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Found 4 results

  1. I want to check interest in an event where you get an area assigned to create a TDM. Once we all are done ( maybe 2 weeks) we host all the creations in a playlist. You get to pick any forced weapon (and pickups), but rather not use owned. Build to hold 16+ players. For you that has taken part in previous "Tour of Los Santos" the setup is the same. Any creators (new, old, crew or non-crew) interested? Preliminary date for playlist: July 5th around 20:00 UTC There are 16 areas spread out over the island, some more challenging than others. The map will be presented once everyone has picked a number (1-16), hopefully Wednesday the 21st as it would give us two weeks before we hold the event. Areas taken: @Dodge 16 @zmurko 15 @Crawford1872 13 @Lann 12 @kernalhogan 11 @Skorpion 10 @Protocawl 9 @ConGamePro 8 @starmonkeykiller 7 @djw180 6 @Jjss924 5 @JuniorChubb 3 @zztop911 1
  2. Whoever has been long enough in the crew surely remembers @Pb76's famous Big rig meetups, where we all met in Paleto Bay, waited for the big rigs to spawn, lined up on the GOH and then had a lot of fun cruising around in them, doing some impromptu racing, having a nice photoshoot session, a demolition derby at the end, ... Well, I think it's time we bring this back now that everyone can actually own an awesome big rig with a massive trailer hooked up. Can we get some ideas flowing? Photoshoot and impromptu racing are obviously already meant to happen, but what else could we do? Maybe an "Impromptu Team GTA race"? Would anyone be willing to take over the planning and hosting? Perhaps as a separate event or just do it as a guest host during the WoW slot, which is open to any one-off events. My crew "workload" and hosting duties already exceed my avaliable time on top of all the regular PLs and stuff, but I'll be more than happy to join the event. I'd love to see 10-15 MOCs on top of Mount Chilliad! This is how MOC impromptu racing looks like with just 3-4 players, imagine what would it be like with 15 MOCs going through the traffic down the highway!
  3. Date of Event/s: after Pfister Supercup ends (length, frequency and exact dates TBD) Time of Event/s in UTC: Sundays, 7PM GMT Host of Event/s: zmurko Amount of Players Allowed: 30 Special Rules for Event/s: TBD Description of Event/s: Coming soon... Basically I'm in early planning stages, but I just wanted to start this thread to let the crew know about it, reserve space on our "racing calendar" and to alert any potential creators, as the championship will need custom built tracks to be made. Creators topic (Street Circuits): Details of the championship to come soon(ish) ... Anyone into creating tracks or would like to give it a go, please visit the topic above and join the planning stages of the next big XDBX racing championship.
  4. A few weeks after BACCAR 3 is over I am going to run something like it with boats for something different. Essentially is will only be 3 races per division and a tighter point structure to keep it close with the shorter season Who would be in for this?