyes, an increase in Power Level, increased aggression, and have access to new attacks and attack patterns. Different enemies have different rules for when and how they turn Elite.
  • Status ailments applied to Kratos are far more potent and linger around for a longer period of time.
  • Health shards remove status ailments and reduce accrued status damage when consumed. Use them to prevent an ailment from turning active.
  • There is less targeting assistance during melee combat. Kratos will no longer slide forward to meet his opponent with every strike, requiring more precision in judging distance.
  • The rate of gaining Rage and passive bonuses such as Permafrost are significantly reduced.

God of War

Advanced combat tips, tricks, and techniques

All of the following tips and techniques are possible to do in the very beginning of the game before any skills or equipment have been purchased. Most of these are aimed at handling enemies like the Draugr since they will appear everywhere in your journey:

  • Keep your camera focused on as many enemies as you can. Mastery of the camera is extremely important as Kratos’ melee attacks will direct enemies towards where the camera is facing.
  • Get comfortable weaving in evasive sidesteps between your attacks. This helps you reposition during your aggression while keeping you safe. You will maintain the “sequence” in your light attack combo as long as you just side step; rolling will get you out of the way but will reset your combo. Getting to the last hit of your light combo is very important!
  • Fully master the Leviathan’s Freezing Throw (heavy axe throw). It is very potent at quickly dispatching enemies and applying crowd control to an area.
  • Be comfortable leaving the Leviathan frozen in an enemy without immediately recalling it. Use the time to reposition and weaponise the frozen target to your advantage.
  • Prevent enemies from turning Elite. Either attack them using Atreus’s arrows or with a well-aimed axe throw to disrupt them from range.
  • Enemies afflicted with the Frost ailment cannot turn Elite, and are defenceless against a relentless offense.
  • Enemies afflicted with the Burn ailment will take damage over time and often get interrupted during their attacks. Stunning draugrs is an effective way to apply Burn to nearby enemies.
  • If an enemy has already turned Elite, or if there is a particularly difficult enemy in the fight, try to weaponise other weaker enemies in the battlefield against it.
  • Bare handed attacks build up more Rage meter and deal more Stun damage. Hit enemies in the back to maximize Stun damage output. Learning simple but effective combos with precise axe throws will allow you to make use of both of these techniques.
  • Tripping enemies with precise axe throws is an effective way of managing a crowd of enemies.
  • Hitting enemies into walls leaves them in a vulnerable state where they are incapacitated and take increased Stun damage. Also, sending enemies flying back into walls will cause them to bounce off, dealing large amounts of Stun damage.
  • Instead of isolating enemies, try herding them together. Juggling enemies after they have been launched into the air will keep nearby enemies disrupted and unable to attack.
  • Attacking an enemy just as it lands will cause it bounce on the ground, resulting in an Off The Ground (OTG) combo. This technique is tough to get a grasp on but mastering it will open up many possibilities.
  • Use firepower from Atreus to help extend juggles on an enemy. Any time an enemy is being juggled is time they aren’t attacking!
  • Despite being a risky move to pull off in the middle of combat, kicking an aggressive enemy can leave it open for attack.
  • While Fury Strike (light attack) is a great option in Spartan Rage to focus on one enemy and regain health in the process, it is not always the most effective key to victory. Every attack costs valuable Rage meter so prioritize using your Rage meter to damage as many enemies as possible when facing an overwhelming horde. Remember that merely the act of entering Spartan Rage is a powerful move effective at displacing and launching enemies.

And there you have it! If one tactic isn’t working in a fight remember to take a breath and think about if there’s another way to come out victorious.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ve learned a thing or two to help your gameplay (regardless of whether you’re playing on Give Me God of War or not!). It’s an uphill trial of skill and patience, but with the right knowledge, technique, and tenacity the journey will be worth it.

See you at the top of the Mountain.

The post 16 expert tips for conquering God of War’s brutal ‘Give Me God of War’ difficulty mode appeared first on PlayStation.Blog.Europe.

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      Bonus tip!
      When exploring the map, listen for radio chatter as it will tell you the location of a nearby military crate. These hidden crates spawn randomly in the world and can be a safer way to grab better gear and weapons than airdrops. They’re also a great way to loot up BEFORE the first wave of airdrops!
      See you in the game!
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      Hey everyone! I’m Lauren Irvine, the community manager at Survios. Ever since Sprint Vector launched in February, I spend time every day on our official Discord server engaging with PS VR players both new and experienced as they share their tips for maximising speed and efficiency.
      And with a new content update coming on 30th May, I thought this was a great opportunity to poll both our players and the devs on their recommended methods for attaining the fastest times in Sprint Vector. Plus, with enough practice, you’ll be ready to compete for the grand prize in Mr. E’s Master League, a community speedrunning tournament taking place later this summer!

