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  1. No which is why I left them off the custom purchase list. The post above isn't just a rant about rockstars policies. I'm personally not happy about it but the information is there so you can make informed choices about if you want to buy a vehicle or not. In @Lann's case he doesn't need to buy a Mallard or Seashark as you can't upgrade them. It could be worth people recording videos of each race and work out how much time each vehicle is used in a race. This will also help decide if it's worthwhile buying a specific vehicle for this game mode.
  2. Potentially yes, if you are racing someone at a similar pace who has a fast compact, Vagner and Molotok but they have a Faggio sport and you don't then chances are that they will win. The Faggio Sport isn't that bad, only 45k but when you're needing custom versions of Ruiner 2k and Oppressors it starts to add up.
  3. I've just been working out what vehicles are needed for each race and how much money will need to be spent on custom versions and the figure needed is quite staggering. Firstly I'm going to list the new races and the additional vehicles for each race: Gauntlet II The Dragon Motorcycles Compacts Molotok Faggio Sport Phantom Wedge Molotok Oppressor Vagner Get Wrecked Vinewood Thrills Supers Motorcycles Seashark Swift Shotaro Marquis Mallard Seabreeze Havok Vagner Home Run Warped Supers Supers Vortex Molotok Mallard Rocket Voltic Seashark Ultralight Havok Parachutes Junk Yard Mixed Up Motorcycles Supers Seashark Besra Mallard Ramp Buggy Rocket Voltic McKenzie Neon Mountain Motorcycles Motorcycles Besra Besra Blazer Aqua Seashark Zentorno Trophy Truck Motorcycles Plummet III Sports Slam Dunk Besra Motorcycles Blazer Aqua Ruiner 2000 Havok Besra Akuma Blazer Hauler Separation Whippet Motorcycles Rocket Voltic Split Personality Mallard BMX Havoc FMJ Rocket Voltic Slalom Besra Motorcycles Oppressor Mallard Parachutes XA-21 Once you remove the additional vehicles from that list which can't be upgraded you're left with the following vehicles. I've included the Hauler as the cost for the MOC, I'm not sure if this is available in Transform races or not at this time. Prices are listed without any discount available. Akuma 9,000.00 Blazer 8,000.00 Blazer Aqua 1,755,600.00 Faggio Sport 47,500.00 FMJ 1,750,000.00 Hauler 1,400,000.00 Havoc 2,300,900.00 Molotok 4,788,000.00 Oppressor 3,524,500.00 Phantom Wedge 2,553,600.00 Ramp Buggy 3,192,000.00 Rocket Voltic 3,830,400.00 Ruiner 2000 5,745,600.00 Seabreeze 850,000.00 Shotaro 2,225,000.00 Trophy Truck 55,000.00 Ultralight 665,000.00 Vagner 1,535,000.00 Vortex 356,000.00 XA-21 2,375,000.00 Zentorno 725,000.00 Once you add up those costs you have a staggering $39,691,100 to spend, that is before you add the cost of performance upgrades. At an average of $150k per vehicle for upgrading you will have a new total of $42 million. The cost of enough Shark Cards to cover this in the UK is £200, price for EU, AU and US will vary but as far as I'm concerned this is a very disgusting move by Rockstar.
  4. planning Super GT-A

    Got to see what’s possible when transform races come to the creator. I have a feeling we may not get what we’re hoping for though.
  5. ps4 Pfister Supercup (Squirrel)

    My quali and race:
  6. ps4 Pfister Supercup (Squirrel)

    You must have nailed those last 3 laps, after I hit the slowdown strip there was nothing I could do to catch you. Great race throughout, it seemed to be the fastest race of the season. Action from start to finish.
  7. ps4 Pfister Supercup (Squirrel)

    Suzuka Qualifying: 1 Random Potato 01:19.560 2 Junior Chubb 01:19.689 3 Mythaga 01:19.965 4 Clydicality 01:20.302 5 Trashbags1980 01:20.341 6 Crawford1872 01:20.366 7 Fido_le_muet 01:20.948 8 PaulieWantsBlood 01:20.949 9 JC10110 01:21.324 10 beez 01:24.027 11 djw180 01:24.497 12 B Racer 10:39.999 13 SquirrelArmy 01:22.585 Squirrel 5 place grid penalty
  8. ps4 Pfister Supercup (Squirrel)

