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Found 1,277 results

  1. Date of Event: Time of Event in UTC: 20 or 21 Does Event Repeat: If Event Repeats/How Often: Event Host: Lann or djw180 or anyone Amount of Players Allowed: depending Special Rules for Event: regular stuff Description of Event: Testing jobs, might be asked to (first) explore map before starting to fight. Please post jobs to be tested.
  2. ps4 Saturday Showcase

    Date of Event: Saturday May 5th Time of Event in UTC:Between 3:30 and 4:00 pm PST (10:30 - 11:00 pm UTC I think) Does Event Repeat: Not sure yet If Event Repeats/How Often: Event Host: omarcomin71 Amount of Players Allowed: 30 Special Rules for Event: Crew Rules Apply Description of Event: A showcase of mostly non-crew race tracks. My bookmarks are piling up and I'd like to test a bunch with the crew. 90% should be well designed creations. All are welcome. Start time will be two hours before Two Bros.
  3. Well, in a matter of days I will achieve the 50,000 kill trophy that only @DavidCore89 and @Con have achieved in this crew! I have been wanting it for a while. I told myself it was the last major thing I wanted to achieve in this game before moving on to RDR2. Now I need to decide on how to get that 50,000th kill. Any suggestions? I would like it to be something epic. I was pretty happy with how I got kill number 25,000: Now I need a good way to get kill number 50,000. Any ideas?
  4. ps4 Sawmill-self an Altruist

    RSC - https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/ps4/jobs/job/GUF9eCW2y0mqv_jAZvONoA Very short downhill rally stage, from the Altruist Camp to the Sawmill. Only about a minute long. Picked this road because it has everything needed to test both the rally cars, and some sillier ones, to see what does what off-road. Demo -
  5. ps4 Holy Hermes

    RSC - https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/ps4/jobs/job/8XgT8VNwCECCOTL6XPXH3A Short old timey mostly dirt track for the stock Hermes. Good for contact and a bump or two. Cliff diving is a distinct possibility. If you’re not rolling, you’re not going fast enough. Video -
  6. As of the last two weeks I have been doing Special Cargo missions now that my bunker just sits and generates money while I do other things. Since I happen to be playing at the wee morning hours due to my schedule, I find myself in lobbies with less than 4-5 people. This is pretty good because I have less to worry about when it comes to doing cargo sell missions. Two nights ago I was in a solo public lobby and one of the crew members popped in. I'm wondering if he joined a crew session or just got lucky in finding me but he send me a friend request which I accepted. I don't have much experience in joining crew sessions, but if joining one or someone joining me, is it still considered a public lobby? Probably a stupid question but I figured it would be beneficial having crew members in a session since I rarely see anyone. Thanks!
  7. ps4 Straight Up Yellow Jacket

    New tdm, large map but should work with a small group. http://rsg.ms/f8878f9
  8. Posting this for the kid, it's his first published race. Fairly simple in design going through the building construction and the streets, its a fast track https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/washatched/games/gtav/ps4/jobs/job/AF70mdJ5uk2DF3vSMPQSpw
  9. ps4 Crew Challenge 147

    2 part challenge this round and we'll end it on Feb 24th (unless @djw180 wants a different date) Part 1 - Best 2 lap time on Phantom of the Shopera by @Crawford1872 Part 2 - The first 3 holes of golf - For each point under par you finish we will subtract 1 second from your race time, for each point over par we will add 1 second to your race time.
  10. ps4 Sunday Drive

    Date of Event: 3/11/2018 Time of Event in UTC: 6:00pm UTC I think (11:00 am PST/1:00 EST) Does Event Repeat: Maybe If Event Repeats/How Often: Possibly weekly, possibly monthly Event Host: omarcomin71 Amount of Players Allowed: 30 Special Rules for Event: Clean Racing when it applies (Crew Rules) Description of Event: A mix of new race creations from some of my favorite creators, both crew and non-crew. Don't expect tubes.
  11. ps4 Pa, he smells like city

    https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/JustHatched/games/gtav/jobs/job/qeTlphih2UORaFxf5liryA?platformId=11 The city folks have decided to visit the Hilljacks. Have the youngin fetch the your shotgun and blast the city stink off those BMW drivin city folk with all the book learnin. @Dodge
  12. ps4 Rt 68 Sidetrack

