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  1. Crew Challenge 136 – Speedy Assassins

    Nothing from me, DJ.
  2. Crew Challenge 136 – Speedy Assassins

    Haha....I love getting them too. This is my personal favourite so far.
  3. Crew Challenge 136 – Speedy Assassins

    If I turn the game on this week, I'll make sure to give it a go.
  4. Project CARS 2

    I've mostly browsed the PS4 section on the PCars 2 forum, so I'm not really across any major differences in the platforms, but judging by some of the responses in the threads, it does seem like the PS4 is affected more than other consoles and PC. Even the PS4 Pro seems to have a lot less issues than the standard PS4 for example. Apparently the graphics are no where near as bad on the Pro. With clear weather and daylight settings, the jaggies are so bad they literally give you one of those painful headaches behind the eye if you look at them for too long. Regarding online. Have you lost any points after being crashed into? Have read a few complaints about people getting hit from behind and knocked into other players, then being docked points for causing the secondary crash. Also heard you lose points if the host quits or disconnects. Things probably even out in the end, but I'm just glad they have a system in place to keep the idiots out of serious lobbies - it's sort of like the bad sport system on GTA I suppose. Will probably race with friends and crew when I first venture online, just to get a feel for things. As harsh as I may sound about the game, I really am enjoying it (even though it's trying really hard to make me hate it) and will certainly like it more when some of the major issues are fixed. I just find it hard to believe some of those issues could actually make it through to release. Either they weren't noticed (which I doubt), or they were noticed and couldn't be sorted in time, or maybe they were simply ignored. That's probably the bit that's the most frustrating - not the actual bugs themselves.
  5. Project CARS 2

    Still haven't played any online races yet, but I'm looking forward to them. Just progressing through career mode until I've tried out most of the classes and invitational events etc. The more I play career mode though, the more bugs, glitches and fundamental flaws I encounter. Of course most games are going to have minor bugs and annoying graphical glitches etc. It's almost impossible to have several hundred thousand lines of detailed code and expect none of them to conflict every now and then. Also, most bugs and glitches can be tolerated and worked around to a certain extent, even ignored completely if you choose what you choose to acknowledge - but when something stops the game from being played as intended, then it's clearly a fundamental flaw, not just an annoying bug that can be ignored. Those things should not be in a video game (any product for that matter) that you've paid top dollar for. The game definitely should not have been released in its current state. If SM Studios want to charge AAA prices for their games, then they should be delivering a AAA quality game straight out of the box- not something that's going to need several patches to get it working properly. It doesn't matter whether they're crowd funded or backed by any other means. Their product is currently sub-par for a AAA game - in fact it borders on embarrassing. The bugs, glitches and game breaking fundamental flaws are far worse than any other racing game I've ever played - that's not an exaggerated opinion, it's just a plain fact. I really, really enjoy this game when it's working properly, and it does work properly sometimes. I agree with Proto - it could be one of the best SIM racers on console considering the huge amount of cars, tracks and features it contains. At the moment though, it's probably one of the worst, simply because the number of bugs, glitches and flaws almost outweighs the cars, tracks and features. It feels like SMS has bitten off more than it can chew. It'll be interesting to see how well and how soon they can deal with all the issues their game is currently riddled with. Definitely hold off purchasing this game until most of the major issues have been patched. When that happens, it'll definitely be worth getting - hopefully that wont be too long.
  6. non-racing Crew Challenges

    Maybe the green text should say "you may not", otherwise those highlighted lines contradict themselves a bit IMO? How about no phone services/MC or CEO abilities whatsoever. Takes away any doubt that way. Regarding shooting players while in a vehicle. Just gotta make sure the shooter is also the driver. As the passenger, it's way too easy to lock-on to players otherwise. In fact, the challenge should be done completely solo, that way there can be no interference or help from another friend or crewmate (like being a distraction/decoy etc).
  7. Project CARS 2

    Ah....this game takes me back 10 years when I used to play TOCA Race Driver 3 (V8 Supercars edition). Unfortunately, it doesn't feel like much has changed. The graphics are very, very ps3 looking at best. Don't know what the developer is doing with their trailers, but the game definitely doesn't look that good (on PS4 anyway). Most of the curbs look like they're simply "painted" on, and the game just sends a slight rumble through the controller to make you think they're actually raised and textured. Only special (secondary) curbs seem to be raised properly and have an impact on the handling. Most of the pitwalls, garages, stadiums and other trackside structures don't look much better than TOCA tbh. Definitely takes away from any emersion the game might've had for me. The background scenery looks lifeless and unrealistic. Oh, and since when are gumtrees brown? I've lived here for 45+ years and have never seen a brown one unless it was dead. The AI cars seem to be ok in the main. You can dial in their aggression and level of skill, so maybe I've just found the right level that works for me (70% skill and 50% aggression). It's definitely better than TOCA, but no where near what I was expecting from a current gen game. It's still way too easy to dive up the inside at turn one and unrealistically steal several places in one foul swoop. The wheel to wheel racing seems to work ok. Haven't had any AI cars recklessly barge me off track or run up my arse at a hairpin for example. However, if you're following one, you still need to back off more than you'd like on the approach to a slow corner, as they tend to slow down too much if there's another car in front of them. One other issue is the inconsistencies for each track. This was another problem that TOCA used to have (PS2 don't forget). Using the same car throughout a championship, on some tracks I can qualify 3 or 4 seconds quicker than 2nd place, but on other tracks I'm struggling to be within 3 seconds of last place, even with heaps of practice laps and setup changes. Unless you want to spend hours (literally) tinkering with all the settings, then it can become a frustrating and futile exercise. If you're using a controller, you can forget about racing competitively with the assists turned off. I generally only have TC turned on low, but sometimes need to turn stability control on as well, as some cars are almost impossible to control without it. Once again, you can fiddle with as many setting as you like (if you've got the patience) but the controller simply doesn't have the input range you need to drive properly. Even a cheap wheel would be worth investing in if you want to play seriously without any assists. You might not get the greatest amount of feedback through a cheap wheel, but at least you can be a helluva lot more subtle with your turning, braking and throttle inputs compared to a controller. Not necessarily the games fault - that's just how it is. Haven't played any online races yet. It will certainly be fun racing against your friends on some proper tracks though. I'm just gonna slowly make my way through the career mode first. There are definitely lots of nice cars to choose from and some pretty cool tracks. You can pretty much try any car and track combination straight out of the box - there's no need to unlock all the cool cars and tracks, but I don't recommend using the Aussie V8 Supercar on Bathurst as your first choice - maybe work your way up to that combination.
  8. ps4 S(aturday) R(acing) L(eague)

