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  1. Crew Challenge 133 – Racing Cheetahs

    I've got both Cheetahs and don't mind which one I use.
  2. Crew Challenge 132 - Besranomics

  3. planning WCC Racing

    That time of day (4 to 5pm AU) is very hit or miss for me. Most weekdays I'm generally out of the house for half an hour or so during that time slot. There'll be days when I can join and days when I can't.
  4. Crew Challenge 131 - Attack of the Gangs

    Nothing from me, @djw180. Only had a handful of crappy attempts completed during the week. Didn't save the videos because they were, well, crappy attempts. Tried again for 2 hours last night but had trouble getting the attacks to show up, or when they did show up, I couldn't get them to trigger for some reason. No enemies around whatsoever. When I fired a weapon to try and trigger them, I just got a wanted level or the normal gangs showed up (not the proper gang attack gangs though). Got 3 or 4 to work, but they all only had 15 enemies, even the one you used which had 25 or 30. Got frustrated with it, so turned off the PS4.
  5. Hello, JustHatched here

    Good to have you back, Hatch.
  6. Crew Challenge 131 - Attack of the Gangs

    #1 Pier is still there. Did it a couple of times the other day. It's only has 15 enemies though. It's located under the pier between all the timber pylons. Edit - #11 (docks - far S/E) wasn't there for me either. It's either been removed or the time of day might be different to what the map says. Didn't check any other times so can't be sure.
  7. Crew Challenge 131 - Attack of the Gangs

    These are harder than I expected. Makes for a really good challenge though. Have only used the pistols so far on a few different attacks. Getting the balance between taking your time to get headshots and not taking too long is tough. Also, not dying is tough too.
  8. cars for crew challenges

    From the first list - I've got 4/6. Sold my regular Sultan last week, but it's free and easy to pick up another one off the streets. Haven't got the Cheetah Classic yet either, but was planning on getting one this week anyway. From the 2nd list - I've got the Benny's Banshee, Infernus Classic and the Rocket Voltic. Happy to pick up the other ones if needed.
  9. American Mile

    This track has always been locked to a handful of equally matched cars in each class. @Dodge has used it a few times for IROC, but the featured car has never been available. I may as well unlock everything now. There's been a few good cars released lately that would be fun to race on this track.
  10. Crew Challenge 131 - Attack of the Gangs

    Should be interesting. I'm in. Normally we just go in guns blazing, but I feel taking things slow and easy will be key to a good score.
  11. Crew Challenge 130 - Vans by VANS

    My final time before bed. A sub 1:38 was definitely possible, but I just couldn't hook up a clean lap. Good luck, @MAHALOKA and everyone else.
  12. non-racing Crew Challenges

    This looks good and sounds like fun, @djw180. Can't see any obvious problems with the rules or scoring. I like the weapon restrictions too. Should be a challenging challenge.
  13. ps4 Pfister Supercup (Squirrel)

    Cheers for hosting, @Squirrel. Nothing to report from my POV. Only saw one crash. Have got footage if anyone needs a different view of it. Other than that, it all looked good on my screen. Thanks @XuTek6651 for pulling over due to lag and @The_Lady_A for moving off the racing line when being passed. Congrats on the win and podium spots, @BRacer. @Potato and @Fido_le_muet. Sorry I didn't provide any pre-race entertainment today. Just glad I could stick around for the whole race.
  14. ps4 Regulated Stock - Supers edition

    Unless some IRL stuff gets in the way, the date and time work for me.
  15. Silverstone F1 Circuit

    All done, mate. Some of my starting grids are slightly offset so you can trigger the start/finish checkpoint from the pit-lane, . Because of that, the grid markings don't actually line up with the cars when you start a race, but for the manual grid positions we use for the Supercup it will work out fine.

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