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ps4 *Smoke-em's map nr.1.

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    • By The_Lady_A
      After an impromptu thing after TNT racing last night where a bunch of us helped each other move stuff, and a bit of an agreement to do it again over the weekend, I thought it might be useful to have a thread for the weekend to plan in as it seemed to superseed the heisting that was being planned. 
      Gunrunning missions are double cash this week so it's a great time to sell some Freedom! I'm free for the next three days so I'm happy to help folks out, and I might have some CEO stuff to ship too. 
    • By Potato
      Either I have a bad connection, or Reginas can teleport. I think the latter.
      Date of Event: Tuesday 15th aug.
      Time of Event:  19.00o'clock uk-time / 20.00o'clock eur-time
      Host of Event: mahaloka
      Amount of Players Allowed: Minimum 4 and Maximum 30
      Special Rules for Event: the usual
      Description of Event:  mixed playlist : races, tdm's and a capture    (will take requests and job suggestions!!) (playlist duration: between 1hr and 1hr30min)
      Playlist link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/ps4/playlists/playlist/u7TNPSnDFEu5xn94LFyyVA

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