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Found 1,187 results

  1. ps4 No Man's Sky

    I read a bit about this upcoming title a couple of days ago, and it will definitely be a game that I pickup when it's released. Essentially, it is a Sci-Fi discovery game set in an open universe where planets and worlds generate right at that moment, and it's sort of up to you as to how you prepare for the journey and what roads and measures you decide to take. The game looks absolutely stunning, and I prefer non-linear sandbox style games, so this one is going to get a lot of attention from me. I don't normally like a lot of fantasy, but this sounds like something I could easily sink hours and hours into playing. Have a look at the links below if you aren't familiar. There is no definitive release date yet, but rumors are saying by about summer of the upcoming year. From what I understand, it is multiplayer, but the chances of running into others in an infinite universe can be scarce. Still, there will be an online atlas available to chart your discoveries and share with others. http://www.no-mans-sky.com/ https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/no-mans-sky-ps4/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No_Man%27s_Sky I hope some of us will pick this up when it's released and share our experiences.
  2. Event Title: Two Brothers Playlist (Omar & Pete) Event Author: Skorpion Calendar: Crew Events Calender Event Host: Omarcomin71 & Pete_95973 Game: GTA Online Event Start Date: September 3rd 2016 Event Start Time: Saturday, 8:00pm GMT/UTC (Saturday, 4:00pm EDT / Saturday, 9:00pm BDT / Sunday, 6:00am AEST) Reoccurring: Weekly Special Rules for Event/s: No BPH, No Lester, Have Fun Description of Event/s: A mix of every type of job out there, Both R* & Crew created along with random jobs from RSC. Two Brothers Playlist (Omar & Pete)
  3. After an impromptu thing after TNT racing last night where a bunch of us helped each other move stuff, and a bit of an agreement to do it again over the weekend, I thought it might be useful to have a thread for the weekend to plan in as it seemed to superseed the heisting that was being planned. Gunrunning missions are double cash this week so it's a great time to sell some Freedom! I'm free for the next three days so I'm happy to help folks out, and I might have some CEO stuff to ship too.
  4. Event Title: Lime's Tip Touching Fridays Event Author: Skorpion Calendar: Crew Events Calender Event Host: LimeGreenLegend Game: GTA Online Event Start Date: 7th August 2015 Event Start Time: Friday, 8:00pm GMT/UTC (Friday, 4:00pm EDT / Friday 9:00pm BDT / Saturday, 6:00am AEDT) Reoccurring: Weekly As an open event it means it is open to non crew members, debatable if you guys get tired of randoms , I know I do sometimes As such I will launch the event from a public lobby, meaning I won't open a crew only lobby as we are all used to. What: A mixed job types playlist Duration: about 8 to 10 jobs, so between 1 and 1.5 hours Any job suggestions please leave a post on the thread Lime's Tip Touching Fridays
  5. Event Title: TNT Racing (Dodge) Event Author: Skorpion Calendar: Public Events Calendar Event Host: DodgeService Game: GTA Online Event Start Date: July 9th 2015 Event Start Time: Friday, 2:30am GMT/UTC (Thursday, 10:30pm EDT / Friday, 3:30am BDT / Friday, 12:30pm AEST) Reoccurring: Weekly Thursday Night Thunder Thursday Night Thunder (TNT) is a NA time zoned PL on Thursday Nights. Join your host DodgeService every Thursday at 10:30 PM EST / 2:30 AM GMT on Friday. The theme for this PL will change weekly. Visit this forum every week to see what's in store for you. It will always be a Racing PL using a specific class, or car, or style of track, or something to keep it fresh. Check this forum often for details and updates for upcoming Events and special requirements involved. Please RSVP for this PL. Also there will be an announcement made in the Shout box, and on RSC's in game message system when the Crew Lobby opens. Rules of TNT: POSITIVE ATTITUDES FUN MUST BE HAD, for Fuck's sake. TNT Racing (Dodge)
  6. Thought I would post this here to get the word out and maybe for a thread to discuss and plan some Heisting together. Heists can be incredibly easy with competent friends/crew. Double $$$ on these can be quite lucrative. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/news/article/60197/Double-GTA-RP-Payouts-in-GTA-Online-Heists-This-Week-May-9th-15th
  7. ps4 Rocket League crates

