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Crew Challenge 154 - SFred

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6 minutes ago, Lann said:

I was hoping to see more videos of different routes, would be fun.

My route was more or less the same as yours, some different lines in the quarry and after CP4. 

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Ok so...

Last night I was going for absolute perfection and would restart the challenge if I had one major incident or 2 spins, so didn't finish many attempts. My best was a 6:40.089...

I drove to absolute perfection and was at the top of the hill at 3:10. It went downhill from there (pun intended). Had a spin coming down which cost me a couple of seconds. Then coming onto route 68 some truck made a stupid turn and I had to take major avoiding action costing ~7 seconds. Luck got even worse when I died on the pier.  ~13 seconds lost. Somehow still got a 6:40 and I realised it was possible to do a quick time without restarting every time I had a spin. But didn't attempt it last night because I was raging so much.

Today on the 3rd attempt I did a scruffy run, spinning out and flipping at the dirt track and crashing into a tree at the end and got a 6:32.778. At one point I was 10s down on the one where I died, which means sub 6:20 is possible. This attempt was after the challenge ended, but I did it because I didn't want to admit defeat to the track.

So my final time is 6:40.089. Still pissed off that I died on the pier though.

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