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  1. (FNF) Friday Night Foolin' (JustHatched)

    @JustHatched don't use my Faggio Coaster job, spawns are broken. All the races are good to go. An Explosive Capture is a good one if there's 10 +
  2. Hi, I’m Dustin

    Welcome friend
  3. Vespucci Concrete - An XDBX Original

    Track showcase video for Vespucci Concrete by @Lann
  4. Vespucci Concrete

    Vespucci Concrete - An XDBX Original - Track Showcase
  5. Overwatch Compilation #6

    Some more Overwatch action
  6. An Unintentional Headshot

    A very lucky, and totally unintentional headshot on @The_Lady_A
  7. An Intentional Headshot

    A very lucky, but still intentional, headshot on @Crawford1872
  8. Hi there

    Welcome friend
  9. ps4 Whacked Out Wednesdays (Multi-Host)

    I was supposed to be hosting but can’t now, sorry. @TheBoyBry and @bakri16 have RSVPd so if one of you guys want to host I’d be very grateful
  10. Free Weekend

    @The_Lady_A make that more like 9
  11. Free Weekend

    I’ll be on in half an hour or so
  12. More Animated Shorts!

    Yup, written and made by Blizzard.
  13. Free Weekend

    So am I this is nothing like CoD or Battlefield
  14. Free Weekend

    @Banketelli @Con @Arruda @SINISTER120 @Crawford1872 @The_Lady_A @Beez @Fido_le_muet @Lann @zmurko the free weekend is available to download. It's separate from the actual game so make sure you download the free one, although it is half off, at least in the EU store I'll be playing before and after my pl later if any of you wanna play
  15. ps4 Whacked Out Wednesdays (Multi-Host)

    Yup @Lann

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