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    • By kernalhogan

      RSC Link
      Rallycross track(no joker lap) that runs through the Great Chaparral area. It's a fairly well used area for races, but I've added a few extra off-road sections to try and give it a different feel. Designed for the Rally Sports cars with the Off-Road class also available. Off-Road is more of a challenge than Sports, as the Trophy Trucks like to roll over in the initial off-road section. It's set as a Standard race, the first off-road section might be too tight for it, but the rest of the roads should be wide enough for contact to be on. Laps run about 1:15, unless your name's Ally Crawford.
      The first corner was tricky to get the arrows on the checkpoints to show where to go and how sharp the corner is. If anyone has an issue with how the first few CPs are placed, or anything else in the race, just let me know.
    • By Lann
      Can't handle the heat my friend? You and 29 other adrenaline junkies are heading for some action in Fort Zancudo. Run as GTA, night, wanted level ON. 

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