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  1. ps4

    I'll be late if I do make it, just watching TV.
  2. ps4

    What's on the agenda for tonight?
  3. 49.150 for me
  4. I'm in for this, should be so much fun!! @Lann, I somehow missed that convoy video, so cool! All the big rig ideas sound awesome so far. What could be a lot of fun (especially for @Xyon14) is to have teams of 2 gain a 5 star wanted level and see who can last the longest. They might actually be too tough and not be able to be stopped by the police, would be interesting to find out haha. Another idea could be to have a rockstar video editor contest and do something similar to Lanns video but we could include all the other vehicles and weapons we have and just muck around at sandy shores. We'd end up with some awesome videos and it would be a great way to promote the crew.
  5. I'm in for this too, either track is fine @Braldy@rspain, you guys should get in on this too
  6. Some shenanigans on the train to hell. @no_snacks, sorry for killing you at that spot 😛😂 but check out that shot!
  7. A figure 8 track would be epic, like the video Braldy showed us. You have to do it now Snacks! It'll be heaps of fun at the cross over and it would be cool if it was boxed in so the cars can't fly off the track and instead land back on it causing more chaos 😂
  8. I don't see why not, I'd probably recommend doing it without GTA settings, but still with contact on and it should be pretty cool. If you want to make it extra frustrating use stock cars so you tires can be shot out 😂
  9. This race has been updated and is on PS4 only now so if someone could move it to the correct part of the site that would be good. The start has changed a little to make it flow better and I've slightly modified the end and it has been updated to 30 cars with all of the new vehicles open. The rest of the track remains the same.
  10. This challenge is shaping up very well, looking forward to it. Thanks for for putting all this effort into setting it up @djw180
  11. That can be arranged. I'll change the start a little so it works better now that we can stack props and have access to the military base. I'll try not to change too much haha 😛