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  1. Another vetting

    Welcome back dude, good to see you again
  2. Lime's Tip Touching Friday (every two weeks)

    Could you up it to 30, on the off chance that I become popular for some reason one week. Thank you
  3. Lime's Tip Touching Friday (every two weeks)

    Tonight's Tip Touching will be sports night! Dress to sweat and meet at the University's sports field in your favourite sports car
  4. Hanzo Rework - No More Scatter Arrow!

    The new Hanzo rework is live on the PC test servers, so will be live on console in a couple of weeks. The big news is that scatter arrow is gone! It has been replaced with storm arrows, an ability that lets you rapid fire 6 arrows with reduced damage. He can now also double jump, but unlike Genji, this is on a cooldown. This video shows off the new Hanzo, as well as the Venice map in its payload form.
  5. ps4 No Man's Sky

    I would say so. I just reinstalled it the other day and it’s still thrilling warping into a new system and seeing the planets around you, no one else has ever been there. There is a new big update coming soon apparently so I think it is worth it, even if all you want to do is explore. Also playing it in cinematic mode with the PSVR is pretty incredible, it’s a gorgeous game.
  6. Coming Soon(ish)...

    I love the new Issi so much I think I'm going to make a little video. What else could it be?
  7. Crew Challenge 152 - 8 - Ball

  8. Play Of The Game and Highlight Showcase

    Going Ham As Junkrat (who I now love) Yes Sir! Hacked Out Of The Sky
  9. Share Your Most Recent Accomplishment

    1000 wins in Overwatch across all game modes
  10. Play Of The Game and Highlight Showcase

    Time to show off some awesome, insane, and stupid stuff that happens in Overwatch. @Protocawl @Crawford1872 @The_Lady_A @Arruda @Pricise @TheBoyBry let's see what you have! Bastion had no idea Proto was sneaking up on him as he was too busy shooting my turret. The best thing about Lucio, boopin' fools into pits. Even better if they just hit their ultimate, like this silly Rein. Brigitte swinging away, doesn't even care she's been hacked. Arruda was so tired after using his death blossom to clear the point that he decided to have a little nap. He earned it.
  11. Wipeout in VR

    @Con this is a must buy dude!
  12. Even The Cops Hate Proto

    @Protocawl hahahahaha
  13. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a great game, and very historically accurate. Here you can see the authentic way you would get drunk and party all night with an early 15th century Bohemian priest.
  14. How To Mount A Horse With Style

    Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a great game, and very historically accurate. Here you can see the authentic way in which an early 15th century Bohemian mounts a horse.

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