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ps4 XDBX Football League (Zadk)

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Con    1,566

Sorry lost track. I missed my week 7 match with DC., will we be able to make it up before week 8 or can we make it up afterwards? @PapOiteE let me know your gaming hours and we can set this week 8 match up.

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Con    1,566
2 hours ago, PapOiteE said:

10pm gmt. Is it okay for u @ConGamePro?

Sadly no. Two Bros playlist may run into 10pm GMT. What about tomorrow Sunday? Or past 10pm GMT today? 

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PapOiteE    407
32 minutes ago, ConGamePro said:

Sadly no. Two Bros playlist may run into 10pm GMT. What about tomorrow Sunday? Or past 10pm GMT today? 

Today past 10pm I might be online. Tomorrow I think ill be available all day. 

Sending u a psn request.

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Con    1,566
17 hours ago, PapOiteE said:

Zadk has left the crew.

Is this tournament still alive???

@ConGamePro sorry I wasn't able to play today, I spent the day watching football, and then I had shit to do.

No worries my brother. I'll drop you a line later tonight if you are available we can get the match up going.  Sorry to hear Zad left the crew. I thought XDBX FIFA would become a great tournament. I wish I had a bigger passion for the game or i would host the tournament from the start again, replays allowed. lol.  

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PapOiteE    407

Ahh.. Unfortunately I think this tournament "has ran out of fuel" to be honest, but let's play our game and we'll see what happens next, maybe someone else has something to say about this issue.

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Crawford1872    1,289

We'll finish the games, round off the table so it's nice and done, new game will be out in the not too distant future, hopefully whilst everyone's interest is nice and high we can have some proper fun with it :) 

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zmurko    6,639

Let me know if this has finished and needs to be marked as ended on the calendar.

If you're planning a new tournament, we can add a new event on the calendar, just let me know, I just don't want to have anything on the calendar that's actually not an active event, so it doesnt confuse potential new members and also clutter the calendar.


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Crawford1872    1,289

played one of my catch up games. 4-3 but not telling you to who. Featuring some regarded Fifa game mechanic fuck ups, a bizarre own goal and more.


i know this did run out of steam a bit in the end when Joel and Skorp left but I'll still try and get my catch up games (I think just monkey I have to play) done so the table is rounded off. 

I'd like to do this again nearer the start of the next Fifa game, when more people are interested in the game.

i'd also like to scrap the one week deadline. People are busy it doesn't always work out like that, especially when we're including people from multiple time zones. We're all here to have a good game anyway so there has to be some leeway there. Perhaps even two weeks between matches if only 8 or so of us, but I'm open to suggestions from you guys.



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