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  1. Hello

    Welcome back
  2. ps4 DiRT Rally

    @Dodge you did better than me I didn't have a door after the first stage and my car was practically crawling over the line at the end of the fifth.
  3. Open Sundays (Lann)

    They even had a hipster update
  4. Open Sundays (Lann)

    since the biker dlc I've only bought all the new clothes with every update wanna go shopping with me?
  5. Hello!

    Welcome dude
  6. Hello, yet again.

    Welcome back dude
  7. Favourite Cover Songs

    That Ryan Adams cover was really good too, remember listening to it when you first posted it I still want to hear Bryan Adams version though.
  8. Favourite Cover Songs

    @Crawford1872 I know you're a Pink Floyd fan too, they also do a pretty mean Shine On You Crazy Diamond
  9. Hello! Interested in joining your crew!

    Sound advice
  10. Shoutbox

    I’m the opposite, I fucking hate computers and am so glad I can do most things on a phone nowadays.
  11. ps4 DiRT Rally

    @Protocawlhow do I set this up in a single event so I can practice all stages?
  12. New Potential Member Ready To Begin The Vetting Process

    Welcome to the site friend
  13. Hello! Interested in joining your crew!

    Welcome friend
  14. Name that movie!!

    Ghostbusters This will be an obscure one so feel free to google it, but it’s from my favourite film and I love this exchange between the only two characters. ”It’s a good thing I am pretty much of an Olympic sexual athlete.” ”Yes but I suppose these days you’re concentrating more on the sprints than the long distance stuff.” ”Not so dear boy! I could copulate for England at any distance.”
  15. Name that movie!!

    Well I’ve only watched the original series and all the films. Simon Pegg probably said it in Spaced, which would be weird because he is Scotty

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