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  1. ps4 (GTA) Gunrunning ($×2), CEOing, MCing

    I should be able to get on at some point. I don't have any GTA cash so could do with a bank balance boost.
  2. Singapore Marina Bay

    http://rsg.ms/cd38331 The latest track built for the Supercup it brings night racing to the streets of Los Santos. The route is a faithful scaled down replica of the original Singapore Marina Bay circuit including the highly controversial Singapore Sling chicane at turn 10 The track itself is made using real streets where possible. Only 25% of the track takes place on stunt props. Run it at night for the ultimate challenge.
  3. Sepang International

    http://rsg.ms/0263170 Built for the Pfister Supercup and other races series based on real tracks, Sepang is a fast track with some of the longest straights in the racing world. This track has been built to suit the slower scale speeds of GTA when compared to the original circuit.
  4. ps4 Practice Squad (Lann)

    Will do. Won't be contributing a time as I'm not buying another Banshee for one race but I'll host the track for those who want to.
  5. ps4 Practice Squad (Lann)

    Tonight I'll be running about 8 laps on Spa, 5 laps of Monza, Sepang and Singapore. Will be about an hours run time in total. If theres any other tracks that you want to race on let me know.
  6. ps4 Practice Squad (Lann)

    If there's no scheduled practice squad this evening I can host some racing. Mainly upcoming Supercup tracks. Spa is Monday, there's a new Monza, Sepang is fairly new plus Singapore is almost complete.
  7. Game of Thrones **Spoilers**

    Probably best to not talk about this episode in here until after the official release Sunday/Monday
  8. planning Super GT-A

    I've finalised some more details for the event. It will begin on the 6th of November and run for 7 consecutive weeks with a total of 14 races. There will be a mix of surfaces, 4 tracks based on racetrack sections and 3 street circuits. Confirmed tracks: Race circuit: Fuji, Sepang & Suzuka Street circuits: Singapore Im looking for one more stunt based track and two more street tracks. I'm wanting to keep to the Super GT style so only interested in tracks based on circuits from Asia/Australia. Im also working on two more short championships to run next year in the same time slot. One of these will be based on UK tracks, still undecided about the theme for the last championship.
  9. Game of Thrones **Spoilers**

    Definitely needed a rest after the crazy dragon attack last week. How awesome does the group going north of the wall look? Talk about a modern day version of the Magnificent Seven. Apparently next weeks episode has already been released accidentally by HBO. I'll be looking out for a link somewhere as spoilers will be all over the internet before the day is out.
  10. ps4 Pfister Supercup (Squirrel)

    Hold your horses, I've not driven it yet plus there's two tricky transitions to sort. I may be able to have a quick route test ready in about 15 mins
  11. ps4 Pfister Supercup (Squirrel)

    You know how I said I wasn't planning on making a Singapore? Think I've found the perfect route and it will be using 90% of actual roads and not track sections.
  12. Kennekuk Car Show (Picture Heavy)

    The Nissan is a Skyline GTR. Saw one yesterday actually. It's what the game Elegy is based on. It's a seriously quick car even though it doesn't look it.
  13. Rate the Last Film you Watched

    Dunkirk was pretty powerful. Touch emotional as well in places. Definitely a film worth making the effort for to see on a big screen. Don't wait for the DVD release!
  14. planning Super GT-A

    From Lovepoppins selection Autopolis - Track ok, very poor checkpoint placement Twin Ring - Although flat the track is good and better placement of checkpoints, may be a little dull Okayama - Better track still very poor checkpoint placement Fuji - Best track of the selection but annoying start line horn. Once you've done one of his tracks you have done them all, not much variety in style and I'm not a fan of his big blocks for starting grids. Poor checkpoint placement throughout and barriers in strange places likely to cause problems if cars go wide. Only exception to this is Fuji and probably the only track I'd use.
  15. planning Super GT-A

    It's based on Japanese/Asian tracks, none of the UK courses will be used for this championship. Not got time to race 16 tracks right now either.

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