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  1. Yeah, I'm just gonna lie to myself and pretend that I carried your slow-arse through this challenge. Congrats on your 1st win in your 1st WCC, mate. Wow. Very close for 2nd place. Well done everyone and thanks again, @djw180.
  2. @Lann, I spawned on the mountain a few times. My Buzzard or vehicle would spawn near the tunnel under Fort Z. Have to run the whole way to it. Sometimes my rocket bike was still inside the hanger where I stole the Laser, so I was too close to call it back etc. It got frustrating after a while. Then this happened.
  3. Not sure if I'll do any more attempts at this. It seems very heavily based on luck and the game actually working properly, which is hardly ever. Spent so much time making my way back to a main road to get a vehicle after getting shot down. Already getting annoyed at this stage. Finally got out of Fort Z with a healthy Laser - lose the cops - fly to LSIA - no helicopters at all - taxi around in the Laser until a Buzzard finally spawns - fly to nearest store - hold up the clerk - he does the whole animation but doesn't drop a bag of cash - I search the entire store for it but it's not there - cops come in and kill me. Lost the will to try again, sorry.
  4. That really sucks, Beez. Sorry, mate. I know you loved working there, with all the Nerf Gun wars and promotional trips on motorcycles etc. Working in the same industry as your hobby was a real bonus too. Hope you got a decent redundancy package/payout (not sure if you have them in the States) to ease the pain a little. As for you hosting another NA playlist, I'm definitely up for that. Will join whenever I can.
  5. Correct. You need the MOC to launch the missions to unlock the bike and other weaponised vehicles. You can do the normal upgrades like turbo, transmission, paint and wheels etc in the MOC (not LSC), but the weapon upgrades can only be unlocked by doing research. EDIT - Most of those vehicles come with basic weapons as standard, but they're not very effective. For example, the Oppressor (rocket bike) has a machine gun on the front when you purchase it, but you really need the rockets to be a serious threat.
  6. My final time. Good luck everyone.
  7. Seriously?
  8. Here's the final minutes of the Sports Classic race we did in SRL. Slower cars took off first, followed by the next quickest, then the next quickest and so on. After 12 minutes of racing, the 1st five cars crossed the line within a few seconds of each other. Great stuff. Near the end on the final lap, I lag hit @Mythaga which cost us both 5+ seconds. It would've been a Franken Stange or Roosevelt victory otherwise. Cheeky little @Protocawl snuck through first, followed by @Potato and then @DavidCore89 on the final corner. Myth and I were racing like that for about 4 laps. The Stange was heaps quicker on the straights but a lot slower in the corners, so we both had to attack and defend at certain points of the track. Really enjoyed the battle, Myth. Sorry I robbed you of a potential victory.
  9. Just gave it another run. 9 laps only, mate. Not sure if I could do more than say 20 or 30. Gotta get back to my Rocket Bike sooner or later. Managed a 52.588 so far. Will give it another go later tonight, if I don't fall asleep. Ummm, yep. I passed out at 3pm and woke up at 2am.
  10. Did a couple of laps the other day, DJ. Can't remember exactly but it was about 54 seconds - give or take.
  11. ps4

    Here's the 1st half of my race (minus a couple bits where the footage skips). Took 5 hours to upload, and nobody in the house could use any internet for that time. - so I'll probably just make a highlights video of any incidents instead of posting the 2nd half. Most of the incidents I saw or was involved in happened in the 1st half anyway. Awesome starts by @acdc_sw and @BRacer. I probably slowed a bit too soon and turned in a little early for the 1st corner at the start which caught @Potato out and caused a bit of an incident. There was some lag involved as well, so it's hard to be 100% sure who did what and when. From @zmurko's POV it shows me in a different place than where I really was. I'm sorry you got taken out by it @Fido_le_muet. You seemed to suffer more than your fair share of bad luck in this race. There was a moment @9:10 when I stayed wide to make sure I didn't lag hit @Crawford1872 at the hairpin, then @Jc10110 seemed to nudge me onto the slowdown strips, but watching Zmurko's POV, you could see it was all lag and it just looked like I drove onto them all by myself. Sometimes the lag will take you guys out, sometimes it will take me out. I got lucky when Zmurko hit the "Wall Of Champions" @11:30. I actually went underneath his airborne car, but poor Fido got fucked hard again. (It worked perfectly, Z - just like we practised. ) I really enjoyed the race. There was always someone just in front or just behind me, so it was interesting and challenging most of the time. From watching the other videos, I didn't look too bad this round, but sorry I my lag made it hard/annoying for anyone. We all went over the curbs here or there a couple of times but from my POV, none of it was excessive or deliberate. Thanks once again, @Squirrel. Already looking forward to the next round. Edit - Special mention to @Proxy who did the honourable thing and pulled in to the pits due to the lag. Cheers, mate.
  12. Hey, @Potato. Welcome to the WCC. You haven't done either track before and I haven't done Valet With A Lead Foot before, so are you happy to do Micro Circuit (PS4)?
  13. ps4

    The start/finish straight now has grid boxes. The back of the grid merges underneath the previous track piece, so only the first 28 spots are visible. It's only a visual change and in no way affects anything else. No other changes were made to the track, props or CPs.
  14. ps4

    Pretty sure I can fix that, mate. I'll have a look at it after 2 Bros playlist. Just a matter of swapping one prop for another.