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  1. Open Sundays (Lann)

    I probably can’t stay the whole time. I’m sure some may drop out or there be some no shows. Watch for invites!
  2. What did you do today?

    Will be good to see you back in LS.
  3. ps4 Two Brothers Playlist (Omar & Pete)

    If one is to understand “the great mystery” one must study all it’s aspects, not just the dogmatic narrow view of the Jedi.
  4. New Potential Member Ready To Begin The Vetting Process

    This is very true. The first time i ever played tiny racers with randoms I thought it was the dumbest game mode ever conceived of. I played it with friends from XDBX a few months back and was laughing the whole time. Welcome to the family!
  5. Open Sundays (Lann)

    Will the jobs that are first person by default switched to third person?
  6. Target Practice, Eh? (Protocawl)

    I wish it was an hour earlier. Since I moved in with my future wife we almost always have dinner right around 7:15-7:30 and then it is our TV time (Stranger Things and Narcos tonight I believe). My GTA time during the week is 5:30 to 7:00 for the most part. I have always been wanting more combat jobs though and a combat playlist is even better. Cannot promise I will be there tonight but I will make sure I have a Wednesday night free from time to time to join this playlist.
  7. @Arruda shows off his magical jedi like or matrix like powers in a capture, but @Banketelli just kills him anyway. #banksthelegend
  8. PretendWereDead

    Welcome! Played with you many times. Will be nice to have you join us!
  9. Thanks for helping to organize this Lann. Fun time. Other than the first race I had fun. Jobs and settings wouldn’t have been great for a head to head but for casual fun they worked for me.
  10. Name that movie!!

    This could be in multiple movies but I recognize it from Big trouble in Little China. David Lopan. “Do you see me doing thrill seeker liquor store hold ups with a born to lose tattoo on my chest?”
  11. ps4 The SMG Bridge

    Will be in Two Bros today
  12. ps4 Two Brothers Playlist (Omar & Pete)

    This weekend you will see lots of machine guns in Two Bros. Be prepared for automatic weapon fire.
  13. Your First Online/Multiplayer Game?

    GTA Online was my first online multiplayer experience. Until I bought a PS4 my last gaming experience was Super Nintendo. I still remember seeing the first person drive by me in free roam as a level 1. They were flying down the street in a super car being chased by cops and I remember seeing their name over them as they drove by and I thought to myself: that is a real person (I didn't even know you could spot them on the mini map or expanded map)!!! I truly had no idea what I was doing. Nobody taught me anything, I learned it all on my own. I didn't join this crew until I had been playing 4 or 5 months. At that point I thought I was getting good and then quickly realized I still sucked. I remember the first time I was killed in free roam. A guy ran me over and SMG'd me while I was getting up. I have my first PVP kill saved on my youtube page. That is how excited I was to actually get a kill. Crazy now that I am working on getting to 50,000 kills. LOL. I also used to be a nice guy in free roam. I remember telling my brother (Omar) about how I wanted to get good at PVP fighting so I could be a vigilante in free roam and defend against bullies. But the randoms in this game made me the bully. Now my character is pure evil. I can count on one hand the number of times I have not killed someone in free roam when having the chance. I am just a killing machine now, but I love it. I have never been in trouble with the law in real life, never even tried drugs, never got drunk before 21 etc. I am a good guy in real life and a really nice guy in real life. GTA is where i do my bad deeds. My bad nature in game can probably be traced back to one of my first supposed friendly experiences with a random. He texted me and picked me up and drove me to a liquor store. We robbed it and then he killed me and drove away. He texted me and said "sorry lol." The evil in my character was born that day. I do play some other games now on PS4 (GTA is the only game i play every week if not every day) that are single player. But to me there is something so much more satisfying about competing against and beating a real human being than AI. The next best thing would be competing with a human/friend against AI in a PVE situation.
  14. I should be able to make this. What kind of jobs will be in the playlist?

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