    https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/domestic_battery/games/gtav/ps4/jobs/job/30v9kJxqpkqh8MIbK5oVxA# SMG Assault SMG Pump Shotgun Grenade
  13. If interest i would like a short recording session in a crew lobby after Two Bros. Need a chernobog, oppressor, titan, bombplane, transport helicopter, and a shitload of similar vehicles, and alot of people dressed for combat. If interest i post details, execution will take msx 5 min, preparing about the same.
  14. Event Title: Custom Crew Blue Cheetah Anniversary Event (Dodge) Event Author: omarcomin71 Calendar: Crew Events Calender Date of Event: Jan 28th Time of Event in UTC: 00:00 Does Event Repeat: No If Event Repeats/How Often: Event Host: Dodge Amount of Players Allowed: 16 - 30 depending on RSVP's Special Rules for Event: Custom Crew Blue Cheetahs ONLY Description of Event: XDBX Anniversary Cheetah Event 4 years ago, a Crew was born. It was formed with the intention of creating a small gaming community for some people to get together and game without the worry of grievers, or squeakers. It has grown into a far greater achievement than anyone could have imagined. For a really good description of who, and what we are, and even how we became, you should take the time to read XDBX History. We will be running a selection of the best jobs that XDBX has created. I'll be pulling these jobs from this thread: Iconic XDBX Races on PS3 as well as some favorites from PS4. The ONLY color allowed for this Event is Crew Blue Grotti Cheetah Grotti is a luxury land and sea vehicle manufacturer featured in the Grand Theft Auto series. The company is based on Italian luxury car manufacturer Ferrari. The company's name is presumably a play on the word "grotty", meaning "rotten" or "putrid". Grotti's logo also caricatures Ferrari's, as in GTA San Andreas the galloping horse is replaced with a rabbit/hare. In GTA IV, instead of a galloping horse, the logo depicts a horse sitting down. In GTA V, the logo is changed into a tilted Maltese cross on the center of the emblem. One vehicle, the Brioso R/A, is based on the Fiat, as Fiat once owned Ferrari. "Forget the last 50 years of technological advancement and hark back to the golden age of driving before seatbelts, DUI laws, anti-lock brakes and emasculating GPS systems with nagging female voices. A prototype sports car manufactured by Grotti in the early 1970s, this marvel of Italian engineering will over-compensate for just about anything. Just like the Italians." ―Legendary Motorsport description. The Cheetah is a supercar featured in both the 3D Universe and HD Universe. It is manufactured by Grotti in the HD Universe. Design 3D Universe In all its iterations the vehicle closely resembles a 1984-1996 Ferrari Testarossa, with each game's version following the design of the corresponding era: In Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, it looks like a slightly genericized and modernized Ferrari Testarossa F512 M. In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, it resembles a mid-80s Testarossa. In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the Cheetah resembles a Ferrari 512 TR Testarossa, albeit without the hidden headlamps, and with the rear lights of an Ferrari Testarossa F512 M. Looking at the shape of the car, it's clear to see that it is mid-engine. However, when the hood is removed, in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the engine appears to be at the front, possibly due to programming limitations. This is in stark contrast to the design of the Testarossa in general, which has the engine placed behind the passenger compartment, just in front of the rear axle (mid-engine). However, in GTA San Andreas, the design is more faithful to the real-life counterpart, with the engine being evidently placed at the rear of the chassis, while the front is empty. The engine of the Cheetah sounds and looks like a V10. The Ferrari Testarossa began sales in 1984 (The year in which Vice City Stories is set). The first "red head" didn't sell enough until late 1985, and therefore, for the sake of having no irregularities about the comparison of the two cars, the developers of the game made the Cheetah scarce in Vice City Stories, spawning only in parking lots. Grand Theft Auto V The Cheetah is reintroduced in Grand Theft Auto V. Unlike in previous games, the Cheetah is now based on the Ferrari Enzo with elements of the Enzo, Ferrari FXX, the Pagani Zonda and the SSC Tuatara on the front bumper. The rear overhang is similar to that on the GTA Spano. The rear hood is inspired by the Mercedes CLK GTR as both of them have big engines and rear hoods. The carbon fibre stripe on the bonnet resembles that of the Pagani Zonda Tricolore. It is stated to be a 1970s prototype, put out by Grotti for limited production, and has a top speed of 220 mph, previously according to the website before the Lowriders update. Performance The Cheetah is one of the best performing original supercars in GTA V, being able to compete with the Adder, the Entity XF, the Turismo R and the Zentorno. Having a great speed and acceleration makes it useful for most situations, like robberies and police chases, and like its previous 3D universe rendition it also has extremely responsive handling and braking, making it much more agile than other super cars in the game. This makes it particularly useful in Online urban races where, in the hands of a considerably skilled driver, can easily turn through a street corner without having to decelerate much. The car tends to wheelspin when setting off, significantly more than other supercars. The engine model appears to be a single-overhead camshaft V8, evidently by the exhaust manifolds seen when the rear hood is removed. The car features intercoolers located directly after the side-intakes, suggesting the car is turbocharged. The exact same engine model is found in several other, similar-tier supercars, like the Turismo R, Osiris, T20, Reaper, and FMJ. The website also claims it sports a 6-liter engine. Fun Facts The car is named after an animal with the same name, which is a type of feline capable of running at high speeds. This clearly refers to the car's superior performance in its class. The Cheetah plays the radio stations by default when entered: GTA San Andreas: SF-UR GTA V: Non Stop Pop FM If the suspension is lowered to the maximum through Los Santos Customs, the Cheetah is able to drive right under high-suspension vehicles, such as the Sandking XL, at high speed and sometimes some low-suspension vehicles if driving head-on against them. This can also be done with the Turismo R. The price of the car in GTA V is evidence of its similarity with its inspiration car, the Ferrari Enzo as the Enzo costs €655,000 ($687,520). Like the Turismo R, you can't pick prostitutes with this car, due to its tiny interior space. The Cheetah on the car carrier in the mission Pack Man has a glass roof, suggesting it could have originally had a glass roof rather than a carbon fiber one. In the enhanced version, the speedometer only reads up to 200 mph, despite claiming it can reach up to 221 mph. The same mistake is also present on many sports and super cars, such as on the Adder and Entity XF. In the enhanced version, the Grotti badge will glow when the high-beam lights are turned on. According to the ambient files, the Cheetah is one of several named vehicles in-game that make up distant car sounds. Other vehicles include the Entity XF, Banshee, Comet, Daemon, Carbonizzare, Vacca and Feltzer. Custom Crew Blue Cheetah Anniversary Event (Dodge)
  15. Event Title: Anniversary - Cops & Criminals (Free Roam Event) (Protocawl) Event Author: omarcomin71 Calendar: Crew Events Calender Date of Event: Saturday, January 27th Time of Event in UTC: 15:00 (10:00 EST) Does Event Repeat: No Event Host: @Protocawl Amount of Players Allowed: 30 Special Rules for Event: Dress code: depending on role, any criminal outfit/gang outfit/law enforcement resembling outfit (undercover/agency/patrol/SWAT/etc.) Description of Event: General idea of the free roam minigame: 2-4 of us will be criminals and the rest will be cops, chasing the criminals down after they commit a proper crime from a predetermined selection of crimes (bank robbery/player murder/tanker hijacking/store robbery/arson/etc.) until either the cops arrest/kill the criminals or the criminals escape. 1 player might have to briefly play a victim of the crime and then become a cop. The criminals will only be able to use vehicles stolen off the streets + a few specific Pegasus vehicles, while cops will have to use one of the police vehicles available in the game (sheriff's car/park ranger Granger/police cruiser/FIB Granger/Buffalo/riot vans/police heli/MC Buzzard/Doomsday Heist riot control truck + any I might have forgot about). Minimaps will be turned off, the criminals will be in a party chat, cops in the game chat. City limits are also the minigame area limits; chases will happen only in the city (unless we have many players, in which case we'll have at least one chase outside the city as well). To stop the criminals, cops will have to get them out of their vehicles and apprehend/arrest them or use lethal force if necessary. The cops will have access to Pistols, Combat Pistols and Pump Shotguns; criminals will have access to all firearms, melee weapons, molotovs and jerry cans, but no explosives, unless they deem it necessary or decide to go rogue (Note: IF the criminals start using explosives, though, the cops will be granted permission to bring in military vehicles, potentially including personal military aircraft and Rhino tanks). Cops can only start shooting if provoked or once the chase has been active for at least 10mins to shoot the tires. Criminals can start using the guns when they want, but once they do, the cops will be allowed to shoot back as well. Everyone is allowed to call Lester at any time to lose the NPC cops. Personal vehicles of any kind are not allowed to be used during the minigame (with a few potential exceptions). A SWAT team can be called to action by the cops if the criminals decide to put up a serious fight (start using firearms). Roadblocks can be set up by the cops at any time after a chase has lasted for at least 5 mins. One chase can last for up to 30-40mins; we'll have as many chases as we wish to do in the 2-3-hour window, with small breaks in between. The criminals win if they manage to hide and are not found or stay on the run for the entire 30-40mins; cops win if they catch the criminals or stop and kill them before the time runs out. More details: Roles switch after each round. Vehicles will be obtained well before the event starts. At least 1 cop will have to be in a helicopter at all times as the eyes in the sky and he/she is allowed to check the map from the menu once per round if the criminals disappear from sight of all units to have one last chance to catch them. Criminals are allowed to go off radar once per round. To navigate the map, cops will use well-known landmarks and knowledge of the map will be very helpful as a cop as well. Anniversary - Cops & Criminals (Free Roam Event) (Protocawl)
  16. Event Title: Anniversary WTF PL Event Author: omarcomin71 Calendar: Crew Events Calender Date of Event: Sunday 28 Jan Time of Event in UTC: 06:00/01:00 EST Does Event Repeat: Maybe If Event Repeats/How Often: Depends on if it proves fun Event Host: SINISTER120 Amount of Players Allowed: 2-16 Special Rules for Event: Try to have fun Description of Event: Anniversary Why The F*&k PL Playlist involving things that no one really cares about or wants to play. Versus missions, the adversary modes everyone hates, etc. I basically want to try something that isn’t done and see how it goes and there is an open slot. Anniversary WTF PL
  17. ps4 Rogers Crap

