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  1. Adverse Sundays (JustHatched)

    Despite a low turn out I had a lot of fun Sunday night. And even though the random sucked props to him for staying and trying his best the whole way through.
  2. Scam might be a bit of an exaggeration? Nobody has to play them. You can turn customs off, just like in normal races. Most people in this crew have already bought 20, 30, or 40 custom vehicles or more for racing already. I don't even like to race much and I have spent $82 million dollars on vehicles lol. I am looking forward to playing these but if I don't like them or don't want to buy any vehicles I feel are necessary to own to play them I simply won't play them. And I won't feel scammed.
  3. ps4 XDBX Tennis Championship

    Was a great match. He was up 2-0 and then I rallied to take a 5-3 lead and then he forced a tiebreaker game and won it. Well done Con. I am 0-2 but enjoying this tournament. Hopefully I’m getting better!
  4. Adverse Sundays (JustHatched)

    Sure I’ll host. Might be just me though lol
  5. Christmas

    Christmas was fantastic when I was a child. Omar and I had pretty amazing childhoods and Christmas was always pretty amazing. I still enjoy it as an adult and if and when I have kids in a few years I hope I can recreate the experience for them I had when I was young. Even as an adult it is a good time for me. My company always has a great Christmas party with lots of food and booze and a nice little bonus check handed out at the end. Christmas day may still be the only day of the year that my brother, mom, dad and me spend the whole day together beginning to end. A common theme as the company party: food and booze... and some presents as well. I agree with others that presents and merchandise are pushed too much on Christmas, but no company can make you spend money. You have a right to say no as much as they have a right to market and advertise. And if you have family that makes you feel guilty for not spending money then your family is fucked up and you don't need to be around them IMO.
  6. ps4 XDBX Tennis Championship

    I wish! Or lob a few stickies your way! When do you want to play? How does right before or right after Two Bros work for you?
  7. ps4 Two Brothers Playlist (Omar & Pete)

    I am surprised you didn't delete the job after I won the race with a full lobby full of XDBX drivers
  8. ps4 Two Brothers Playlist (Omar & Pete)

    Stunt version of scouring the projects 12 times? I am in!
  9. Adverse Sundays (JustHatched)

    I will be making it to my first Adverse Sunday this weekend! I think it is a great day to wind down the weekend. I missed the first two because I was in the process of moving and this past Sunday I was on an airplane to Seattle for work. But I plan to be there this Sunday night. Can we maybe get a little time collection and power play?
  10. I will be driving home from out of town and likely to be home by this time. But it will be close. I hope I can make this.
  11. December 18

  12. ps4 Practice Squad (Lann)

    As always this takes place when I am at work. I am going to go home for lunch so I may join for a job or two. I am planning on practicing the races by myself tonight and Saturday before Two Bros. Will also have a couple of the jobs in Two Bros.
  13. ps4 XDBX Tennis Championship

    Okay. I am not playing TNT but I will be on before it is over. Probably on around 11:30-11:45 pm eastern. So I will look for you then. If you are playing TNT I will wait till TNT is over.

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