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Presenting the participating crews.




Season 2


emblem_128.png   Domestic Battery - XDBX

Founded in January 2014, twice featured by Rockstar Games and active members worldwide. As the Host we will represent with a team. As a crew we are very versatile, we have capable players in every game mode and with 100 crew battles played to date we are experienced in competitive play.



emblem_128.png   DevastatingDangerous

Hello Everyone,

My Name is Aerora, I Represent the DDNL Crew and we are back for the second season 

We won the first season, but had some pretty close battles. and with a playoff things could change last second.

We hope to meet new crews, acquire better team coordination and discover great User made Jobs.

Good luck to everyone participating this season, And a big thanks to XDBX.

Crew: DevastatingDangerous https://ddnl.nl/

Social Club: HoutwormNL  http://sc.ddnl.nl/

PSN: Aerora


emblem_128.png  TheLowlyGentlemen

Hi everyone! I'm acdc47200, I will represent once again TheLowlyGentlemen crew for this season. We are glad and excited to be back for this season which will be even better than the last one.

TLG SC: https://fr.socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/thelowlygentlemen

If you want  --> TLG TT: https://twitter.com/TLG_STNC

TLG YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCX4lXFWJbG-Qdi8qxrE9ow

PSN: acdc47200



emblem_128.png    HARLOTS OF HELL MC

Hi, I am leader of HARLOTS OF HELL MC. A big crew. not only open for bikes..  My username on socialclub as well on PSN4 is ti_jo0104. We are founded on 20th Sept 2016. This would be new for us..

For more info ; www.harlotsofhellmc.com

RSC ti_jo0104 https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/ti_jo0104    

our crew the HHMC  : https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/harlots_of_hell_mc

PSN  ti_jo0104



emblem_128.png SONS OF FENIX

Hi, I'm FungaBack representing SONS OF FENIX Crew again!!, of course we are ready to join season 2.

It's was funny for us triying to incluide many players of our Crew and we enjoyed a lot season 1.

We are so impatient to begin this new season. Hey Lann3fors!!, is the playlist for round 1 on the website?, hahahaha.

Congrats again DDNL, see you all again, and welcome all the new Crews.

PSN & SocialClub ID: FungaBack


emblem_128.png 187X MC

Hi, cprize here representing 187X MC Crew!


We now have a website


Happy to be a part of round 2, can't wait for the playlist, not looking forward to vsing DDNL again ? 

Good luck to everyone see you again, and welcome to the new crews participating, you won't regret it ??

And big thanks to XDBX for this opportunity and work put in ??

PSN: cprize


Season 1 




Domestic Battery - XDBX

Founded in January 2014, twice featured by Rockstar Games and active members worldwide. As the Host we will represent with a team. As a crew we are very versatile, we have capable players in every game mode and with 100 crew battles played to date we are experienced in competitive play.





Sons of Fenix - SOFS

We are gamers from Spain. We are playing GTA V online since PS3. Our Crew Leader is Hillass, but I'm the contact here (sorry but my level of english is not very good, but we try!!, hehe). www.sonsfenix.es

Contact: PSN: FungaBack  RSC




Van Society - VANS

VS is a crew all about meeting new players and having fun, that's why we would like to join this league. A great way to get to know other players and interact with different crews.
We are professional fun havers who're not very great at combat, we however do enjoy racing a lot! For the clash of crews we're up to play both combat and racing oriented jobs.
We're looking forward to this!

Contact: PSN Retired-Mafia RSC




DevastatingDangerous - DDNL

Sounds Fun,
You can count us in :)

We are a Dutch crew, We have been around since the beginning and defeated every other Dutch crew.
Our crew is very all round, We Mostly Race and play DMs Mostly just with guns, Sometimes All Weapons.
We only accept Legit players, No modded accounts allowed, we double check everyone before promoting.
We play H2Hs sometimes, We would be very interested in something more regular.
Thanks for the opportunity, Hope you can find a lot of crews so we get a big tournament.
You can write me up as a contact person my name here is Houtworm (Obvious)
My PSN is Aerora, My RSC is HoutwormNL, i prefer messages trough the Social Club :)
Thanks, And good luck to everyone :)

Contact: PSN Aerora RSC




TheLowlyGentlemen - STNC

Hi everyone, i'm acdc47200, you can call me AC. As a commissioner, i'm representing TheLowlyGentlemen, the best car crew featured a lot by R* if you haven't heard about it already.

Contact: PSN acdc47200 RSC




Death Nightstalkers - SLAY

We are a clean racing and clean combat crew and are looking to enter a tournament with similar-style crews. We will take that last spot if it is not too late.

Contact: Bismark989 RSC






Hey guys,
I'm cprize from 187X (XXONEEIGHTSEVENXX) crew
Currently playing as MC crew but was playing as a street gang crew.
Check out some pics here
Would love to be a part of clash of the crews, hope to see you guys on ☝?

Contact: @cprize187 PSN:cprize




Echte Penoze - EPNL

Contact is @Gekke--Lierske with PSN: StfuGoPassive-_X

rockstar social club (crew leader):https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/gekke_lierske

rockstar social club (crew):https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/echte_penoze

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006581416289


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