    Added alot of crap. Marksman rifles and Compact grenade launchers. All the crap limit the use of the grenade launcher, but it should be able to take out any snipers. Might need a very close combat weapon added, maybe even something like a deadly melee weapon.
  18. Event Title: Anniversary Air PL (Sinister) Event Author: omarcomin71 Calendar: Crew Events Calender Date of Event: Sat Jan 27th Time of Event in UTC: 12:00/07:00 EST. Does Event Repeat: No If Event Repeats/How Often: Event Host: SINISTER120 Amount of Players Allowed: 16-30 depending on interest Special Rules for Event: Have fun Description of Event: Air race/combat PL for the 4th anniversary. Races, Captures, etc. Anniversary Air PL (Sinister)
  19. Event Title: Anniversary: A&A - Aniversary Awesomness (Ally & Lady A) Event Author: omarcomin71 Calendar: Crew Events Calender Date of Event: 28th Jan 2018 Time of Event in UTC: 18:00 Does Event Repeat: No If Event Repeats/How Often: Event Host: Ally Amount of Players Allowed: 16 Special Rules for Event: BPH are not required but are allowed Description of Event: Lady A and Ally present our 4th Anniversary Playlist, featuring a range of jobs we’ve enjoyed in the past. Racing, Adversary Modes, combat and a few more silly ones also. Typical PL rules and driving etiquette apply unless otherwise stated. Anniversary: A&A - Aniversary Awesomness (Ally & Lady A)
  20. Event Title: Anniversary Whacky Races (DJ) Event Author: omarcomin71 Calendar: Crew Events Calender Date of Event: 28th Jan Time of Event in UTC: 15:00 Does Event Repeat: no If Event Repeats/How Often: Event Host: djw180 Amount of Players Allowed: 16 Special Rules for Event: Description of Event: 4th anniversary version of my monthly Whacky Races playlist. Racing playlist aiming to include all classes of vehicle at some point. A mixture of different races types, street circuits, stunt tracks, boats, aircraft, GTAs, ovals etc. All XDBX creations, some for customs some locked to specific vehicles. Usual XDBX racing etiquette applies. In GTAs please do not use owned weapons. 16 player limited at the moment, can be increased if that is necessary. The playlist should take about 2 hours Anniversary Whacky Races (DJ)
  21. ps4 Rhino vs Kanjli