    Figured I would start a thread where we could brag about crate items we got in game. Who knows we may be able to work out some deals if people have what other people want. Rather help out crew members then random. Anyway personally I have opened a lot of crates probably 40 or more a few were earned as they don't seem to drop very frequently for me. The others I traded items for. Traded all my painted toppers and items I did get out of crates. As far as success goes after a few days I was able to uncrate a dominus gt which I love it plays and sounds great. Some point in time I got some regular chakram rims and then some white ones. With the trade ins possible I have traded in numerous items a few times and got colored chakram on a few occasions currently have forest green and orange. I traded for some loopers at one time but gave them to @lIIlCompleXlIIl as he gave me some items to once again trade up and I got lightning wheels. I traded items in again and got another dominus gt which was given to @lIIlCompleXlIIl for some crates and recently got another dominus that will be given to @rumdig once the cool down is over. My first series 3 crate I opened I got the new breakout which was awesome and the next 2 got me black matter and hyper nova boost. Just last night I Uncrated a set of burnt sienna photons. In a few days alot of my items come of cool down and I will be trading stuff in for more crates or items I like. If you played rocket League but none of this make sense to you I suggest trying the game out again as this is all new with the update they had recently rumble mode which is rocket league with power ups and then the crate system. Crates drop randomly but require a key to open which you can purchase 1 at a time for a little over a dollar or in increments 5 10 20 which makes them a dollar apiece. And of course if you have crates and dont have no intention of unlocking or trading them let us know I'm sure someone will take them off your hands
  8. Event Title: Practice Squad (Lann) Event Author: Skorpion Calendar: Public Events Calendar Event Host: Lann Game: GTA Online Event Start Date: Thursday, 1st June 2017 Event Start Time: Thursday, 9:00pm GMT/UTC (Thursday, 5:00pm EDT / Thursday, 10:00pm BDT / Friday, 7:00am AEST) Reoccurring: Weekly Special Rules for Event/s: No helmets in combat jobs and no calling Lester Description of Event/s: XDBX invites everyone to a weekly practice for numerous competitive events. Every other week we will focus on the jobs from the current Clash of the Crews round. We will also include the GTAForums Time Trial, the Pfister SuperCup the XDBX crew challenge, and other similar events. Picture by alex-ane90 Practice Squad (Lann)
  9. Teleporting Regina

    Either I have a bad connection, or Reginas can teleport. I think the latter.
  10. ps4 mixed playlist

    Date of Event: Tuesday 15th aug. Time of Event: 19.00o'clock uk-time / 20.00o'clock eur-time Host of Event: mahaloka Amount of Players Allowed: Minimum 4 and Maximum 30 Special Rules for Event: the usual Description of Event: mixed playlist : races, tdm's and a capture (will take requests and job suggestions!!) (playlist duration: between 1hr and 1hr30min) Playlist link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/ps4/playlists/playlist/u7TNPSnDFEu5xn94LFyyVA
  11. Event Title: Whacked Out Wednesdays (Multi-Host) Event Author: JustHatched Calendar: Public Events Calendar Event Host: @djw180, @LimeGreenLegend & @kernalhogan Game: GTA Online Event Start Date: 1st June 2016 Event Start Time: Wednesday, 8:00pm GMT/UTC (Wednesday, 4:00pm EDT / Wednesday, 9:00pm BDT / Thursday, 6:00am AEST) Reoccurring: Weekly This playlist is open for any crew member to host a one off playlist or GTA event at the scheduled time. So if you would like to try hosting or have done it before but can't commit to a regular playlist, simply let DJ, Hogan or Lime know what your would like to do and which date and we can slot you into the upcoming schedule Whacked Out Wednesdays (Multi-Host)
  12. Event Title: XDBX Football League (Zadk) Event Author: Skorpion Calendar: Public Events Calendar Event Host: Zadk13l91 Game: FIFA17 Event Start Date: 16th June 2017 Event Start Time: Friday, 2:30am GMT/UTC Thursday, 10:30pm EDT / Friday, 3:30am BDT / Friday, 12:30pm AEST) Reoccurring: Weekly Special Rules: No Flick Tricks, No Legacy Defending, World and Classic IX are not to be used. Welcome to the XDBX Football League! We'll be using a standard league set up and everyone will play each other twice before the top 4 move on to the finals. Matches will be posted here on Friday at 12pm ACST (2:20am GMT), each week. It will be up to both players to organise a time that will suit them, and have the scores posted before the next round. Matches not completed within the week permitted will be missed and you will receive 0 points. Lag: If a match is effected to much be lag then the match may be restarted. Score Sheet A screenshot of the match results showing both the match score and any red cards will be required for you scores to be recorded. Win = 3 Draw = 1 each Lose = 0 Any tied ladder positions will be decided by goal difference (goals against if difference is tied). Any player that receives a red card will be suspended from the next game. It will be up to everyone to ensure they and their opponent aren't using any suspended players during their match. ALL MATCHES AND RED CARDED PLAYERS WILL BE LISTED IN THE FIRST POST, UPDATED EACH WEEK. Teams Sign up before 15th June by posting in the event thread. Zadk13l91 - England ConGamePro - Argentina Skorpion-AH - Spain starmonkeykiller - France DavidCore89 - Germany Crawford1872 - Brazil Catmandoza - Netherlands PapOiteE - Portugal rspain - Italy Settings Half Length: 10 minutes Game Speed: Normal Squad Setup: Custom Awards Finals Winner = 'XDBX Championship 1st Overall' League Winner, Clean Sheet, and Most Goals = 'Championship Bonus Award' Please try to get a recording the games for others to watch as well, other wise a screen shot of the final score will do. XDBX Football League (Zadk)
  13. ps4 No SRL/No SnG? WTF