    Be as brave as you want through the final corner. The posts mark the limits where the slow downs are although I don't think they will last long in the actual race. Looking at the times being achieved I better get my drive on and work on my performance.
  9. ps4 Pfister Supercup (Squirrel)

    Yeah it’s the correct link on the first page.
  10. ps4 Pfister Supercup (Squirrel)

    What kind on lap times are we all getting? Is sub 1:25 easily achievable?
  11. ps4 XDBX Tennis Championship

    I can be on in about 30 mins
  12. ps4 XDBX Tennis Championship

    @LimeGreenLegend I should be able to be on from half 7 this evening.
  13. ps4 XDBX Tennis Championship

    Get it done now if you want. No point waiting till last minute again
  14. Christmas

    Over hyped, over commercialised. I turn into a full on grinch this time of year. It’s just another day like any other except that companies jump on the chance to squeeze as much money out of you as possible. It’s amazing how many perishable goods are in the shops now which have a use by date before December even begins. I could rant all day about xmas shite. Only good thing is the extended break from work. I’m going to be hibernating again, wake me up in January when it’s all over.
  15. ps4 Pfister Supercup (Squirrel)

    Stewards have made their review of last weeks race and had the following to say. Race Start @Squirrel made a jump start, although he stopped immediately and corrected for the false start, his actions caused a delay for the drivers behind. 5 place grid penalty for the next race. Lap 1, Turn 1 @Jc10110 late overtake on @joper88. JC should have been more cautious in his overtake. There was a slight bit of lag but the contact would have been made regardless of that. 5 seconds will be added to his race time. Lap 1 turn 8 Collision between @Jc10110, @joper88, @Squirrel. Although JC should have been more cautious when re-entering the track the subsequent collision would not have happened if not for the lag hit between Squirrel and Joper. No penalties awarded here but the drivers need to be more cautious especially at the start of the race. Lap 4 Collision between @Jc10110 and @Beez. Again there was a bit of lag involved however contact was definitely made from JC's POV and he began to slow down and wait for Beez, when he realised he was far off track JC carried on. JC should have waited for Beez, 10 seconds will be added to JC's time. The differences in time penalties are based on time cost to the drivers involved. Finalised Results: Sepang 1 B Racer TLG Racing 29:24.404 2 Random Potato Tenshun 29:30.398 3 Fido_Le_Muet Retro Racer 29:48.076 4 Mythaga 80s Gamer 29:54.983 5 Junior Chubb Xero Gas 30:06.501 6 joper88 Xero Gas 30:08.795 7 clydicality Wiwang 30:16.805 8 Pauliewantsblood Tenshun 30:21.852 9 Trashbags1980 Auto Exotic 30:22.084 10 JC10110 TLG Racing 30:39.110 11 squirrelarmy 80s Gamer DNF 12 djw180 Globe Oil DNF 13 beez Auto Exotic DNF 14 TheBoybry Retro Racer DNF 15 crawford1872 Retro Racer NS 16 ConGamePro Guest Driver NS 17 Dead Goon Meinmacht NS 18 The Lady Aella Globe Oil NS 19 Starmonkeykiller 80s Gamer NS 20 Sagrawa Meinmacht NS 21 Omarcomin Guest Driver NS 22 Zmurko Meinmacht NS 23 Tremonius Xero Gas NS 24 Proxide Fruit Performance NS 25 madden141 Globe Oil NS 26 acdc_sw TLG Racing NS 27 No_snacks Meinmacht NS 28 Xutek6651 Auto Exotic NS 29 MarkVerstappen Guest Driver NS 30 Retired-Mafia Guest Driver NS 31 Lann Wiwang NS 32 Protocawl Tenshun NS 33 DavidCore89 Wiwang NS 34 Sherratt313 Fruit Performance NS 35 FinDNF Fruit Performance NS 36 Matty Wiwang NS 37 Skorpion Fruit Performance NS 38 grjkie Fruit Performance NS 39 Adsyfindlay Globe Oil NS 40 Jesse Xero Gas NS

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