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  1. Shoutbox

    Phone browser is fine. The site has been optimised well to suit the common browsers. I think the majority of us use chrome though.
  2. Shoutbox

    It’s better to have a single chat, having discord as well wouldn’t benefit us as it’s splitting where the conversations take place. If there was a solution that means there’s a single chat that notifys users on their phones as well as PC I’d say go for it but considering that Hatch had to get the existing chat plug in specially developed for this site I don’t think an alternative solution would be feasible without sinking a large budget into it for development. As said before, checking the chat on either phone or PC soon becomes second nature even if you’re not planning on gaming at the time.
  3. This seems to be an appropriate place to place this, is the submarine called the SS Sharkcard?
  4. The guessing game

    It's the right car but its an XJ220.
  5. The guessing game

    Not sure If I can allow that as an answer. It's close though.
  6. The guessing game

  7. The guessing game

    Aston Martin DB5
  8. TV shows

    Vikings has returned and is as intriguing as ever. One little annoyance for me though and it’s the second time this has happened with TV shows set in this period recently. It makes me wonder if location scouts actually do any research. The great heathen army marched on York, the problem I have with the location used in Vikings and in The Last Kingdom is that they show York surrounded by hills. Anyone whose ever been there will know there’s not a single hill within 20 miles of York!
  9. Your First Online/Multiplayer Game?

    Police Quest was great. Was never any good at it though.
  10. StarWars Galaxy of Heroes

    EA and paytowin are the reasons why no one is playing.
  11. Your First Online/Multiplayer Game?

    Think my first Online gaming experience was probably Yahoo games. Browser based but was my first experience playing against someone else. On console it was Battlefront 2 on the PS2. I miss those days. I do wonder if there’s still an active server. Retro gaming is in right now.
  12. Take Two have made a statement regarding lootboxes. It seems that they too will also be adding them to their games. Looks like Red Dead will be ruined before it’s even released. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/gta-company-responds-to-loot-box-controversy-says-/1100-6455272/
  13. @djw180 with the creator issues I believe they are still broken because they can’t be fixed due to the way it’s been coded. Similar to how the original Red Dead can’t be ported to the PC. Rockstar made such a hash of the game code they made it very tricky to work with. Regardless of the issues surrounding the creator, having to pay extra to fix it should not be an option. Rockstar have made billions of $$ on this game. It’s been consistently in the top game charts since release 4 years ago. You honestly can’t tell me they couldn’t afford to pay a team to fix the problems with the game. They are still supporting the game by bringing new content but they should also be maintaining the content too for the same loyal fanbase.
  14. I’ll add a grey option to the poll later once I get home. I have no problem with additional paid content, I’ve bought all the expansion packs available for one game I’ve got on the PC. I also don’t mind the methods that Battlefield used to use, you had an option to buy a headstart package to save the early grind. It was content you’d unlock anyway after 20 hours or so of play but you knew exactly what you were paying for. The mystery lootboxes are a blight on the gaming world. There’s a reason why gambling is heavily regulated. It’s a dangerous path to go down and encouraging children to get used to these practices has to stop. We can also support the indie developers. Smaller studios who make gameplay and fun the priority and not appeasing shareholders. I have a few really fun games that have been made by a single person or very small team, I have no problem supporting them if they have a good product. The problem does lie with the publishers of the games and not the studios. They are the ones calling the shots and gamers are starting to make a stand, any post related to EA on social media is hit with an instant backlash. We need to keep the momentum going and force the industry to make a change. If micro transactions are here to stay then they need to reduce the price of the games. If battlefront or fifa was £15-£20 would you be prepared to pay extra for additional content. A game shouldn’t be costing you a fortune.
  15. TV shows

    Punisher is looking good. The Mrs wasn’t that keen about the suggestion but she was hooked after the opening scene. 4 episodes down now. Will probably get it all finished by the end of the weekend.

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