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  1. I've spent all day in the creator and am ready for testing. This is the first TDM I've made that doesn't take place within a prop structure, so looking forward to testing it and hearing any feedback. Perhaps we could do some testing during Practice Squad if there's no practicing planned?
  2. ps4

    PICTURE PERFECT Max. Players: 2-30 Number of Teams: 2 Default Time: 10m:00s Time of Day: Noon Weather: Current Weapons: Forced & Pick-Up Published: 26 June 2017 Last Update: - DESCRIPTION Not all the residents of Picture Perfect Drive have a picture perfect house, and their neighbours aren't happy about it. OVERVIEW Two teams starting with SMGs at opposite ends of the street. Assault SMGs, Assault Shotguns, and a single Special Carbine pickup. Plenty of cover from props and houses. No roof access (hopefully). Bookmark Job _
  3. ps4

    I've raised the CP that Z got stuck on so it's no longer a spawn trap and hopefully the light poles wont be so easy to hit. I can't find where @Crawford1872 had issues respawning. If you know which CP or have a video I'll go back in and have another look.
  4. Will give it one more run before this challenge is over, but so far I can't beat my first attempt because I keep getting shit money. Time: 6:31 Payout: $4620 Deaths: 0 Score: 2665
  5. ps4

    Cheers Z. Sorry you got stuck there for so long. I'll be in the creator today so I'll fix it then along with the CP Ally got stuck on.
  6. ps4

    Mixed PL with some jobs by crew and randoms. I've played them all with other people in the crew that found them so they should be fun. It's looking like only a few of us, so we'll do a few adversary modes as well. Will only be a short PL. If there are enough RSVPs before I put the PL together then I'll replace the adversary modes with combat jobs.
  7. ps4

    @PapOiteE I've finished downloading onto my console now so can do our match whenever. I'm free between 12am and 1:30pm GMT everyday this week, excluding when FDU, Two Bros & the H2H are on. I've sent you a PSN friend request as well.
  8. ps4

    Thanks Sinister. I've updated the OP with what I missed. Hopefully all good now. Also, sorry to everyone for my terrible job at scoring throughout the entire event.
  9. ps4

    Still waiting on Joel's copy of Fifa to download onto my console, then can organise our match @PapOiteE. Should be this weekend if it stops encountering errors. I'll have to play logged in as Joel though since it's not his primary console.
  10. ps4

    Sorry for the delay guys. I've added up the scores and updated the OP, but don't have RSVPs for Redneck race 5, or Fastest Lap for Redneck race 6. Let me know if there are any issues and I'll have another look.
  11. ps4

    Your game will count. I've updated scores on the spreadsheet. Here are the matches for this week. Skorpion-AH vs PapOiteE Crawford1872 vs Catmandoza DavidCore89 vs rspain ConGamePro vs starmonkeykiller Bye - Zadk13l91
  12. ps4

    At this point I'm just going by the rules as they are in the OP. I'll talk to Joel and see what he wants to do. I agree it's unfair if someone has been trying all week to organise a match and the other person isn't responding or isn't able to be reached for whatever reason, but honestly I think giving any points to someone that didn't have a match is unfair on those that did, no matter the reason.
  13. Haha I've been in the creator the last 2 days coming up with ideas, but now I've got my area I'm blank. No ideas at all lol.
  14. ps4

    Still waiting for @ConGamePro and @rspain to have their match. I'll post the next matches around this time tomorrow. Remember, if you don't have your match before the next matches are posted, you both get 0 points.