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  1. ps4

    Doesn't look like I'll make it tonight. Just got a huge work order and most likely will be working late .
  2. NBA draft time! Time for Magic and the Lakers to begin the turnaround for the Lakers. At least I hope...
  3. Had fun racing muscle cars last Thursday. This weeks TNT...Motorcycles!
  4. Damn @Beezthat really is a bummer! Hopefully you can look back and have it be a positive thing. Sometimes these things turnout to be blessings in disguise. Oh and I'd love another NA playlist!
  5. I'd love to take part. Weekdays are tough but I should be around before Two Bros and before SRL.
  6. ps4

    Okay I have two playlists made out. One for 12 players the other for 16. Come join the fun!
  7. ps4

    I'll make two playlists demanding on interest. Cool I'll take a look.
  8. ps4

    All adversary mode jobs from the upcoming H2H will be included in this weeks playlist. Look for a few crew and non crew races as well. Capped at 12 this week so get your names in now! Cheers!
  9. Love it! Before reading the last sentence I was thinking how difficult this will be without getting killed. It'll be very tough surviving with 5 stars. I like the 10s penalty. Count me in on this challenge.
  10. You guys have put up some ridiculous times! My hats off to all of you! I'm almost embarrassed to post my time. A modest 2:46.98
  11. I'm struggling...down to 2:55. I'd like to get it under 2:50 but that would require a clean lap. I'll keep at it though. It's a frustrating course but I enjoy as well.
  12. ps4

    Protocawl has finished his military duties! And Two Brothers would like to celebrate this occasion with nothing but his creations. That's right! An entire playlist featuring nothing but Protocawl jobs! So lets all welcome him back with a great showing and warm welcomes.
  13. Another great car chase from the movie Ronin. It also goes GTA mode at the end.
  14. Well done guys! And great job @ConGamePro! Beating snacks in a crew challenge is no easy task.