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  1. ps4

    as in leave home and just pop in now and then? Good idea...
  2. ps4

    my family is seriously doing my head in atm....will probably be off mike! (hurray! )
  3. ps4

    Canceled for today, sorry Proto and DJ. Next week it is!
  4. ps4

    might cancel tonight if no more rsvp. Not feeling the best tbh...
  5. ps4

    8 again yup, been less busy the past few weeks so I will plan for that. Hope you make it!
  6. ps4

    this coming Tuesday is gonna be REAL special, Ninja is joining us ( or Proto, who can tell 'em apart...) So polish your swash and buckel your gear, shootin time is near. ahem, I'll get me coat... anyway get them RSVP's in there!
  7. killing in the name of...

    human beings are capable of so much evil.

  8. ps4

    business as usual tomorrow!
  9. ps4

    Hi all, I am not going to be able to make it tonight sorry. I have had the in laws staying with us since friday and I need to get out and buy a hacksaw, some platic barrels and acid... I hope someone can cover for me tonight and you guys have lots of fun without me.
  10. all the best for you monkey, love you ( as you know :-P )
  11. ps4

    there has been an update :-P
  12. no elves in it then? j/k, heavy stuff Mr Lime. You are definetly very good at setting the scene or painting a picture as it were. Very in depth descriptions with humour... ( you had me at "arseholes of my eyseockets" never mind "cuntally ingested at the speed of light" ) strong feelings everywhere. I think your book would depress me, not everyone's as you said... I am a more simple reader, I do read a lot of stuff, but more mainstream than you are producing I think. Having said that, I would also buy your book and might even manage to read it hehe. I would like to know where your book is going, what twists it will hold, what kind of tale you are going to tell aside from there being a dude who has some issues :-) trying to be funny, not critical, I am no critic. I read what you posted... and now I want to know what comes next. So from that I would say job well done Lime. good luck with this project!!!
  13. @djw180 sry DJ, my time was 2:22:308
  14. this track is driving me nuts!!! :-)
  15. I can provide afore mentioned video if you need it ;-) 'ola!