    I'll be out for the day and probably wont be back until after the PL.
  9. ps4 Savage vs Buzzard vs Hunter

    I have trouble stopping and turning the Savage in tight situations, but love how steady it is while aiming. I just find it too heavy to turn and slow down. It's had an armour buff against missiles/RPGs, but it still starts to smoke after a handful of bullets. The Buzzard is great for manoeuvring and aiming, but as Squirrel said, it just lacks the firepower to be considered a serious threat against most targets unless you're a very capable pilot. I'd say the Hunter will be somewhere in the middle for me. Gonna wait until it's had all its performance upgrades added before I make a final judgement on it. I actually like the way it handles for general flying and manoeuvring around buildings etc, but keeping it steady while aiming can take some getting used to. Hopefully that'll improve with the upgrades. Another thing to consider is the countermeasures the Hunter will get with the upgrades. Most helicopters are sitting ducks in freeroam, but the Hunter will at least be able to avoid homing missiles with its flares. It can also take several explosive sniper hits and a couple of missile hits before going down. That will probably improve with the upgrades too. SO it's definitely going to be way more durable than the Savage or Buzzard. Even though the barrage missiles are awesome, the fact that the cannon can only be operated by the co-pilot is actually the biggest turnoff for me. I hope while in the hangar, you can choose/set which weapons are operated by the pilot and co-pilot, but I don't think we'll be able to.
  10. Shit internet has its advantages I suppose - empty public lobbies on demand. Some days I can't play with other people at all, so making money is the only thing to do. It's ok if you're in the mood for it, but a boring grind if you're not. Can't see myself getting to 2,500 race wins. Have probably only done 20 races in the last couple of months. I also don't feel like watching a YouTube video for each stunt race out there just so I know all the "tricks" and "shortcuts" . What happened to winning because you "drove" faster, not because you know which ramps or loops can be by-passed?
  11. Level 1,200 $100M in the bank ($75M in the last 5 weeks) $570M total income 280 days played as character 20,000 cops/NOOSE killed Need 670 more player kills to reach 35,000, then I'm just about ready to retire from GTA.
  12. Slay says Gday

    From Tassie, eh? I guess I need to welcome both of you then. Just kidding. I spent 7 years in Hobart, so I know it's only 40% true what they say.
  13. scheduled Thursday Racing League

    It's a very hit or miss time of day for me and a lot of other Aussies. It's the end of the working day here which means some of us are still at work or on our way home etc. For me personally, nearly everyday of the week I'm out of the house for 30 to 60 minutes at some point during that time-slot. Normally having and/or preparing dinner during that time as well. Like I said, very hit or miss.
  14. ps4 BE AWARE!!!!!

    It varies slightly across all buildings, but most of them become a mirage at say 3 or 4 blocks away. At that distance, a player can't always be seen through the thermal scope, but their "hit-box" can still be seen. All you have to do is get one shot into that little orange rectangle, and they go down like a screaming bag of shit. Maze Bank West becomes a mirage in less than one block. If I'm on Lombank's rooftop and you're on the ground behind Maze Bank West, I can clearly see your character's thermal image (not just the hit-box, but arms legs and everything. - I can even see if you're doing jazz hands or air thrusting) More often than not, I'll be able to shoot you through the building with one shot. I've also been shot through two buildings at once. Coincidentally, one of them was Maze Bank West. The thermal scopes/goggles should not have been introduced into the game without fixing those rendering issues first. But it's awesome fun listening to the squeakers calling you a hacker/modder after you take them down, so I'm not complaining.
  15. ps4 BE AWARE!!!!!

    Are you sure it wasn't just the thermal scope exploit? Maze Bank West is a poorly made/programmed building. That's why it sometimes doesn't spawn in until you're really close to it, yet all the other buildings around it have already spawned in. Most buildings in the game are only a mirage at a certain distance (they aren't solid), but Maze Bank West can be shot through at a very close distance. You don't need explosive ammo, just a thermal scope or one of the new thermal goggle helmets. From Lombank, I've shot plenty of players who were standing behind that building without line of sight.

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