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  1. ps4 (GTA) Gunrunning ($×2), CEOing, MCing

    I have my staff working on manufacturing full time so I may have some guns to sell Saturday after Two Bros or on Sunday. Also willing to help others when I am on. I am not the best at paying attention to the website when in game so message me in game if anyone needs help.
  2. ps4 TNT Racing (Dodge)

    If I am home at the start time, I will join for at least a little while
  3. ps4 TNT Racing (Dodge)

    Not much of a race only playlist kind of guy. But I may be online looking for something to do tonight. What does make it turn left mean? NASCAR type tracks?
  4. Crew Challenge 132 - Besranomics

  5. ps4 Two Brothers Playlist (Omar & Pete)

    You can tell them there is room for 12 if you like. We are making the playlist available to 30 players. But I would like to leave at least 18 for our guys.
  6. planning WCC Racing

    For me Sunday or Thursday would probably be best.
  7. ps4 Two Brothers Playlist (Omar & Pete)

    @Lann did you officially invite DDNL?
  8. Crew Challenge 132 - Besranomics

    If this was a crew challenge to see who can miss the most checkpoints I win.
  9. Game of Thrones **Spoilers**

    The spoilers are rampant on facebook and youtube. You don't even have to be looking at game of thrones content. Spoilers popping up everywhere. And apparently this episode is shocking and if you see some of the spoilers it will totally ruin it. I have safely downloaded what appears to be a clear, good quality download (I watched the first two minutes). If anyone wants the download link I can PM them. I can't take a chance and wait till Sunday. Some people on reddit that say they have been spoiled are saying it totally ruins the next TWO episodes if you see one of these spoilers. Avoid the internet if you can.
  10. planning WCC Racing

    I would join this from time to time. For the time discussed Sunday actually works better for me than Friday and Saturday. But I could probably make it from time to time no matter the day.
  11. What did you do today?

    Had an awesome camping vacation in Patrick's Point California this past weekend. I live in the Northern California valley where this time of year it is normally very hot. This was such a nice break as it was cool, foggy, and so green! If anyone loves the outdoors and makes it to the northern coast of California I highly recommend this place. Here are just a handful of the hundreds of pics I took. After we set up the tent Maya had to inspect: There was a trail along the campground that views like this everywhere. So beautiful. She insisted that I actually be in a few of the pics despite my claims that it only uglies up the pic We survived a little bit of light rock climbing incident free The fog and cool air was so refreshing The second night it cleared enough to have a beautiful sunset. This photo was taken just a few hundred feet from our campsite The dogs know how to stay warm
  12. ps4 Two Brothers Playlist (Omar & Pete)

    I don't have a problem opening Two Bros to DDNL next week. Would be pretty intense. Would be nice to get 20+ people in a playlist again.
  13. Hello

    Welcome! Good to see that you RSVP'd for Two Bros on Saturday. It is one of our most regularly attended playlists. You should have a blast!
  14. The thermal scope allowed me to see exactly where he was on the building despite his body not being visible. The splash effect of the RPG put him down. Very satisfying as this guy was up there shooting at me and others for a while.
  15. Only the second time in 3.5 years I have got a quintuple kill with one act. Pretty proud. Thank you Oppressor!

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