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  1. What did you do today?

    Watched Blackpool airshow.
  2. Hello

    Hello and welcome
  3. Red Dead Redemption

    I'd dig the PS3 back out of storage if you want to play some more online sessions.
  4. Sorry @Lann I'd like to take part but I'm not able to right now.
  5. Aloha

    Hello and welcome
  6. Hello

    Hello and welcome
  7. I think I have one, it's been ages since I even switched on the PS4. I can join if you're doing non-contact, not interested in contact racing.
  8. Intro...

    Welcome to the crew.
  9. Hello Peeps!

    Hello and welcome
  10. What's your view??

    New house, new view, I just need to demolish a couple of houses for a perfect seaside view.....
  11. What was the most recent thing you bought?

    Sold one Saab and ended up buying another
  12. What did you do today?

    Moved house 
  13. You could try VLC. I've just tested it and it can see my NAS but I don't have a chromecast to test that part.
  14. I might as well join...

    Welcome Potato
  15. What was the most recent thing you bought?

    Retro goodies: And a pac man lamp:

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