    No Sunday Race League & No Shitz N Gigglez, WTF?/ Anarchy PL Date of Event: August 13th Time of Event: in UTC: Sunday, 7:00pm GMT/UTC (Sunday, 9:00pm CET / Sunday, 3:00pm EDT / Sunday, 8:00pm BDT / Monday, 5:00am AEST) Host of Event: Con Amount of Players Allowed: Minimum 4 Special Rules for Event: The usual Description of Event: Quick playlist of some bookmarked stuff (will take requests and job suggestions!!) Playlist link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/ps4/playlists/playlist/UES1p_gB9kyORU7W-f0CzQ
  14. Event Title: Pfister Supercup (Squirrel) Event Author: Skorpion Calendar: Public Events Calendar Event Host: Squirrel Game: GTA Online Event Start Date: 15th May 2017 Event Start Time: Monday, 9:00pm GMT/UTC (Monday, 5:00pm EDT / Monday, 10:00pm BDT / Tuesday, 7:00am AEST) Reoccurring: Fortnightly Special Rules: Contact Endurance Racing, No Shooting in GTA, Slipstream ON. What it is: A bi-weekly endurance race based on real world tracks mirroring the real life Porsche Supercup. http://www.porsche.com/international/motorsportandevents/motorsport/customerracing/porschecups/pmsc/ When it is: It will be held Monday evenings on alternate weeks to my Monday Madness event, it will also fall on the Monday where there's isn't a Sunday Racing League event the day before. How does it work: The event will consist of a 3 lap non contact qualifying session followed by a contact race of approximately 30 minutes in length. If possible I will try get duplicate tracks made so a small 2 track playlist can be made, if not possible I will host the qualifying session and then the race separately. The order for the feature race start will be determined by the finishing order of the qualifying race. The race itself will be run over a distance of approximately 70km. In each case this distance is converted into a certain number of laps for the classification round(s) and indicated for each event in the Supplementary Event Regulations. The race will have a warm up lap not included in the total race distance where the cars can get into their qualifying position followed by a rolling start for lap two. Pole sitter must maintain a reasonable speed on the warm up lap to allow for the pack to form behind them, full racing speed can start on the final turn of lap 1 but no overtaking until you have crossed the start line. Point Scoring: Position 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th Pole Points 20 18 16 14 12 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 2 What car: It will be a single make series, all cars must be the Comet Retro Custom. There are a wide variety of body styling and liveries available. http://gta.wikia.com/wiki/Comet_Retro_Custom Failure to pick the right car means DSQ for that race. Pfister Supercup (Squirrel)
  15. Event Title: Bump's Adverse Tuesday Event Author: Skorpion Calendar: Crew Events Calender Event Host: MrBump360 Game: GTA Online Event Start Date: 9th May 2016 Event Start Time: Tuesday, 8:00pm GMT/UTC (Tuesday, 4:00pm EDT / Tuesday, 9:00pm BDT / Wednesday, 6:00am AEST) Reoccurring: Weekly Bumps Adverse Tuesday Hosted by MrBump360 Every Tuesday at 08:00 pm GMT / 04:00 pm EDT Join your host MrBump as he puts together a series of jobs that are all about Adversaries. You know, smashing the opposing team to a pulp and humiliating them as much as possible. Expect whatever fun to last around an hour and a half and feature everything from Sumo to Cross the Line to Beast vs Slasher to Hunting Pack and more! Victory will never have felt so good, so sweet and so satisfying as you pummel your opponents! This event will be limited to 8 players each week so make sure you grab your seat first and you grab it quickly. If interest permits, we can adjust how we work our numbers or even run more jobs that will fit more players. Bump's Adverse Tuesday
  16. Wednesday August 2nd 20:00 UTC/GMT What is this? An event (playlist) where you get to race a stock (not custom) car in the supers category. You submit your win-loss race records and will be assigned a specifik car. You will race the same car in all races. You will also be teamed up with a teammate. Both the assigned car and teammate will be done to match the "best" racers with the slower cars and less experienced racers. And since the less experienced racers will have the faster cars. No car will be used by more than one player. If you sign up you will have to accept both the car and teammate assigned. It may not be fair and you may not like the car. This is intended to be a fun event, not a serious racing event. All races will be different (Stunt, Street, GP, Ovals, High speed, Technical, Dirt, Off road..) and most will be non-contact. Sign up (last day to sign up is july 28th) Sign up by submitting your win-loss records. Assigned cars and teammates will be posted asap after july 28th. Score For each race you get one point for participating and one point for every car you place in front of. The combined score of you and your teammate will be the team score. Preliminary lineup, will change as soon as a player sign up!
  17. Date of Event: August 7-8th Time of Event: in UTC: Whatever suits most Host of Event: Protocawl Amount of Players Allowed: 4 or 8 preferred, but we can make anything inbetween work as well Special Rules for Event: None Description of Event: Just wanted to do something different again and figured I might as well earn some extra cash while doing it + they're quite fun. I'll add the top of Maze Bank Sumo mode in there as well as a bonus! If you want to join me, let me know what time you'd prefer, I'm available all night. (NA or AU friendly time kind of preferred a.k.a. very late night/early morning for me)
  18. ps4 At the Races: Unleashed