    SO the Doomsday tank is hands down better than the Rhino in terms of firepower (and I think speed). I bought one and noticed the railgun range seems a bit short. Does the Rhino have a better range with its gun? Has anyone tested this?
  22. ps4 Free Aim Deathmatch Playlist

    Date of Event: January 20th 2018 Time of Event in UTC: 10:30 pm GMT/UTC (This is approximate, will follow 15 mins after Two Bros) Does Event Repeat: No Event Host: pete_95973 Amount of Players Allowed: 16 Special Rules for Event: Usual combat rules, no BPH, no calling Lester etc. Description of Event: I will host a playlist of 4-5 TDMs with different weapons using free aim settings. This is to help us get better at free aim and also prepare for next weekends Head to Head. Post here if you would like to play.
  23. ps4 Pieces of Disaster

    The most feared races as a new XDBX member were called Disasterpiece. There are 7 in total. Created by evil mastermind Dead_Goon, they are designed to frustrate and test driving precision. This is a tribute. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/ps4/jobs/job/bNJfV0G7i0i-m4jhvmJtew 1-27 players Gauntlet style race inspired by the various Disasterpiece, Scouring the Projects, Alleys and Assholes and Damn You Squirrel races. Best to run non-contact. Most classes available but Super and top Sports cars may be too fast (the rally cars in Sports would be fine though).
  24. http://rsg.ms/74c0d11 DESCRIPTION Just another hamster on the wheel of the government. you've unlocked the secrets of all GTA V Murals, but you was not suppose to piece that information together agent. Now they plan to lay me off. You should have never eaten that burito, or you Wouldn't be here in a straight jacket, but I have one last task for you. When I snap my fingers you will kill all my enemies. LOCATION San Andreas
  25. Seen @Crawford1872 and @The_Lady_A got CMM2, congrats.. Question, I think if I read things right looking around the net that you get a CMM bonus and Loyalty bonus if you do this with 2 players, and again if you do it with 3 and again if you do it with 4. So that would me 3 separate cash bonuses for CMM and 3 more for Loyalty. Is this correct? And just an FYI, I also read that the host gets a bonus if the finale is done with Barrage, and another if done in the new tank.

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