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  1. planning Baccar (Hotring Sabre)

    Hello everyone. I'm still checking out the site on a regular basis despite not being active in-game for a few months. I can certainly fire up the old PS4 and get into the creator if needed. Just tag me in a post and give me a couple days notice if you need anything done to any of my tracks.
  2. The Periah (don't know how it's spelt). Broughy said he did 3 pretty average laps and it was about 1 second quicker than the Elegy.
  3. Not GTA related, but an accomplishment nonetheless. For the first time in 30+ years, I've gone a whole week without a cigarette.
  4. In the main, I have no problem with micro-transactions or paid DLC etc, as long as they don't hugely impact the ability to play fairly with other players. If a developer/publisher wants to make the ultimate OP weapon, or a car that is 2 sec per lap faster than all the others, that's fine by me, as long as every player (regardless of financial situation) has a fair and reasonable chance of owning that weapon or vehicle through normal gameplay (hours spent) rather than locked behind a pay-wall (dollars spent). Of course the player who buys the OP weapon or vehicle will have access to them earlier than the player who has to unlock them through normal gameplay, but there's no easy way around that and I don't think it's a major problem anyway - BUT.... if the only way to get your hands on the OP weapon or vehicle is by spending real money, then that's going too far, especially if the "haves" and the "have nots" are expected to or even forced to play together. Some players have little spare $$$ but plenty of free time to play. Some players have little free time but plenty of $$$ to spare. Both need to be catered too, it's just gotta be done "reasonably" fairly. Random loot-boxes have definitely crossed the line IMO though. Seriously, how is paying for a "chance" to receive said OP weapon or vehicle any different to gambling. Who's to say the "randomness" of the loot-boxes are actually random anyway. Wouldn't be surprised if EA had some sort of algorithm in place to increase the likelihood of you not getting the OP weapon in your first 2 or 3 attempts. The main reason I've stopped playing GTA is not the actual Shark Cards, but the content that has been added to drive the sales of those Shark Cards. Ridiculous vehicles, OP weapons, outrageously overpriced clothing, insurance claims when defending yourself from "personal" military vehicles etc etc. This content is added purely to generate income for the developer/publisher (which is fine and understandable to a certain extent), but it finally got to the point where the core essence of the game has finally been lost, or at least diluted to the point where it's simply not for me anymore.
  5. ps4 DiRT 4

    Never really got into rally or rallyX games. Enjoy watching rally videos on YouTube etc. Those guys (and girls) are very skilled, but completely nuts. - Plus the sound is awesome too. Had a couple of rally games many years ago on PS2. Played them for a couple hours tops, and never went back to them. The RallyX section in PCars2 is the only bit of the game I haven't touched yet. It just doesn't appeal to me for some reason. Might be good fun with a wheel and pedal setup, but with a controller, it just feels weird or wrong to me. When (if) I get a wheel, I will give the RallyX a chance on PCars2 to see what all the fuss is about. If I like it, I may seek out a cheap copy of DIRT 4 or similar.
  6. Gran Turismo Sport

    @zztop911, just be careful you're not confusing the T300-RS-GT with the T-GT. The T-GT is the latest, officially licensed Grand Turismo wheel, but I'm pretty sure it's over $800 in the US. The T300-RS-GT is an older T300 wheel base (motor) with a GT licensed rim (wheel). If it came with a Formula One style wheel, it'll be called something like T300-RS-F1 for example. They have a completely different wheel base (motor) and rim (wheel). The pedals look very similar to each other, but they could be slightly different. Either way, both the T300-RS-GT and the T-GT DO NOT use the Pro pedals @DavidCore89 is talking about. The Pro pedals can be inverted so they "hang" like a real car, rather than coming out of the floor. I've done a fair bit of research too, and I gotta admit it's all a bit confusing - especially since Thrustmaster sets can often have different components that you can swap in and out. EDIT - here are some pics for reference.
  7. Project CARS 2

    From what I can gather, the Porsche pack will be 2nd on the list. Day 1 expansion - (already out) - plus the Japanese pack if you preordered Fun pack - Offroad, Rally X etc Porsche pack Classic Le Mans pack Ferrari pack Haven't used any external apps yet. Will probably get a G29 wheel for Xmas. It might not have the latest tech etc, but it comes complete in the box for a reasonable price. No need to upgrade pedals and rims like some of the Thrustmaster sets. It should also have (just) enough buttons so I don't need to use a button box either. I'm only in need of 1 or 2 more buttons using the controller, so with gas, brake, gear up and gear down on the pedals and shifter paddles, I should have plenty. Some of the button boxes look pretty cool though - may eventually get one just for the hell of it. Once I get that set up, I'll have a look at some of the UDP apps for my iPhone. I rarely use it as a phone anyway. Maybe 1 or 2 calls/texts per month at best. Being a carpenter by trade, I should be able to create a nice (but simple) little rig to hold it all. Will create a little holder for the iPhone for extra telemetry etc. I shouldn't need anything else. Anything beats using the controller, so my expectations aren't that high at the moment.
  8. Project CARS 2