    At the Races: Unleashed http://rsg.ms/4680e9f
  19. ps4 Prominence Poker

    Event Title: Prominence Poker Event Author: Skorpion Calendar: Crew Events Calender Event Host: @Braldy Game: Prominence Poker Event Start Date: 2nd July 2017 Event Start Time: Sunday, 12:00am GMT/UTC (Saturday, 8:00pm EDT / Sunday, 1:00am BDT / Sunday, 10:00am AEST) Reoccurring: Weekly A few of us are getting together for a weekly poker night. If there is more than 6 of us we can split up into public tables easily so we don't have half empty tables but have a couple randoms join on us to make up the difference. Prominence Poker
  20. ps4 *Smoke-em's map nr.1.

    RSC Link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/ps4/jobs/job/JJfy1nPOIUmBoKSCVSU0RQ my first TDM ever. ppl said it is pretty good, so i thought i share it here. feedback is welcome, as i am a noob creating DM/TDM maps. hope u enjoy
  21. Event Title: Fun Down Under (Skorpion & Snacks) Event Author: Skorpion Calendar: Crew Events Calender Event Host: Skorpion-AH & no_snacks Game: GTA Online Event Start Date: 12th September 2015 Event Start Time: Saturday, 9:30am GMT/UTC (Saturday, 5:30am EDT / Saturday, 10:30am BDT / Saturday, 7:30pm AEST) Reoccurring: Weekly Job requests always welcome Crew lobby will open 15 minutes before we start. Rules No helmets No phone services Clean contact racing etiquette Only use pick ups in GTA races, no owned weapons. This playlist is open for any crew member to host a one off playlist or GTA event at the scheduled time. Fun Down Under (Skorpion & Snacks)
  22. ps4 Eve of Destruction

    Land race designed to cause havoc. Unfortunately, I cant get it or any other job after Lombank GP to show up on my RSC. So I have no way of giving out the Link on this or any other new job until R* fixes it for me. UPDATE: http://rsg.ms/73051cd DESCRIPTION Wreckin' Racin' style track at the Terminal. GTA settings for weapons, or turn Customs OFF for a huge mess of twisted metal.
  23. ps4 Air Pressure

    http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/vOYDZCzzY0GlvE10IfFaZA Made for Hatch's Wet and Wind Event. This one is over the top a bit.
  24. Always Expect The Unexpected

    Don't wanna ruin the surprise, so sit back and enjoy.
  25. ps4 Showdown at Sandy Shores

    Just toying around in the creator. This is a complete remake of a recent PS3 creation. It's just a basic lap race, short and sweet. So, yeah, that's pretty much it. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/DeaD_GooN/games/gtav/jobs/job/aKw8E4VsdEubP6UrMs0KLA?platformId=11

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