      Sprint Vector is a VR-exclusive, eight-player racing game featuring smooth, innovative Fluid Locomotion Technology that lets you run, jump, climb, and fly at breakneck speeds. Taking place within a wild game show masterminded by charismatic/enigmatic robo-host Mr. Entertainment, Sprint Vector drops its intrepid contestants onto crazy intergalactic courses that defy time, space, and sometimes even gravity.
      Check out our top seven time-shaving Sprint Vector tips from the devs and players below:
      1) Do the tutorials, then practice in the Skate Park
      “Play the tutorials!” ~ Andrew Abedian (Lead Designer), Kris Gruchalla (QA Manager), and literally all the Vectorheads
      As if three of Sprint Vector’s key devs aren’t enough, this is also the top tip echoed by the Vectorheads, winners of Sprint Vector community challenge. Learn and practice all the core gameplay mechanics in a straightforward, pressure-free environment, quickly identify your weak points, and use the Skate Park as a giant practice space to hammer in that muscle memory and perfect jumping, drifting, air braking, edge boosting, and more.
      2) Find your stride
      “Proper stride form is probably the most basic mistake I see people make.” ~ MasterShadow (Vectorhead and E3 2017 Sprint Vector tournament runner-up)
      “The reality of running in Sprint Vector is that it takes some effort to get to maximum speed, but once you’re there it takes much less effort to maintain it.” ~ Andrew

      The swinging-arm motion of Sprint Vector is intuitive enough, but the key to success is finding your personal rhythm where you attain maximum velocity with minimal effort. Keep your arms relaxed, use a natural swing, and learn how a good stride feels. When the headset goes on, a lot of players start making frantic short strides, holding their arms in front of their torsos, or even dog-paddling – all of which will rapidly wipe you out before the second checkpoint. As QA Manager Kris points out, “If you watch our best game testers, they look almost lazy when they play Sprint Vector!”
      3) Learn the maps and talk to other players.
      “Go through the maps slowly and look for secret paths.” ~ Katiedead, Vectorhead

      As with any racing game, finding your optimal route is the first step to domination. There’s already plenty of videos across YouTube and Twitch showcasing each map’s secret spots, but you won’t know them until you play them!
      Also, the Sprint Vector community is incredibly welcoming; they’re the very definition of “friendly competition.” The Vectorheads from all platforms converge on the official Survios Discord to discuss techniques, share videos of their runs, and be on hand to help with tricky maneuvers, hidden shortcuts, and more, so find them, friend them, play with them, and learn from them!
      4) Jumping can help you gain the upper hand
      “Jump into boosts instead of running into them!” ~ Stoaty, Vectorhead
      In Sprint Vector, jumping is a key mechanic to master: correctly gauging the timing and distance of a jump can get you over tons of obstacles, circumvent sketchy terrain, and even allow for a quick course correct. It also makes speed boosts, those floating tunnels of blue arrows, even more powerful. Instead of just running through them, jump into them to turn that tiny touch of speed into a rocket launch.
      5) Impulse Shot is your new favourite power-up
      “One of the biggest tricks new players don’t know is proper use of the Impulse Shot on yourself when you’re hitting a good launch spot.” ~ skadooshh, Vectorhead
      Impulse Shot is already a player favorite because of its ability to knock back other players. But, like the old-school gaming tradition of rocket jumping, the Impulse Shot can also be used on yourself. With the right timing and execution, firing your Impulse Shot at your feet has the potential to massively propel you forwards.
      6) Grip streams have no speed limit
      “Throw yourself along grip streams for the most momentum.” ~ Katiedead, Vectorhead (also the player featured in the GIF!)

      This is a little-known fact of Sprint Vector: aside from an Overdrive powerup, the only other way to break the set speed barrier is on gripstreams. These translucent green paths are found on most race maps, often in unnerving locations: swooping sharply downward toward lava, suspended over vats of toxic waste, and even wrapped around a tower floating in space.
      Luckily, the Skate Park has tons of gripstreams for practicing this speed-maximizing technique. Jump or fly into a gripstream, then rapidly fling yourself along its length (think monkey bars) and watch your speedometer hit critical. Use this momentum to your advantage as you reach the gripstream’s end to get that extra edge over the competition.
      7) Use air braking for maximum control
      “Air braking is definitely a pro-player move. The combo of run/jump/fly/jump/fly/brake is very important at high-level play.” ~ Andrew

      Coming down from a flying stretch can seem floaty and out of control–and it’s where air braking serves an important function, cutting out excess airtime so you can get back up to speed. While you’ve got some air, keep an eye out below for shortcuts, gripstreams, ramps, and alternate paths. Once you spot what you want to hit, slam your brakes to rapidly descend and hit the ground running.
      Did these seven tips help level up your racing game? Or if you feel we missed some crucial tips and tricks here, we’d love to know! Don’t forget to follow Survios on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for the latest news about Sprint Vector and our other PS VR titles!
      (Obligatory disclaimer: Sprint Vector is a very physically active VR experience. Please be sure to pace yourself, take breaks, and hydrate during your play sessions – know your personal limits and don’t push yourself beyond them!)
      The post 7 time-shaving tricks to help you master PS VR racer Sprint Vector appeared first on PlayStation.Blog.Europe.
      View the full article

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