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    • By Smurf
      Just when you thought everything is under control bam
    • By Smurf
      It was a fun go
    • By Smurf
      So I want to know if there are any changes or features that you would like to see on your current console. The reason I'm writing this is because over the summer 2017 I had an issue with the device menu, where a 3.5mm mic would automatically be recognized as a headset when automatic is unticked, I knew it Was a software issue.
      I wrote to Playstation blog using my gamertag and I got a message directly on my PS4 a month after congratulating me on my contribution, I assumed they might fix it, and they did in the next update that came out a month after that, issue resolved.
      I also wrote them a couple days ago to resolve another issue and all of a sudden in this update today it was resolved. Well at lease now I know why we get these incremental updates, but again what changes would you like to see? I had an idea for the notification, download & control profile settings for a while now but who better to ask for further input than the community, plus your input might affect future consoles in a positive way. 

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