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  1. Who's this guy? Seems like trouble to me.
  2. @Banketelli I run it on regular PS4 and think it looks great. No idea about how much better the Pro makes it, @grjkie would know about that. The headset comes with a pair of earphones but you can use any headset with a regular connection jack thing. I still use the ones that came with it, sounds good to me. Most games you can play with a controller but I suggest getting the sex toys, they make the games so much more immersive.
  3. ps4

    Yo @MrBump360 how you feeling? I'm hot and sweaty and ready for some adversity.
  4. ps4

    Still true I'm afraid.
  5. Is this MOC only?
  6. Reached platinum ranking in Overwatch competitive season 5, only hit gold in all previous seasons. I am genuinely proud of myself
  7. I bought all the clothes, now I'm done with this DLC Can't be bothered to grind out money for the rest of this stuff. To be honest can't be bothered to play the game at all, really
  8. Recently hit level 200 in Overwatch
  9. ps4

    Great idea @zmurko you guys go for it as I will be at work tonight. If I'm able to I can join but can't commit to hosting. I'm working next Friday also.
  10. I'll just leave this here.
  11. I am not a brave man.
  12. I think I got the better end of this crash, @Squirrel
  13. @Crawford1872 is a dangerous man, even when he's not in game.
  14. @starmonkeykiller having ladder problems.