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Lann    4,315


RSC Link: http://rsg.ms/256ce6e

One Field Master to deliver across the Redwood race track. Snipers above trying to take you out with heavy sniper rifles. As a sniper you can parachute down once you killed the driver and try to deliver the Field Master yourself.  But be careful, you are alot safer on the wall.

From the wall its not possible to snipe the other team on the wall. Once you delivered a Field Master you can try to go for another,  but it will be tough. If your on foot you also have to avoid being stabbed by the npc's. Respawns on BMX  up on the wall. 

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djw180    2,997

Hi Lann,

I think the respawn problems are just because of the stunt props. I'm assuming we were meant to respawn on the target props. If you can move the respawn areas onto the ground it should be OK. Of course you'll then have to put in a ramp to get back up and fence off the re-spawn areas so the other team can't get in.

I like the concept anyway. I didn't get chance to see much of it as I got killed the first time I attempted to reach the Fieldmaster.

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Lann    4,315
10 hours ago, pete_95973 said:

Let me know if this will be okay/ready for Two Bros on Saturday.

Its not going to be ready,  its deleted right now.

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