    The last patch fixed a couple of the major problems and several of the smaller ones. Patch notes were very vague though. (fixed this, improved that etc). New patch is coming out soon (this week hopefully). Apparently it will patch 150+ different issues, and detailed patch notes will be provided this time too. Game is still riddled with bugs atm (both online and off). Regular players use various workarounds to avoid being affected by some of the main bugs, but there are still lots of little ones that can annoy you at best, or break the game at worst. God knows how many times I've had to shut down the program or simply turn the PS4 off in disgust , but underneath all of the bugs and issues, the game is awesome though. More tracks and cars are coming in 4 separate DLC's, like a vintage LeMans track (no chicanes) with classic cars from that period. Also a Ferrari pack with more Ferrari cars (obviously), and 2 new Ferrari "related" tracks - could be something like Fiorano and Mugello for example. If this latest patch does indeed fix the main issues and lots of the smaller ones, I'd then recommend it to anyone who's interested in getting it. Until then though, still best to wait for more info before shelling out for it. Things look promising though.
  9. Chasing a ghost

    My first (and probably last ) world record lap on Project Cars 2. The seriously quick racers haven't attempted this track and car combination yet, so my time will certainly tumble down the order when they do. It was fun chasing the WR ghost car. He was quicker than me early in the lap, but I knew I could catch him by the end - probably a car set-up difference. Track - Sonoma Raceway GP Car - Mercedes CLK-LM (GT1 class) Time - 1:25.641
  10. Crew Challenge 136 – Speedy Assassins

    Nothing from me, DJ.
  11. Crew Challenge 136 – Speedy Assassins

    Haha....I love getting them too. This is my personal favourite so far.
  12. Crew Challenge 136 – Speedy Assassins

    If I turn the game on this week, I'll make sure to give it a go.
  13. Project CARS 2

    I've mostly browsed the PS4 section on the PCars 2 forum, so I'm not really across any major differences in the platforms, but judging by some of the responses in the threads, it does seem like the PS4 is affected more than other consoles and PC. Even the PS4 Pro seems to have a lot less issues than the standard PS4 for example. Apparently the graphics are no where near as bad on the Pro. With clear weather and daylight settings, the jaggies are so bad they literally give you one of those painful headaches behind the eye if you look at them for too long. Regarding online. Have you lost any points after being crashed into? Have read a few complaints about people getting hit from behind and knocked into other players, then being docked points for causing the secondary crash. Also heard you lose points if the host quits or disconnects. Things probably even out in the end, but I'm just glad they have a system in place to keep the idiots out of serious lobbies - it's sort of like the bad sport system on GTA I suppose. Will probably race with friends and crew when I first venture online, just to get a feel for things. As harsh as I may sound about the game, I really am enjoying it (even though it's trying really hard to make me hate it) and will certainly like it more when some of the major issues are fixed. I just find it hard to believe some of those issues could actually make it through to release. Either they weren't noticed (which I doubt), or they were noticed and couldn't be sorted in time, or maybe they were simply ignored. That's probably the bit that's the most frustrating - not the actual bugs themselves.
  14. Project CARS 2

    Still haven't played any online races yet, but I'm looking forward to them. Just progressing through career mode until I've tried out most of the classes and invitational events etc. The more I play career mode though, the more bugs, glitches and fundamental flaws I encounter. Of course most games are going to have minor bugs and annoying graphical glitches etc. It's almost impossible to have several hundred thousand lines of detailed code and expect none of them to conflict every now and then. Also, most bugs and glitches can be tolerated and worked around to a certain extent, even ignored completely if you choose what you choose to acknowledge - but when something stops the game from being played as intended, then it's clearly a fundamental flaw, not just an annoying bug that can be ignored. Those things should not be in a video game (any product for that matter) that you've paid top dollar for. The game definitely should not have been released in its current state. If SM Studios want to charge AAA prices for their games, then they should be delivering a AAA quality game straight out of the box- not something that's going to need several patches to get it working properly. It doesn't matter whether they're crowd funded or backed by any other means. Their product is currently sub-par for a AAA game - in fact it borders on embarrassing. The bugs, glitches and game breaking fundamental flaws are far worse than any other racing game I've ever played - that's not an exaggerated opinion, it's just a plain fact. I really, really enjoy this game when it's working properly, and it does work properly sometimes. I agree with Proto - it could be one of the best SIM racers on console considering the huge amount of cars, tracks and features it contains. At the moment though, it's probably one of the worst, simply because the number of bugs, glitches and flaws almost outweighs the cars, tracks and features. It feels like SMS has bitten off more than it can chew. It'll be interesting to see how well and how soon they can deal with all the issues their game is currently riddled with. Definitely hold off purchasing this game until most of the major issues have been patched. When that happens, it'll definitely be worth getting - hopefully that wont be too long.
  15. non-racing Crew Challenges

    Maybe the green text should say "you may not", otherwise those highlighted lines contradict themselves a bit IMO? How about no phone services/MC or CEO abilities whatsoever. Takes away any doubt that way. Regarding shooting players while in a vehicle. Just gotta make sure the shooter is also the driver. As the passenger, it's way too easy to lock-on to players otherwise. In fact, the challenge should be done completely solo, that way there can be no interference or help from another friend or crewmate (like being a distraction/decoy etc).

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