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djw180    3,240

Date of Event: TBC, probably a Wednesday

Time of Event in UTC: TBC, probably 20:00 or 21:00 (if after daylight saving ends)

Does Event Repeat: no

 If Event Repeats/How Often: 

Event Host: DJ

Amount of Players Allowed: 16 - 30, depends on jobs used

Special Rules for Event: none


Description of Event: A playlist of jobs on the theme of the Air


I'm posting here to get ideas, feedback and see who would be interested. It will almost certainly take place during one of the Whacked Out Wednesday's slots, so if that's the case there'll be no need to approve this and add to the calendar. I'll just add to the OP of the WoW thread.


With the recent updates, we now have a lot more jobs using aircraft or flying cars. So I thought a playlist based on the Air is in order.

Ideas for types of job

  • air races
  • parachuting
  • bombushka run
  • overtime rumble / shootout
  • Ruiner 2K races - if they have a significant parachuting element, some do not
  • stunt races including multiple big jumps
  • drop zone
  • captures with aircraft as the capture vehicles, or using aircraft and / or parachutes to get to the capture bags
  • vehicle TDM and LTS in Lazers or Buzzards

Any more that could be added?

Obviously there is scope for people to make new jobs for this.


Who would be interested? For me to host then Wednesday 9pm GMT/BST is the best time. I know that's not so great for everyone in America or Australia. So if there's more interest at another time this could be made a one off event at that other time.


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Squirrel    4,506

Sounds interesting and a perfect opportunity to get some air based footage too. I can try get a pass for extra gaming in the evening. 

Only downside I see is the Wednesday night clash with Destiny. Aren’t the big raids released on these days?

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djw180    3,240
38 minutes ago, Squirrel said:

Sounds interesting and a perfect opportunity to get some air based footage too. I can try get a pass for extra gaming in the evening. 

Only downside I see is the Wednesday night clash with Destiny. Aren’t the big raids released on these days?

@Jesse is doing a Wednesday night in a couple of weeks, postponed from last week because a raid was released, so I assume they are not every week. But not playing Destiny myself I have no idea other than that. Who else would this be likely to effect?

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Con    1,815

If it works for me schedule wise, I'll rsvp. Flying isn't my thing but you guys are too fun not to play with and I need a reason to wear these flight suits that cost an arm and a leg.

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Squirrel    4,506

I’ve had an idea for a flare gun based capture involving the new vehicles. When are you thinking of hosting this?

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pete_95973    2,305

This sounds fun.  I have been meaning to host a similar all air Two Bros.  Would love to play but being during work hours NA time i probably can't make it.

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JustHatched    10,562

Depending on what us going on at the shop I might be able to join. Figure a 25% chance I could on any day thru the week.

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    • By JustHatched
      Date of Event: TBA
      Time of Event in UTC: TBA, likely weekend EU time, more active players in the EU than in the NA
      Does Event Repeat: Nope
       If Event Repeats/How Often: 
      Event Host: Me
      Amount of Players Allowed: 16
      Special Rules for Event:
      Description of Event: 
      With many options of how to bomb folks in freeroam I would like to get a squadron up and bomb the shit out of LS like it was 1945 Berlin
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    • By JustHatched
      Date -TBA - likely EU evening on a Sunday, Or perhaps during 2 Bros with @pete_95973 and @omarcomin71 permission to use their Saturday slot 
      Time - TBA
      What is it - Sturctured/Planned take over of a public freeroam session
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      If you do not RSVP you will not get an invite as there is no way of knowing you read this.
      This will be limited to 16 players
      Dress Code - Team Heavy Black outfit and BPH is to be worn.
      If you get killed, do what you need to do to get new equipment.
      MOC - 4 people @shortround @Xyon14 @Crawford1872@Dodge
      APC, Halftrack, Insurgent - 2 people @The_Lady_A @pete_95973
      APC,Half track, Insurgent 2 people ??
      Anti Air - 1 person @JustHatched
      Hydra or whatever plane- 1 person @zztop911
      Tank - 1 person @omarcomin71
      Tank - 1 person @Con
      Rogue or Ruiner 1 Person @DavidCore89
      Insurgent/APC or Halftrack - 2 people @Lann @djw180
    • By Squirrel
      Date of Event/s: To begin after Supercup In November
      Time of Event/s in UTC: 21:00
      Does Event/s Repeat: Yes
      If Yes to Repeat, How Often: Bi-weekly
      Host of Event/s: Squirrel
      Amount of Players Allowed: 30
      Special Rules for Event/s: Contact Racing - GTA but no weapons
      Description of Event/s:
      Below is a rough outline of the planned event. All details to be fleshed out based on discussion before the event.    Possibly a three car series. List to be finalised based on suggestions and testing.    Tier 1 Futo Tier 2 Sultan Tier 3 Elegy Retro   Other possible cars: Kuruma (non armoured), Blista compact, Penumbra, Jester, Elegy RH8   Number of tracks tbc - Real tracks from Asia/Australia. To take place between end of Supercup and finishing End of March   3 lap non contact qualifying - warm up, single flying lap and final cool down lap
      25km sprint race. Contact. Grid as qualifying 
      45km main race. Contact grid reverse of sprint race.    Total event time 1 hour 10 teams of 3. Seeded drivers in each team. Teams to be drawn randomly one from each tier Top 10 finishers from Supercup - Tier 1 2nd 10 - Tier 2 3rd 10 - Tier 3 Teams to have matching colours. Liveries optional  All three drivers to score points for the championship.  Point system tbc. More points for feature race than for sprint. Points for pole position.   

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