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ps4 DiRT Rally (& the XDBX League)

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4 minutes ago, Protocawl said:

If we were to have a little amateur rallycross get-together tomorrow at, say, 9pm UTC, how many of you could and would join? (would last up to an hour, probably less, I'd host, we'd be using the stock Mini Cooper S Rally-X, which means it's provided for you - no buying anything, best car for Rally-X beginners as well, just fun contact rallysport)


Sound s fun but I unfortunately will be working.  :( 

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im also at work. I have improved a bit since last night. You'd think i was driving a banana peel yesterday. I've been doing the career mode so hope that is helping me along. 

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    • By Protocawl
      DiRT 4 came out on PS4 in June 2017 and it's a rally game different from it's predecessor DiRT Rally. It caters more to players not very familiar with rallying or just looking for a casual rally experience (much like what you could find from DiRT 3), but has plenty of different modes and gameplay improvements to make it fun for anyone.
      [DiRT 4 is on sale on the US PS Store for $14.99 until May 22!
      DiRT 4 is currently on sale on the UK and EU PS Store for a mere £24 for PS Plus members until 23/11/17 11:59pm]
      Main features of DiRT 4:
      There's a choice between Arcade and Simulation handling mechanics and one can easily switch between the two at any time between rally events should they wish to do so. The stage rallies have a feature called "Your Stage" that creates custom rally stages using certain settings and parameters chosen by the player or generated randomly, which means that there's a huge amount of partly similar (stages are made of bits and pieces and the same pieces show up in different parts of different custom stages), but unique rally stages in the game. There's a rich progressive singleplayer career mode, an optional fun trial mode "joyride" (returning from DiRT 3), a fully customisable lobby multiplayer mode "jam session" for all the available rally types, a competitive stage rally MP mode "Pro Tour", daily/weekly/monthly events with leaderboards & big cash rewards, and a solo practice session where you can hone your skills with any car you want. You can also build your own team, pick sponsors, create your team livery and use your personal rally cars in almost every game mode. There's plenty of livery and sponsor options as well as enough space in your garage for over 100 vehicles (after a few upgrades). Loan cars are available for use at all times if you want to try the cars out before you buy a personal one. Earning cash is a much faster process than it is in DiRT Rally, with also more vehicles and team facilities to spend it on. DiRT 4 also has a pretty damn good soundtrack for a rally game.
      Available Rally Types and Locations:
      Stage Rally, Historic Rally:
      Fitzroy, Australia Tarragona, Spain Värmland, Sweden Michigan, USA Powys, Wales Footage: all the outrageous things that can happen in one rally stage:
      Lydden Hill, England Höljes, Sweden Hell, Norway Montalegre, Portugal Lohéac, France  
      Landrush (stadium truck/buggy racing):
      California, USA Nevada, USA Baja, Mexico Footage: buggy racing:
      Landrush vehicles: Speedcar Xtrem (crosscart), Larock 2XR Buggy, Jackson Pro-Truck 2, Jackson Pro-Truck 4
      Watch more videos from my DiRT 4 Playlist on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3Mx-66MNeVZ1iE_PCy4V70ZAZeiqYIPw
      Personally, I love both DiRT 4, which is an immensely fun high-quality rally game, and DiRT Rally, which offers tons of enjoyment through a very authentic rally simulation. I continue to play both and would love to play either with any of you from time to time if you have or decide to get either DiRT game.
    • By Lann
      Date of Event: 
      Time of Event in UTC: 20 or 21
      Does Event Repeat: 
       If Event Repeats/How Often: 
      Event Host: Lann or djw180 or anyone
      Amount of Players Allowed: depending
      Special Rules for Event: regular stuff
      Description of Event: 
      Testing jobs, might be asked to (first) explore map before starting to fight.
      Please post jobs to be tested.
    • By omarcomin71
      Date of Event: Saturday May 5th
      Time of Event in UTC:Between 3:30 and 4:00 pm PST (10:30 - 11:00 pm UTC I think)
      Does Event Repeat: Not sure yet  
       If Event Repeats/How Often: 
      Event Host: omarcomin71
      Amount of Players Allowed: 30
      Special Rules for Event: Crew Rules Apply
      Description of Event: A showcase of mostly non-crew race tracks.  My bookmarks are piling up and I'd like to test a bunch with the crew.  90% should be well designed creations.
       All are welcome.  
      Start time will be two hours before Two Bros.
    • By Dodge


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