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  1. Rate the Last Film you Watched

    Just watched Thor Ragnarok. Just a bit meh really. Glad I didn’t waste any money on it. Felt like it was Flash Gordon written by Will Ferrell but with out the camp cheesy humour and amazing sound track. Not sure what they were trying to do with the comedy but it just didn’t work. The Hulk shouldn’t be a speaking role other than the occasional “hulk smash”. The whole film seemed to be a series of bad cameos. What worked for Guardians certainly hasn’t worked for Thor.
  2. ps4 Lime's Tip Touching Fridays

    I was thinking about joining but that’s just helped with my decision
  3. non-racing Crew Challenges

    I’ve just had a random idea inspired by the number of the latest crew challenge. 147 is also the maximum break in snooker. We don’t have a snooker table but we do have a pool table in my 8 Ball job Could make a challenge to set the fastest clearance of all balls from the table and then complete the lap to set the time. We probably would need a video as back up but that’s easy to get on PS4.
  4. Rate the Last Film you Watched

    @zztop911 it’s rare I turn a film off after I start watching it. I managed 10 minutes of that film. Couldn’t think of a good thing to say about it.
  5. Things done different

    This sums up everything wrong with America. Guns should not be in the hands of the public let alone children. If you need them as a tool such as for hunting etc that’s different but there’s no need for them at all in every day life.
  6. The Star Wars Thread

    This trend of cool hatred is really affecting movie ratings. Rotten Tomatoes is becoming the main place to check cinema reviews due to the averaging of critics score as well as a separate audience score. That audience score is too open to outside influences though. Anyone can rate a film regardless of them seeing it or not and with the power of the internet films are getting worse press as a result. Do we really think 50% of the people who saw last Jedi thought it was shit or was it a very vocal 5% who then influenced a lot of internet trolls.
  7. The Star Wars Thread

    No mention of the Solo trailer yet? As usual I’m avoiding Star Wars trailers but there seems to be mixed opinions of the trailer from what I’ve read. There seems to be a lot of hatred for the guy playing Han Solo, he doesn’t seem popular at all with the fans. I don’t think I’ve seen anything with him in it so don’t have an opinion on him. Most of the hate seems to come from the very vocal “if its not OT its shit” camp. Are these people even Star Wars fans? It’s also looking like Star Wars is becoming the new cool thing to hate. I don’t like that. 😞
  8. TV shows

    New exciting Science fiction drama worth watching has just come out on netflix called Altered Carbon Its like Total Recall meets Blade Runner crossed with Avatar mixed in with a bit of classic Red Dwarf. The concept is hard to explain and the first episode is confusing to begin with but its definitely very interesting. I’m about halfway through now and looking forward to seeing where it goes.
  9. ps4 Lime's Tip Touching Fridays

    I saw that Bump was back and decided to stay in the pub
  10. ps4 Lime's Tip Touching Fridays

    Five pints down. I probably won’t be sober by 9
  11. ps4 Lime's Tip Touching Fridays

    What kind of jobs do we have lined up. I’m currently in the pub so only a maybe
  12. Was either 36 or 39 hours straight in the end. The last couple of playlists I was like a zombie. Those days are behind me though now. Even if I had the time I get too grumpy without enough sleep.
  13. Gran Turismo Sport

    There’s a group of us playing GT Sport always on the look out for more people to join us. Most of the conversation goes on in PSN chat as it’s mainly non crew members. We are planning some regular race nights soon.
  14. Gran Turismo Sport

    I’ve been noticing your times at the top of many of the challenges. How are you at competitive racing?
  15. I didn't bother with the 8 in the end. Too similar to the 6 and 7. I have however just picked up an X. 256gb in space grey

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