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Blogs and Gallery - They going by the wayside

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I'm gonna remove these apps from the site, we've had them for years and they see little (very little) activity and from an administration standpoint with the updates and site changes it doesn't make sense to always having to be triple checking settings on them when they aren't used enough to justify keeping screwing with them. Clubs might go this route as well once given a fair shot at being active.


The reason I mention it rather than just doing it is because @Moorjc, @Beez @TECHFL227, @Dodge and @LimeGreenLegend (plus others) have some pretty good writings in the blogs they might want to copy and paste and make a thread on the forum for them.


As far as the gallery goes, its about as easy to use facebook, imgur, photobucket, etc... to host images, it'll save server space on this site in the long run hosting images elsewhere anyways. I think @vishesh_91 and myself are the only ones with non gaming IRL images in it, so if not saved somewhere else Vish you might should download them off the site so you have them. 


I'll wait till the weekend to remove them from the site so everyone has time to decide what to do with their content.


Sorry for the inconveniance

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